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    I liked Marcs Flanker...thought it deserved a make over...Redone all new canopy system...new seat,total new cockpit,hud ,etc etc... new lights,working on new pylons,better detail gears(next) been totally remapped except tails,wings were askew on old mapping.. then redo all panels etc...hmmmmm lol getting there.. im particularly pleased with the new burners...
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    F-4G from the 561st TFS on final check before take off i know the tailnubers are still missing but so are many other small details yet
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    Nearly done with this now.....
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    Shortly Now in a download section near you!
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    More "H" model Sabres from the 474th FBG. The C/O of the 474th in the colorful markings of 53-1313, 426th FBS blue markings in 53-2174, 429th FBS in yellow markings in 52-5750 and from the 430th FBS in red markings flying 52-5730.
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    The answer is an absolute maybe!!!
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    Soviet MiG-23MLD in Afghanistan
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    F-4G from the USAF Tactical Air Warfare Center / Detachment 5
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    This was mentioned...so Checked whats to do... finish animations for Canopy Refuel probe(Half made)....nozzles, Missile bay doors....and few bits...hope to have done in few weeks...hopefully before new year. hope to have new pilot too....click to expand pics.
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    Raptors of the 199th Fighter Squadron "Mytai Fighters" from Honolulu, visiting the peaceful Midway Atoll...
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    Last of the Sabre line...an F-86H of the 430th FBS, 312th FBW
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    Full ready Tonka squadron for flight !
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    Just started something new
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    Aegean blue ... You know, the Aegean sea looks the same color as the deep blue in the pic above. It'd be nice If we could have something similar..
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    Still a wip...need to correct hud, I love the Flanker and it deserves a revamp....was doing this skin and the mapping was allover the place,.need to get Marcs ok to release when done... Nw engines,nacelles,intakes...new pylons being done new lights,,newly remapped,some new parts,engines burners etc etc,new ab effects...,Bump map spec map,erm...you get the picture...
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    If you've ever supported the When Thunder Rolled Project in anyway, first again accept my sincere appreciation and gratitude. I would ask that you please email me with your contributions list and an upcoming announcement at: admin@whenthunderrolled.com . If you're still interested in contributing in some way, we welcome and encourage you to reach out. Just to avoid any misguided speculation, this request is not implying any near-term release date. Thanks again, here's a good blast of early 2Q 2019 WTR screenies that are long overdue...hope you enjoy.
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    Texas " Outlaws " with their F-4E at work
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    Guess better finish these after the Pak Fa..
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    back to the F-5A , the excellent aircraft model is getting some new 150 gallon drop tanks
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    Coming to a sky near you...SOON...:
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    the story of an aircraft this aircraft saw the light of day 14-July-1970 as F-4E 69-7208 and was delivered to the RAAF 82nd Wing on 06-October-1970 in 1971 the aircraft was updated with the APQ-120 radar as well as the formation stripes and the new MIDAS-4 gun muzzle after the aircraft returned in 1973 to the USA it was 1976 rebuilt in to a F-4G 69-7208 and started the service 1978 with the 563rd TFS of the 35th TFW the final Squadron the aircaft served with was the 561st TFS from the 57th TFW , the end of the aircraft came 01-March-1995 after an engine bleed air failure which produced smoke in cockpit and the crew ejected , Capt. M. T. Manning (pilot) and Major M. J. Leggett (WSO) - ejected safely , the aircraft crashed 7 miles north west of Tonopah test range in Nevada
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    Playboy and Little Miss Mary, F-86H Sabres of the Maryland Air National Guard returning to base, job complete. And so is the "H" model Sabre....
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    And for all you A.N.G. fans, F-86H-5 Sabre, California ANG out of Van Nuys Airport
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    Remade my hangar screen model...if Mue could enable us to add 2 lods...maybe could add your own a\c to it....?...
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    Don't know how often it happens that members from different countries meet up, but visited Krakow Polish Aviation Museum with 2 of my daugters and dear old friend Stary.... Fantastic collection of old and newer Polish and Soviet planes, missiles, radars and Western planes..... Great afternoon ........
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    Thanks gents... Must be getting closer if I've started sea trials....


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