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F-14A/B/D Tomcats of The Unsung War (Ace Combat 5)

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What is it?

A collection of skins for TMF's F-14s featuring the F-14 Tomcats of  Ace Combat 5 :The Unsung War, a total of 6 skins for the F-14A_96 (1), F-14B_96 (1), F-14D_92 (1) and F-14D_96 (2).

Featuring : 

5th Fighter Wing, 108th Tactical Fighter Squadron "Wardog" (F-14A_96 and F-14D_96):


The 108th Tactical Fighter Squadron "Wardog", also referred to as Wardog Squadron, was an auxiliary squadron of the Osean Air Defense Force's 5th Fighter Wing stationed at Sand Island Air Force Base.

Wardog Squadron was at the forefront of the Circum-Pacific War from its onset. The squadron underwent several changes in command the first day of the war and went on to serve in many of the war's decisive engagements. The Wardog pilots' tactical efficiency was lauded by the Osean military and feared by the Yuktobanians, earning them several nicknames—most famously, "The Demons of Razgriz".

Both F-14A and F-14D skins included.


Captain Jack "Heartbreak One" Bartlett (F-14D_92) :


Captain Jack Bartlett, callsign "Heartbreak One", was an Osean pilot, captain, flight leader, and training instructor of the Osean Air Defense Force's Wardog Squadron.

A veteran F-14 pilot of the Belkan War, Bartlett possessed a distrust of authority and an unwavering loyalty to his trainees, whom he affectionately referred to as "nuggets". In 2010, Bartlett played an important role in both the outbreak and resolution of the Circum-Pacific War between Osea and Yuktobania.

Features the F-14D that Bartlett flew during the Belkan War.

VFA-206 (F-14B_96) :


VFA-206 was an Osean Maritime Defense Force fighter squadron and the carrier air wing of the 3rd Osean Naval Fleet's flagship, the OFS Kestrel.

After the fugitive Wardog pilots were brought aboard the Kestrel on December 7, Captain Marcus Snow, being the last member of VFA-206, joined them in the newly formed Razgriz Squadron. VFA-206 was likely disbanded after Snow's reassignment to Ragriz Squadron.

Features Snow's F-14B

Razgriz Air Command Squadron (F-14D_96) :


The Razgriz Air Command Squadron, more commonly referred to as Razgriz Squadron and also known as "The Ghosts of Razgriz", was a secret squadron mostly comprised of the survivors of the OADF's Wardog Squadron in the final month of the Circum-Pacific War.

During its brief existence, Razgriz Squadron was created by and served under the direct command of Osean President Vincent Harling, and was stationed aboard the OFS Kestrel. Under their new mantel as the demonic hero of Strangereal folklore, the Razgriz pilots executed a series of covert engagements, which ultimately led to the war's resolution and the defeat of the Grey Men.

Features both a livery with Osean Markings, and one without Osean Markings.

Pilots :

Each plane's number also corresponds to their respective pilot :

"Blaze" (The Player) - (016)

Kei "Edge" Nagase - (007)


Alvin "Chopper" Davenport - (008)

Hans "Archer" Grimm - (024)


Marcus "Swordsman" Snow - (211)


Jack "Heartbreak One" Bartlett (003)


Which addon(s) are required?

The Mirage Factory F-14 Tomcat Super Pack V1.32 by Caesar (Link to File)

**(You will also have to add a new nations OADF and OMDF into nations.ini, instructions inside)**


Skin and Decals : Zachtan1234
Template : column5 (Link to Template)


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Great collection! Many thanks for this gift, zachtan! Wish you a happy X-mas!

Ace Combat 5 was the first game that made me shed humane tears... I'll never forget it.

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Very well done!

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