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    Before the Storm After the Storm A-7E skin by @yakarov79, F-16C Block 25 skin by yours truly.
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    Work In Progress. Photorealistic skin for excellent Geezer's Pfalz D.IIIa.
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    Saki Airbase at Crimean peninsula, the big base, where the Soviets trained their pilots for carrier operations. If i could find a nice ramp i could include the NITKA system, where the soviet carrier pilots were trained for the ski jump take off. It would be close to the right end of the upper runway. The carrier landing zone was at the big square close to the left end of the upper runway. So Saki AB looks in the editor:
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    amariani,I notice that it flies the old models of the fw190a8, did it fly the new models A8?
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    ok, so i'll quit clogging up the overall screenie thread with F-16s. over 4600 built. 43 years of service. over major 25 operators. there should be some variety here i'll start this show off mile high...
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    ok folks, i cant be the only one here flyin Vipers in SF2 i mean, unless someone is playin it in the White House, where else you gonna see these guys?
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    View File Super Étendard Modernisé Armada de la República Argentina IMPORTANTE!!! Antes de instalar la skin es importante tener el avión de denissoliveira. IMPORTANT!!! Before installing the skin it is important to have denissoliveira's plane. Español: A fines del 2018 unos 5 Super Étendard Modernisé arribaron a la Argentina a la espera de una puesta a punto, pero lamentablemente para el 2022 siguen sin volar. Esta skin es lo mas similar a la pintura del Super Étendard del ARA, la única libertad que me tome a la hora de hacer la skin es añadir un killmark como tenían los Super Étendard después de la guerra de Malvinas. Si quieren modificar mi skin, añadir algo o lo que sea, agradecería bastante que se me dé el crédito correspondiente, ya que me llevo bastante tiempo debido a la falta de plantilla que me faciliten el laburo. Además darle los créditos correspondientes a denissoliveira por el avión y la skin sobre la que trabaje. Sin nada mas que agregar, espero que disfruten la skin. English: At the end of 2018, some 5 Super Étendard Modernisé arrived in Argentina waiting for a set-up, but unfortunately by 2022 they are still not flying. This skin is the most similar to the painting of the ARA Super Étendard, the only freedom I took when making the skin is to add a killmark like the Super Étendard had after the Malvinas war. If you want to modify my skin, add something or whatever, I would be very grateful if you give me the corresponding credit, since it took me a long time due to the lack of a template that facilitates my work. Also give the corresponding credits to denissoliveira for the plane and the skin on which he works. With nothing more to add, I hope you enjoy the skin. Submitter MSim12 Submitted 06/16/2022 Category Other  
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    Veltro2k's outstanding B-42A Mixmaster:
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    The Ar-234C with a V-1 loaded:
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    ooooooh, pretty meanwhile, more of those college boys horsin around overhead.... or about to pass over the largest collection of two seat Vipers in the virtual or real world
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    SitRep: I created the lakes in the north and east of the Crimean Peninsula all by hand. It was a time consuming job, but neccessary, because the raw data were wrong at this area. Now i'm laying the tiles for the road network of the Crimean Peninsula. An other boring and time consuming task. But so is terrain making!
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    20 Apr 2011 Strike Fighters 2: Modern Warfare Korea 1.05 Update for post Dec 2010 patched Campaign For Strike Fighters 2 Combo Merged Install. This Update has all past updates included. No need to use any other updates. This Update requires: Strike Fighters 2 Modern Warfare Korea 1.03 Campaign Mod. V1.05 Fixed SA-7 Grail. Added AGM-88E. Added SA-9 Gaskin. Added F/A-18A and A+. Added Su-27SM2 Updated Avionics to all EA-18, FA-18's. Added B-1B Cockpit Back. Added F-35's to campaign for 2015. Remember F-35B will STOVL. Fixed Campaign Dates. Added a few Effects. Re-oriented Kangnung AB. Various other fixes and tweaks. V1.04 Changed ECM Frequency settings for some Aircraft and Weapons. To Install: Just Run the Installer and point it to the Saved Game folder StrikeFighters2 Modern Warfare Korea Directory. I want to thank the Community for all their effort. and: _Thomas_ 101tfs 331KillerBee Actarus AGOSTINO AleDucat aleks AmokFloo ArturR Badger BANIDOS TEAM bib bigal1 bobrock Boopidoo BPAo Camouflage Column5 Crab_02 Craig Crusader DamWaar Dante-JT Dave