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    i know TK made some tgas for Colorado. frankly mine look better he didnt make any for Michigan tho....
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    An EA-18G from VAQ-562 patrols near the Global Sedition/US border
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    HAL Tejas, used by Luftwaffe.
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    Lightning take off, Hunters in the shelters.
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    I'm interested in learning more about support roles. Additionally, I'm also curious about what people experience in these fields during a combat situation. Ages ago, I met someone that was a cargo master. He had some video of C-130s doing supply drops in combat zones. He'd point out the firefights taking place on the ground while they were delivering ammo, food, and anything else that was needed. For some reason, as of late, I've started to have a bigger interest in support missions and would like to learn more about them. Especially in a wartime situation. Is there constant fear or attack or is everything just another day on the job?
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    ok not as aircrew, but as a cook that wound up pulling duty as supply/ motor clerk/ guard shift leader on most of my deployments for the most part its just doing your job day in day out. pretty boring although the environment allows for some unusual things that you wouldnt see at home. its like Groundhogs Day the movie and the off the wall stuff become your time markers of the deployment pretty much the only time your massively, noticeably afraid is the first few times your under attack (rockets and mortars). after that you have some worry in the back of your mind, but you do what you got to and wait it out. if you are in a position to shoot back the you do. but if you're not, then you just deal with it in your own way (my favorite was taking bets on how many cigarettes a "rocket attack" would last until the all clear. right after professing my love for the recorded female voice that announced said attack. Kandahar 09) while way more common than in the US or western Europe, the attacks are pretty few and far between in some places. Others, well, you get used to these things (Balad Airbase, 04 aka Mortaritaville) howlywood and most games pack more action into a couple of hours than the average soldier/sailor/airman sees in an entire year. ironically, they tend to play those games and movies to kill time when off duty there (who else here can say they checked in after an indirect fire attack with a firefight from Blackhawk Down blasting in the background?)
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    I'm currently working more on the EAW Full Review: Its only really 10% me since I decided I should combine all the old 1998 and 99 reviews of EAW into one and try to correct errors in the information. It will allow thorough review of the game and should include v1.1 and v1.2 fixes at least noted where a negative bug is told. Its primarily for v1.0 of EAW, the 1998 reviews. then there's the v1.1 info I try to remember to post in the review to insure the reader knows a bug or condition was fixed in the MPS patches. Right now I'm combining three more detailed reviews into the help doc, so if there is anything you want in the review such as if there's errors in the info, let me know. Most old post in forums about EAW in early 1999, complained authors never updated their reviews for MPS official patches. They stayed with v1.0 or v1.1 for the content. So hopefully I'll get the to add where apparent, the patch info. Anything to add let me know here, thanks. Here's the current update. Some (actually a bunch) of information is reviewed maybe 2 or 3 times , said in a different manner since there edited paragraphs, and not yet move into the main and staying info usually above it. I'm breaking it down into sections just for this review. Normally I would just list topics with a few sections, here I have split some of the topics up into more sections, you'll see more soon as I complete moving the information over to this help doc. But here it is in its current shape: https://eaw.neocities.org/full-review.html (perhaps refresh your browser to see the latest post of that page :)
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    do the jingle! do the jingle! (trumpets start playing..)
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    GIMP is free, and there are templates for the F-15C/Ds as well as (i believe) the stock F-15As everyone started somewhere. let this be your beginning
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    Hi, Welcome to CA and welcome to the forum. As you already noticed, there is no subforum named "requests and wishes" and that's with reason. You might also already have seen that wishes and requests rarely are granted; modding (here) is a labour of love for people with filled agendas and full lives. Maybe you can do some research on YouTube and the interwebz and tweak the skills to do it yourself? CA can always use another modder! Cheers
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    dont have to be a technocrat but if your going to mod (even as little as downloading stuff from here and adding it to your game) you need to learn a little lingo no worries, you are me, around a dozen years ago.....
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    Version 1.0.0


    Tornado F.3 RAF Super Skinpack The Panavia Tornado Air Defence Variant (ADV) was a long-range, twin-engine interceptor version of the swing-wing Panavia Tornado. The aircraft's first flight was on 27 October 1979, and it entered service with the Royal Air Force (RAF) in 1986. The Tornado ADV was originally designed to intercept Soviet bombers as they were traversing across the North Sea with the aim of preventing a successful air-launched nuclear attack against the United Kingdom. In this capacity, it was equipped with a powerful radar and beyond-visual-range missiles. The type has been replaced by the Eurofighter Typhoon. WHAT'S IN: - 27 new High Rez skins - serial numbers by squadron - data.ini taxing fix (same as AMI pack) CREDITS: - Bobrock: plane & templates - Menvra: ODS Edition upgrade - paulopanz: skins by squadron, serials by plane, ini edit INSTALL: - ODS Tornado F.3 installed - All in your mod folder Enjoy @ paulopanz


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