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    More "H" model Sabres from the 474th FBG. The C/O of the 474th in the colorful markings of 53-1313, 426th FBS blue markings in 53-2174, 429th FBS in yellow markings in 52-5750 and from the 430th FBS in red markings flying 52-5730.
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    A quick look at the next WIP. FJ-2 and FJ-3 Fury. Coming along pretty smoothly I think...Pappy
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    Skins are all done, now ini dance will start
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    F-4G from the 190th FS / 124th FG Idaho ANG
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    this is how it looks in game now , i think it is good enough
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    Lookin sharp Pappy - Nice work! Manditory pic:
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    F-4G from the 39th Tactical Fighter Training Squadron of the 35th Tactical Fighter Wing
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    This is the H Zurawski gave us...just animated canopy,had to make space...seems just needs mapping...I say just......a lot to do...if its gonna kick ass...
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    i made 2 desert skins for my F-4E`s , a standard version and a lo viz version , the above is the low viz version
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    Four flavors in the works
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    Israel Aircraft Industries 'Yeger' - Hunter Aggressor Flight, Israeli Air Force In the aftermath of the 1973 Yom Kippur War the Israeli Air Force examined it's aircraft losses (officially 102 aircraft but considered by many to have been higher) and in very much the same way as the USAF and USN had done they decided to embark upon an improved air combat training programme. In early 1974 four unmarked Hawker Hunter fighters in standard RAF camo arrived at Be'er Sheva Airfield where the Israeli Air Force had constructed a small temporary hangar adjacent to the Israel Aircraft Industries facility at Be'er Sheva. Whilst the UK Government consistently denied the supply of the four Hunter aircraft it would later be revealed that the aircraft were drawn from the Hunter wing at RAF Wittering and flown by civilian contractor pilots normally attached to BAC. The Hunter aircraft were quickly refurbished to emerge as the IAI 'Yeger' (Hunter) and equipped the Israeli Air Force's Hunter Aggressor Flight based at the nearby Hatzerim Airbase providing dissimilar air combat training for the Israeli Air Force. In 1976 the Hunter Aggressor Flight was boosted by the arrival of two ex-Kuwaiti Hunter FGA.57's and operated the type until 1991 when the unit disbanded.
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    IAI 'Yeger' - Hunter Aggressor Flight, Israeli Air Force, 1982
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    Brilliant dtmdragon!! The seat not only ejects but also separates from the canopy!! Much appreciated!!!! What a community!!
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    i used the head from the patch and the snake body from the aircraft tail and came up with this , i hope it is acceptable
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    Hmmm, let's say, combining all binaries, tools, installs, storage and version controlled stores... Behold my insanity, mortals ! Files : 5 041 927 Folders : 361 580 Size : about 2.57TB And that's fairly conservative because the largest part resides on a compressed partition and half of it are archives (the largest being one 24GB file, which unarchived would be 160GB and about 400k files). To be fair, that also includes some research material mixed in. The oldest file is from January 2003 (Deuce's Euro Terrain). Even for the part that is properly tagged, indexed and linked to my search engine, it takes quite some time to find anything. Never worry about the space you devote to your hobbies, there's always a madman out there who will make you look reasonable. :D
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    Looks like a stare down from Peterson AFB in Colorado Springs..... Mandatory Pic
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    MiG-21 PFM Fishbed-F, 6° Stormo, ca. 1966
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    View File J-5 pack J-5 (Jianjiji – fighter 5) Chinese production Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-17F (NATO reporting name: "Fresco-C") single-seat fighter. Inside this 5th PLAAF pack: - 1 new plane, for China / Taiwan / Vietnam / Korean scenery; - 25 High Rez skin new, tweaked or polished; - historical decals made using new fonts too; - all data tweaked; - pilots, sounds: - screens; Operations: - Openable canopy (key 10) closing at take off; Credits: - TW/TK for the stock plane model - Stary for the long awaited great pit; - Spillone104 for sounds - Y.Gordon for his Red Star "bible" book; - Geary for new Temps; - paulopanz (me) for skin, decals, hangars and edits. Install: - Copy all in your mod folder and overwrite Enjoy. @ paulopanz (5. to be continued ......) Submitter paulopanz Submitted 02/17/2020 Category Other  
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    Slowly it goes on. redone all decals & stencils. Now only the F-16 sheme (including stencils) is left for KLU NF-5Bs
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    What if Yakovlev would have been allowed to develope his project Yak-35:
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    Simple as Black and White. U.S. Navy QF-86F Sabre painted Flat Black on the right side only to evaluate its effect on radar signature, 21 July 1987.
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    You seem to be missing these.
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    Hawker Hunter F.6B - No.74 (Reserve) Squadron, RAF Strike Command, 1979
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    Version 9.9 (Early Aircraft Lockout Speeds), Feb. 22, 2020 - Several improvements included to the flight engines for FE2 and SF2, as well as further atmospherics and cloud tweaks for FE2 and SF2. Also tweaked further is control surface sensitivity on the Oeffag Alb. D.II, as well as damage realism improvements on the Fokk. B.II. Further changes include lockout speed implementation on control surfaces for several early aircraft types, ranging from the Longhorns and Shorthorns to the M-S Parasol family and imitations, as well as early Pfalz and Fokk. Eindeckers. Package also includes fixes to rolling coefficients and elevator for slightly easier takeoffs in the Spad 12. And as well included are a few new sounds, wind sound strength improvements, and the various data inis for Stephen's Da Vinci flyer and variations on the Da Vinci. For more detailed info. and installation instructions, please see the included READ ME file. Happy flying all, Von S
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    No. Sf2 community/modders have bigger fetish for realism...
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    Two two-seater Varks getting out of East Germany... and on to the secondary target of T-72s:


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