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    Some more refining done on the A-4 sight. Probably gonna leave it at that, for now. Sight color shown in the pics is Light Yellow Orange - works OK against most backgrounds.
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    Version 1.1.0


    Feb 2nd 2019 ============= GR.1B version 1.00 ------------------------------ RAF Tornado GR.1 with Sea Eagle anti-ship missiles. Keys: -------- SHIFT+1 -> canopy open SHIFT+2 -> fuel probe SHIFT+3 -> weapon operator cockpit So, the most important part ... CREDITS: Fantastic five 1st. Nothing wouldn't be possible without these guyz : ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ravenclaw_007 - weapons, documentation, 3d lessons yakarov79 - skinning lessons, testing, damages crusader - documentation, testing, avionics, HUD, air search radar baffmeister - flight model 76_IAP - 3d lessons Then Godfather of project: ------------------------------------------ fanatic modder - testing, documentation, flight model, engine datas, inspiration And last not least .. ------------------------------- coupi - hit boxes, damages, testing, GR.1B 12sqn decals and 617 Sqn decals. viper63 - testing, skins, loading and arming screens, pilots durasoul, logan4 - help with weapons, testing florian - some parts and ideas I used in my model from his German Tornado citizen67 - AMI loadouts svetlin - testing stratos - testing .. and all previous Tonka creators. THANK YOU ALL VERY MUCH. guuruu - all bugs *********************************************************************************************************** This is freeware; it CANNOT be distributed unless permissions are granted by myself. The original readmes, if any, and all other pieces of the package MUST remain intact. The names of all contributors, modders, suppliers, etc =MUST= be listed in any new readmes. This package and any part of it may NOT in any way, shape or form be used in any payware additions. *********************************************************************************************************** THIS AIRCRAFT MOD OR ANY PART OF IT MUST NOT BE HOSTED OR POSTED FOR DOWNLOAD ON ANY OTHER WEB SITE WITHOUT MY EXPRESS PERMISSION, OR USED FOR ANY OTHER PURPOSE THAN THIRDWIRE FLIGHT SIMULATORS, AND MUST NOT BE SOLD OR OFFERED FOR SALE BY ITSELF OR WITH ANY OTHER FILES OR MODS. *********************************************************************************************************** Have fun Wojtek
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    V-1 Jet Bike, release For Strike Fighters2 series.
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    Thank you all so much for your kind wonderful words and support. Just uploaded the file, I hope it would meet your expectations. I'm only a beginner so please be nice to me if you see any mistakes
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    Hmmmmmmmm. I wonder how I was fortunate enough to "settle" on 1.28E as my base EAW version. Probably just luck, back then. Napoleon considered "luck" as one of the foremost attributes of any soldier. I confess to like V1.28E, but am open to suggestions. Might be the "sweet spot", so to speak. I am more than willing to fly any and all sims, as long as they play decently. I have put up with a fair amount of coaxing some sims to play. For the most part, the more coaxing they need, the less the basic sim is found to be worth doing so. Nevertheless, there are some diamonds to be found. My ancient, but upgraded computer allows me to play IL-2 with almost no limitations, just for reference. EAW, in all its' permutations, has never been an issue, as far as playability goes. Screen garbling is another issue, and occasionally very objectionable. I'm somewhat familiar with the Wrapper programs suggested for using with EAW. I mention this last because it might make a difference in your future comments, and FYI, as pertinent. Thank you for your response, BTW. Exactly what was needed.
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    yes, into Object Mods/Structures. it's actually pretty easy, just follow the on-screen steps. You "give it a name" section, then drag/drop the zip file, then there should be a section to upload the screen shots. That's also a drag/drop operation. Don't forget to write a description. And have a good read-me. (since this mod is mostly for terraformers, maybe add in the read-me the statements to add to a terrain's _types ini) If you run into any issues or problems, just let us know!
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    Hi All. I made new skins for this amazing bird (A-4 version). Thank you torno.
