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The idea came to me while seeing Wrench's work on TMF Thunderstreak

Thunder Thursday, same rules as usual :

- You can post on Thursday your local time zone only.

- Your pics can feature any aircraft which name contains Thunder (Thunderbolt, Thunderchief, Thunderflash, Thunderstreak ..), in the care of any real world or fantasy nation or aggressor group or mercenary.

- If other aircraft happen to be in the frame, that's fine.  As long as the "Thunder ..." is the primary subject.

- As many posts as you want each Thursday, and you can have multiple pictures in each post 😁




Edit : of course, because Thursday is the day of Jupiter, lightnings are ok too

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Civilian traffic across the tarmac.............Korea, 1984


Gain some altitude at 20 miles...


Rolling in..........



Pullout at low level and run for home...


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Col. Robert L. Scott out for a day's drive

Trolling for SAMs



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USN A-47N Thunderbolt (Seabolt … Maybe predecessor to the Skyraider)




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