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    It's been a busy day. Earlier today the UPS that supplies power to all our equipment failed while in service. By failure I mean it went poof, sizzle, spark, and dark dropping all power to the machines it supports. It took a few hours to purchase a new one and have it installed in our rack. The overall downtime was approximately 3 hours 45 minutes. I apologize for the downtime. This was an unforeseen event that had no early warning signs or diagnostics. Our UPS is only designed to take over should a power outage happen at the data center and only sustain us for the thirty or so seconds it takes the data center to auto switch over to their diesel backup generators. Secondly Google Ads has made some changes that are not integrating into our site. I've been working on resolving this and all changes I make take an hour or so to take effect. This will be ongoing work until I'm able to resolve the problems.
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    It is wrong on SO many levels! (I like it!)
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    What a beautiful sky! I would be glad to have such a realistic sky :)
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    In Process of looking at file set up I noticed that during installation process TWO Saved Games files were set up. One on D drive and one on C drive. So I moved terrains to opposite drive and now they work. Thanks for all your help and patience with this.
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    It is defined in each aircraft's Avionics.ini. For example, for the F-16CM Block 52, the search range, strength, track range and strength are as follows: SearchRange=84 SearchStrength=110 TrackRange=59 TrackStrength=110 The ranges in this example are in Nautical Miles. The range in practice can change depending on the target's RCS Modifier and ECM strength. In terms of actually shooting at the target, it's as UllyB has written.
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    Version 1.0.1


    This is the conversion of the old SF1 model in SF2 + new skins Original files is here https://combatace.com/files/file/14306-su-30mk2-for-sf1-woe/ This package presents the Su-30 Soviet times and the Su-30 MK (Modified Commercial) modern by Irkut Avia Plant . ============ Installation: IF YOU HAVE INSTALLED THIS MY PACK BEFORE version 1.0.0 : Delete "Su-30" and "SU-30MK" folders at "Objects\Aircraft\" in your mod folder. Extract file "SF2_Su-30_Irkut_ST_v1.0.1.7z" at any directory Move the files to the appropriate locations in your mod folder as usual. if you like, unpack "Additional_Skins_(these_skins_moved_to_SU-30MK2_KnAAZ_Pack).7z" and move skins to just installed Su-30 aircraft, but you need'nt to do it if you want to use my Su-30 Part II by KnAAZ air Plant. I moved these skins to that pack. It is easier for me to update packs separately. In real Su-30 are produced at two different factories, on "IRKUT" (Irkutsk Aviation Plant) they rebuild old Su-27 UB\PU to Su-30KN and KM (both without canards) and build new Su-30SM with canards. I do not do skins for SM modifications, cuz i see that decision with "fake pilot canards" is not elegant, and i have no 3Ds MAX to do something by myself. In this pack there are skins only for KN and KM modifications (without canards) . Second Plant is KnAAZ ( based in Komsomolsk on Amur) produses all other modifications (all without canards) for export. It is better to overwrite weapons folder. I 've made some small changes (fixed the years of using) in inies in some of them. ============ I tried to make the skins as accurate as possible. But some details missed because of the limitations of the model. i cant find the way to do "no step" dashes on Ukrainian skin, it places wrong way, some decals can't de placed right etc. If you want to correct this, do not stop yourself. If you like my files, fix, redraw, repack, share, do what you need. NEW SKINS: Russian after 2004 Russian Gray Fully - overhauled Su-27UB to Su-30 standards Soviet Early Soviet Shabby - Standard Soviet Weathered UB Ukraine 91 UB Ukraine 94-99 UB Ukraine 99 UB Ukraine Modern UB Ukraine Shabby - Standard Soviet Weathered with Ukrainian Ins Aubergine (What if skin) China Dark Gray China Gray Omonovskiy 2002 (Known as 'Winter' at NATO countries) Russian Forest (Splinter) 1994 Russian Standard - Serial OLD SKINS none =========== Skins was drawn based on outlines by Mariusz Wojciechowski and real photoes. http://www.mariwoj.pl/ =========== I used these files: I took some skin details like engines, nozzles, marks, from this skin: SF2 SU-30SM Flanker Pack Redux 2016 Version 0.99 https://combatace.com/files/file/16250-sf2-su-30sm-flanker-pack-redux-2016/ By viper63a (approved by Wrench, August 16, 2016) Model: Su-30MK2 for SF1 / WoE Version 1.0 https://combatace.com/files/file/14306-su-30mk2-for-sf1-woe/ By ivanbasic (approved by Erik, October 4, 2013) Decals and Weapons: NATO Fighters 4+ https://combatace.com/files/file/12230-nato-fighters-4-part-5/ By Dave (approved by Dave, January 20, 2016) Cockpit: Modern Flanker Cockpit 1.0 https://combatace.com/files/file/15045-modern-flanker-cockpit/ By YEYEYE (approved by Dave, October 7, 2014) Cockpit: Classic flanker cockpit for Marcfighters Su-27 v1.0 https://combatace.com/files/file/15042-classic-flanker-cockpit-for-marcfighters-su-27/ By YEYEYE (approved by Dave, October 5, 2014) And Skins by me, bazillius Best regards.


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