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Strike Fighters 2 Screenshots Thread

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Spotted this guy in my mirror barrelling through the murk and got out of the way fast


I don't think he even saw me!


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If only one of the 'Gifted' ones could come up with a way to get air refueling/fuel offload to work in this sim it would be soooooo damn awesome!

135 & 'BIG D' from previous screen shot @ CA  (cool pic, sorry can't remember who submitted)         

THUD 'Iron Maiden' drogue AR from YAP



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Sometimes, you just have the need to get down in the weeds. Coming back from a CAS mission, and was treated to a once-over by this guy. He zoomed past, pulled a hard turn, and disappeared.


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Forgot to tweak the FM for this beauty, for the Cold War Prop FM pack...will upload it soon with a ver. 1.2 of the package. Have also increased sensitivity of the rudder on the P-47M and N types, with slightly snappier aileron response on the type N too, and desensitized aileron response on the type M, as well as on the earlier D "Razorback" sprint upgrade included with the pack. The 47N is a bit slower than the M variant but still very impressive. Top speed around the 750s kph at about 9800 m alt...one of the best high-alt. prop aircraft in the package now. Does great in dogfights against the Lavochkin 11 if you maintain energy...the LA-9 is a bit more challenging but still workable if you fly the Jug smoothly.

Happy flying,

Von S :smile:




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April 2020: VFA-14 Tophatters:

Based on the USS John C. Stennis (CVN-74) navigating Gulf of Dhimar in multinational "Operation Dragonbreath".

Our mission is to help Dhimar counter the increassing terrorist attacks, neighbouring Paran is in deep turmoil and there have been repeated attacks against border cities, some of them even including APC and targetting our troops in the ground.

During early morning we got a call from USMC troops, codename Ravagers, while on foot patrol they got ambushed by enemy APC's and infantry squads in the market of the town.As QRA aircraft we are sent to deal with the threat and help the marines in the close quarters of the city.



The bad guys...


At the carrier deck



We were launched with a heavy load, so we need to refuel on the way to the coast.




After the refuel, we head to the coast, apporaching Moshak


Marines are heavy pressed, and we start picking our targets in the streets of the city



JDAM away.


The USAF boys are heavy at work as well.








Our job is paying in gold, but we're getting fired as well.


But now the enemy is in full retreat, the marines were able to disengage, and the help is on the way...


Is now time to get back to the carrier.



busy deck.


And parked, time for some late breakfast.


The mission was a total succes, killed 3 BTR60 and 2 BTR 152, the USAF killed some guys on the ground, so I got this...



The mission was really fun, had to spend sometime designing it to have everything in place, but it was both fun and entertaining, and above all I felt like a real pilot in a close quarter situation. I aligned each shot to avoid hitting buildings in the ground, and tried to follow all the procedures I read on real operations books. SF2 still has some great potential!  During the flight I palyed a real firefight between US troops and talibans, so it was more realistic trying to save those guys on the ground.

Sorry for so much pics, hope you enjoyed.

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Nocturnal "Redbird"...B-57G of the 13th Bomber Squadron, 8th TFW out of Ubon RTAFB, December 1970. (Hard to see I know, but it's supposed to be that way.)

B-57G Night.jpg

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now with service out of Washington state...



on a related note, after the recent break I'm looking at working on the final years of SAC to get back into modding. BUFFs, Switchblades, early Bones. If anyone wants to assist with the antennea farms via fakepilot Looking Glass and Nightwatch should be in the works too.

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US Wings over the... Faroe Islands ! Thanks a lot !!! :good:


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