USAFMTL Dels Deuces Diego Digital Overlord Dr.Welsh Epizikl EricJ Erikgen Erwin_Hans FastCargo Flying Toaster Fubar512 Gaston gerwin Ghostrider883 Gabilon Hawker Howling1 HrntFixr Insky group J.M Langeron JA 37 Viggen Jat81500 Jeanba Joe Baugher Jimbib JSF Aggie Julheim Jv44kt Kesselbrut Kout Kreelin lindr2 LloydNB Mago Manetsim Marcfighter Matthew Ouellette Max Rudakov Mike1 Miracleman Mirage Factory MK2 Moonjumper Mig Master MJ NeverEnough Olivier ANGUILLE olo007 pablitoVPT Paladrian Pappy Pappychksix Pasko pcpilot petr005 Phamtuan Private Rafael Rampage ravenclaw_007 Raptore One raynor rscsjsuso5 Scrapper Sidewinder86 Signum Sony Tuckson spillone Starfighter2 Stary ST0RM SUICIDAL Sundowner Swede SWS Syrinx Talos The Trooper Thunder-Works Team Viper TFlash Tiwaz tomcat TORNO Tunderchief Typhoid UF Josse Veltro2K vrkuboy Wilco WingWiner Wpnssgt Wrench X Ray YEYEYE Third Wire and TK Thanks to all, let me know if i missed anyone. Spectre[8750]
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    In memory of our friend Olivier Anguille "BPAo" Gone but not forgotten. Mirage 2000 French Air Force package by The Mirage Factory
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    Lockheed S-3B Viking by FoxMonter = For SF2, Any and All = This is the (hopefully) full, compiled package of FoxMonter' S-3B "Viking" Sea Control Aircraft, upgraded/updated/fiddled-to-fit the SF2 series. I've assembled all the skin/decal sets I could find into one big lump. Skins included in the pak are: VS-21 Fighting Redtails + VS-27 Sea Wolves * VS-29 Dragonfires + VS-30 Diamondcutters + VS-30DS (Desert Storm) ? VS-32 Maulers ? VS-33 Screwbirds + VS-33lo Screwbirds (Lo-Viz) + VS-35 Blue Wolves * VS-38 Red Griffins + VX-1 Pioneers + The suffix symbols designate the artist that created the skins/decals. The Key is below: *=HrntFxr +=Paul Nortness ?=IDK All decals and decal inis have been fixed and updated to SF2 standards. Several ini edits to the loadout, data and avionics also update them to SF2 standards (as of Aug, 2011). Wingfold and bombay animations have been seperated; bombay uses the standard Control/O (oh)key, and the wingfold is activated via the Shift/9 key. The cockpit is not equiped with an RWR display, so an 'audio-only' version is used. The flight model is unchanged. A new, SF2-style photographic hangar screen is also included. I've also included several sounds called for in the data ini. As always, READ the enclosed readme for full,detailed, easy-to-follow install instructions. With thanks to all the skinners, and FoxMontor for their work! Good Hunting! wrench kevin stein
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    F-19 "Ghostrider" (aka "Flying Frisbee) Upgrade Pak for SF2 REQUIRES a Full-4 Merged, -or at minimum- SF2:E and/or SF2:I Warning/Disclaimer: As stated above, this is designed for a Full-4 Merged install of SF2. This is because I made use of MANY stock items, in particular the cockpit from the F-15A in SF2:E. You may be able to use the F-15A Baz from SF2:I as they use the same cockpit lods; this has =NOT= been tested, as I have a Full-4 Merged, and it accesses pretty much everything. You are encourged to test this on your own. As the avionics/cockpit inis are supplied, all you need is the cockpit LOD they're pointing to (and, of course, all the bmps/tgas for the interior bits and HUD/Radars, which are stored in the various ObjectData cats.) ------------------- This is an upgrade/modification of Julhelm's F-19 "Ghostrider" Stealth Strike Fighter. It has gone through several tweeks to enhance weapons carriage, weapons types, some minor reskinning and the addition of new serial number decals. 50 serial Decals are supplied, for both skins (ie: the same ones used twice, but the 9th TFS has been repainted a darker gray to match the original lettering, and it also gets a new tail code decal). Lighting has been enhanced, with the addition of landing lights, 'rotary' strobe beacons and the missing tail lights re-added. Additional armor protection has been added to 'vital' areas. Engine sounds have been enhanced by (re)using the F-15 engine sounds from the F-15 Super Pak. A revamped, SF2-style version of my original 'artwork'hangar screen is included, as well as new paint chips with the 2 squadron patchs for skin selection. No changes have been effected to the Flight Model or RCS modifiers. As much as possible, I've tried to stick with 'stock' weapons, but it =IS= reccomended that you have Gunny's Ordanance Shop installed for the Mavericks and the late-model LGBs & CBUs. These weapons are =NOT= included!! A-A loadouts are restricted to IRMs =ONLY= (as stated in "Red Storm Rising"). See "Notes" below for more on weapons. Other targeting enhancments include the addition of a permanant on-board laser designator and Electo-Optical viewer (read: FLIR/LLTV). The auto-speed canopy has been changed to a manual animation key, use shift/0 to open and close it. A seat has been added for the pilot to 'park it' on. As always, fully detailed install instruction are below. And, as always, it's suggested you read them through before installing this mod. Good Hunting! Wrench Kevin Stein
