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    Maybe I'll find some time today in the evening, otherwise next weekend. Anything wrong with them? EDIT: Ok, I've found it. Another error *sigh* Sorry guys! In the A-4M_82_loadout.ini look for [ARMED_RECON] - should be the second last entry. Delete it and copy/paste the following to the same position: [ARMED_RECON] DefaultFor=CAS,ARMED_RECON Loadout[01].WeaponType=A-4_OuterPylon_LVlate Loadout[01].Quantity=1 Loadout[02].WeaponType=LAU-10A //Loadout[02].WeaponType=LAU-10C_Mk71_Mk32mod0 Loadout[02].Quantity=1 Loadout[06].WeaponType=A-4_OuterPylon_LVlate Loadout[06].Quantity=1 Loadout[07].WeaponType=LAU-10A //Loadout[07].WeaponType=LAU-10C_Mk71_Mk32mod0 Loadout[07].Quantity=1 Loadout[11].WeaponType=A-4_InnerPylon_LVlate Loadout[11].Quantity=1 Loadout[12].WeaponType=ROCKEYE Loadout[12].Quantity=2 Loadout[12].RackType=TER Loadout[18].WeaponType=A-4_InnerPylon_LVlate Loadout[18].Quantity=1 Loadout[19].WeaponType=ROCKEYE Loadout[19].Quantity=2 Loadout[19].RackType=TER Loadout[27].WeaponType=Tank300_A4fLV Loadout[27].Quantity=1 Loadout[29].WeaponType=ARBS_RCN_A-4M Loadout[29].Quantity=1


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