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The anti-Richthofen squadron

18 November 2016

Posted by 33LIMA in Mission Reports
Hunting the Red Baron...in a dud aeroplane!   You might be forgiven for thinking that the combination in spring 1917 of Britain's leading fighter pilot and the country's greatest fighter plane would have been the combat aviation equivalent of a marriage made in heaven. Far from it, for Captain Albert Ball DSO, MC (and later VC) was not at all impressed with the Royal Aircraft Factory'...

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Graviteam Tactics: contact...

12 November 2016

Posted by 33LIMA in Mission Reports
New tanks on an old battlefield!   Ukrainian developer Graviteam's widely-acclaimed wargames have entered their third generation with the arrival of Mius Front, but my introduction has come only lately, and with their second-generation series - Graviteam Tactics - Operation Star (GT:OS). Why the wait? Well, I've tried a few PC wargames over the years, namely the original versions of C...

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F-16: The Shattered Dream

01 November 2016

Posted by MigBuster in CombatACE News
F-16: The Shattered Dream  The F-16 was designed from the outset as a pure Air to Air fighter, but what eventually went into production wasn’t quite the envisioned dream.The dream was partly from renowned aircraft designer Harry Hillaker at General Dynamics,who in the mid 1960s spent many of his spare hours designing the aircraft of his dreams – “a lightweight, high-performance jet...

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