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Strike Fighters 2 Screenshots Thread

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F-111F bombing the hell out of a Soviet airfield in East Germany and reattacking to get the third Blinder bomber.






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Simple as Black and White. U.S. Navy QF-86F  Sabre painted Flat Black on the right side only to evaluate its effect on radar signature, 21 July 1987. 


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More "H" model Sabres from the 474th FBG. The C/O of the 474th in the colorful markings of 53-1313, 426th FBS blue markings in 53-2174, 429th FBS in yellow markings in 52-5750 and from the 430th FBS in red markings flying 52-5730.

474th FBG CO.jpg

426 FBS.jpg

429 FBS.jpg

430 FBS.jpg

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the story of an aircraft

this aircraft saw the light of day 14-July-1970 as F-4E 69-7208 and was delivered to the RAAF 82nd Wing on 06-October-1970


in 1971 the aircraft was updated with the APQ-120 radar as well as the formation stripes and the new MIDAS-4 gun muzzle


after the aircraft returned in 1973 to the USA it was 1976 rebuilt in to a F-4G 69-7208 and started the service 1978 with the 563rd TFS of the 35th TFW



the final Squadron the aircaft served with was the 561st TFS from the 57th TFW , the end of the aircraft came 01-March-1995 after an engine bleed air failure which produced smoke in cockpit and the crew ejected , Capt. M. T. Manning (pilot) and Major M. J. Leggett (WSO) - ejected safely , the aircraft crashed 7 miles north west of Tonopah test range in Nevada






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32 minutes ago, ravenclaw_007 said:

the story of an aircraft...


Regarding the gun muzzle area I guess that's real 'rhinoplasty' :smile:

Great work!


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@ jack33

the above is a skin i just finished  :biggrin:  ,  i´m working on the new F-4G_78 / F-4G_85 / F-4G_89 the F-4G_78 and F-4G_89 are done and F-4G_85 will be next , so expect more Euro 1 camo pictures to come

unfortunatley i have a problem with the cockpit it is still to large  ( lod is now 7,76 mb ) but i´m working on it

mandatory screenshot


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