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    Version 1.0


    Sukhoi Su-25T Tankovy & Sukhoi Su-25SM Frogfoot for SF2 The Su-25T (Tankovy) is a dedicated antitank version, which has been combat-tested with notable success in Chechnya. The design of the aircraft is similar to the Su-25UB ( unification of 85%). The variant was converted to one-seater, with the rear seat replaced by additional avionics. It has all-weather and night attack capability. In addition to the full arsenal of weapons of the standard Su-25, the Su-25T can employ the KAB-500Kr TV-guided bomb, KH-58 ARM, R-73, MPS-410 ECM Pod and the semi-active laser-guided Kh-25ML. Its enlarged nosecone houses the Shkval optical TV and aiming system with the Prichal laser rangefinder and target designator. It can also carry Vikhr laser-guided, tube-launched missiles, which is its main antitank armament. For night operations, the low-light TV Merkuriy pod system can be carried under the fuselage. Three Su-25Ts prototypes were built in 1983–86 and 8 production aircraft were built in 1990. With the introduction of a definitive Russian Air Force Su-25 upgrade programme, in the form of Stroyevoy Modernizirovannyi, the Su-25T programme was officially canceled in 2000. The Su-25SM (Stroyevoy Modernizirovannyi) is an "affordable" upgrade programme for the Su-25, conceived by the Russian Air Force in 2000. The programme stems from the attempted Su-25T and Su-25TM (aka Su-39) upgrades, which were evaluated and labelled as over-sophisticated and expensive. The SM upgrade incorporates avionics enhancements and airframe refurbishment to extend the Frogfoot's service life by up to 500 flight hours or 5 years. The Su-25SM's all-new PRnK-25SM "Bars" navigation/attack suite is built around the BTsVM-90 digital computer system, originally planned for the Su-25TM upgrade programme. Navigation and attack precision provided by the new suite is three times better of the baseline Su-25. A new KA1-1-01 Head-Up Display (HUD) was added providing, among other things, double the field of view of the original ASP-17BTs-8 electro-optical sight. Other systems and components incorporated during the upgrade include a Multi-Function Display (MFD), RSBN-85 Short Range Aid to Navigation (SHORAN), ARK-35-1 Automatic Direction Finder (ADF), A-737-01 GPS/GLONASS Receiver, Karat-B-25 Flight Data Recorder (FDR), Berkut-1 Video Recording System (VRS), Banker-2 UHF/VHF communication radio, SO-96 Transponder and a L150 "Pastel" RWR. The R-95Sh engines have been overhauled and modified with an anti-surge system installed. The system is designed to improve the resistance of the engine to ingested powders and gases during gun and rocket salvo firing. The combination of reconditioned and new equipment, with increased automation and self-test capability has allowed for a reduction of pre- and post-flight maintenance by some 25 to 30%. Overall weight savings are around 300 kg (660 lb). Su-25SM weapon suite has been expanded with the addition of the Vympel R-73 highly agile air-to-air missile (without helmet mounted cuing) and the S-13T 130 mm rockets (carried in five-round B-13 pods). Further, the Kh-25ML and Kh-29L Weapon Employment Profiles have been significantly improved, permitting some complex missile launch scenarios to be executed, such as: firing two consecutive missiles on two different targets in a single attack pass. The GSh-30-2 cannon (250-round magazine) has received three new reduced rate-of-fire modes: 750, 375 and 188 Rounds per Minute. Like the Su-25T it can carry the MPS-410 ECM Pod. The eventual procurement programme is expected to include between 100 and 130 kits, covering 60 to 70 percent of the Russian Air Force active single-seat fleet, as operated in the early 2000s. The Su-25SM has been operating over Syria in 2015. Special note on the Vikhr rocket launcher tubes: TLR/ ATR weapons rack can only carry a maximum of 6 LGR missiles but the Vikhr rocket launcher for the Su-25T carries 8. As a work around there are two 8 tube ATR launchers that are different 'rack specific' weapon stations but have the exact same position. One of the launchers holds 6 LGR the other holds just 2. The missiles are positioned on the ATR racks so the one that holds 2 fills in the empty tubes of the ATR that holds 6. The Loadout.ini will loads both racks correctly but it is not possible to manually load them and get 8 rockets in the tubes, you will only get 6 if you do it manually. To install: Drop into your Mods folder Included in the ‘optional’ folder is a modified NATO Fighters 5 1986 Red Storm (WP) Campaign to include the Su-25T. It will show up an extra campaign named “861019 Red Storm (WP) Su-25T” and will not affect any of the other NATO Fighters campaigns. Credits: - Florian - Wingoverisrael - Torno - Paulopanz - Baffmeister - Y.Gordon - YEYEYE - 101tfs - Lindr2 - Erwin_hans - Brian32 Su-25T WIP thread: http://combatace.com/topic/87831-su-25t-tankovy/ Enjoy, Dan (dtmdragon)


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