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    DCS World Open Beta Update This week’s Open Beta update has some great updates to DCS World, the Hornet, and the Viggen. Highlights include: Hornet changes: added work-in-progress AGM-65F infrared-guided Maverick air-to-ground missile; corrected Hornet catapult launch roughness; added “Go to Tanker’ command for AI Hornets; corrected and improved the Hornet radar in RWS and STT modes; and corrected and improved operation of the Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System (JHMCS). More great stuff coming in the 19 December update! Corrected potential for static objects not being visible to multiplayer clients Added removal or cargo in multiplayer based on scripting Viggen changes: greatly improved air-to-ground radar; corrected TERRNAV not fixing; and added scratches to canopy glass You can find the complete changelog here DCS: Combined Arms – Frontlines Georgia Campaign The Combined Arms Frontlines Georgia campaign is the first Combined Arms single player campaign. In this campaign you will experience many different aspects of Combined Arms combat in DCS World, from commanding many units over several different objectives to sitting in a tank and commanding a platoon from the driver’s seat. Key features: 11 Story driven missions (with supplemental missions if you have a stumble along the way) Command various ground units, from armor to transport Freedom to set up your air units load-outs before the mission starts 35+ unique voice overs With CA Frontlines, we hope you will learn and enjoy playing DCS: Combined Arms in ways you might not have ever thought about before. Campaign video See in the DCS e-shop DCS: F/A-18C Hornet Last month we added the Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System (JHMCS), AGM-65E laser-Maverick, the FPAS page, updated Hornet Guide, and improved air-to-air radar performance. For this month we’ll be added the AGM-65F infrared-guided Maverick, GBU-10, 12, and 16 Paveway II laser-guided bombs, 13 new interactive training lessons, air-to-air waypoint (bullseye) and BRA information. We are also working on the AGM-88 HARM and datalink MIDS/MSI with improved IFF, but these may not be available until January 2019, based on testing results. Afterwards, other systems will be developed like LTWS/TWS air-to-air radar modes, GPS- and INS-guided weapons, further JHMCS features, and others. In parallel, we are working on the technology for air-to-ground radar and new FLIR rendering technology. These are very important to the Hornet’s AN/APG-73 radar and ATFLIR pod. Burning Skies Multiplayer Server For DCS World multiplayer pilots, the Burning Skies server is now testing our new dedicated server technology! This is acting as a test-bed to help us debug the dedicated software with many players participating. The dedicated server will form the backbone of DCS World multiplayer. Burning Skies is a World War II server with options to fly the Mustang, Spitfire, Dora, and Kurfurst. As an official server, will be supporting Burning Skies with prizes to the championship winners. For a fantastic World War II multiplayer experience, stop by and fly a sortie! Sincerely, The Eagle Dynamics Team
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    No Harpoons? No Problem! (GBU-27s and a GBU-28 vs Carrier)
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    Version 1.0.0


    New skin pack for excellent Caudron G4 by Stephen1918. Skinpack included two skins with french and russian paint schemes. I tried to add some "photorealistic" textures for more impressive image of this aircraft. Eugene1
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    Getting there........ HEAVILY reworked Alphasim model by me. Model is in game, basic panel lines & rivets 80% done, all animations sorted, flies like a pig.....I need an FM guy if anyone is feeling brave.... Still to do; rocket pods, tidy up some joins in max, skins etc,etc. I might attempt a pit.......then again I might not, bear in mind I'm not a proper 3ds max guy. Anybody with access to good colour unit marks etc please pm me.
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    And the hidden return of talent...from China now. Oh we are so desperate and excited - yes, gkabs - that is the best I've ever seen and you also are wonderful...wow - can't wait for all the rest you've made. Everyone already knows you are going to be a legend here and have so much more true talent to offer... :drool: Are you accepting requests and donations - we need new models at all cost! Please do whatever you can to supply us everything we need - everyone loves you already!


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