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    An imitation: Original picture: screenshot:
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    This one was one of my favorites planes in that sim, good old times...
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    Not a problem. I'm sure some enterprising modder will make some Blue Max skins to go with the George Peppard pilot. Meanwhile, back at the factory...
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    Worked on the Pfalz D.IIIa skins and also started the Pfalz D.VIII. The work went quickly because I was able to adapt a lot of stuff from the D.III.
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    Got it working ingame using Stephen1918's Caudron G.IV files. Still a WIP, but it flys! Click shots for hi-res images.
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    In a special meeting in the Hebrew cabinet in August 1987, the goverment presided by Yitzhak Shamir decided to stop the development of the IAI Lavi after defense budget had sikyrocketed. But in a twist of fate, almost at the end of the meeting a urgent message arrived trough diplomatic channels. Japan and Argentina will help to fund the IAI Lavi in exchange for techincal help and the permissions to build the plane in country. At this genereous offer, Shamir soon made a press conference presenting the country with the new situation and letting IAI enginners and pilots to continue the flight tests then underway. 5 years after that the plane was considered a huge succes with export orders to several countries as well as being a plane that meets all the old and new requirements being made by the IAF. Here we see the plane in a punitive strike in 1994 against Gaza strip. Model by AngelP, it need some work on skins, basicly weathering and stencils, if anyone wanto to help with that...
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    I gave up faith that we'd ever see a Lavi in SF2 a loooooong time ago. Glad I was wrong! Can't wait to fly it.
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    LoI don't mean to be a bother, I just wanted to add some more shots of "Blue Max" Lozenge. As a fan of this movie, and the books, I just wanted to help.
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    LoI don't mean to be a bother, I just wanted to add some more shots of "Blue Max" Lozenge. As a fan of this movie, and the books, I just wanted to help.
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    Hello FE/FE2 flyers, Here's one more over-compressed engine that I've overhauled, for one of my favorite planes - the Pfalz Dr.1. This one is now powered by the over-compressed variant of the Siemens-Halske engine (the III.a variant). Historical stats. for the over-compressed engine: 6.0:1 compression ratio (high for the WWI period) 160hp @ 900 engine rpm 200hp @ 950 engine rpm 240hp @ 1000 engine rpm (over-compressed; for short periods, below about 1500-2000 m alt.) (could output 160hp @ full throttle as high as 3700 m alt.) Other interesting details about the engine: Propeller and 11 cylinders spin in one direction, the crankcase in the other (see TheAerodrome.com for more info.) Historical stats. for the uncompressed III (not III.a) variant: 160hp @ 900 engine rpm 200-210hp @ 950-970 engine rpm Stats. for the Sh.IIIa-powered Pfalz Dr.1 in FE2 after the FM overhaul are: - very short run-up for takeoff @ full throttle (less than 30-40 meters) - take offs are fine @ about 100 kph - powerful engine allows level flight, even gentle/longer-run take offs, @ about 50% throttle - stalls below low 70s/high 60s kph in a climb, similar stall in straight line (mid-60s kph) - tends to slip out of very tight turns and very tight loops on occasion, at speeds as high as 130s/140s kph (in gentler turns slips happen below about 100-110 kph); symptoms not as noticeable as on Pfalz. D.III/IIIa, and easier to correct - top speed at full-throttle (over-compression near sea level): 202 kph - cruise speed @ 80% throttle (near sea level): 174-5 kph - climb @ 80% throttle in 120s kph to about 1000 m alt.: 7-8 m/s (amazing climb rate even with non-overcompressed throttle, better than the Fokk. Dr.1 and D.VII/VIIf, thanks to its three wings, powerful engine, and better aerodynamic qualities/slipperiness than on the Fokk. Dr.1; also has thinner airfoils than the Fokk. Dr.1 but not as thin as on allied types such as the SPADs, Se5a, etc.) 1000 m alt: 196-7 kph @ 100% throttle 1500 m alt: 190-1 kph @ 100% throttle (this is the sometimes-cited top speed for the Pfalz Dr.1) 3000 m alt: 178-9 kph @ 100% throttle 4000 m alt: 170 kph @ 100% throttle 5000 m alt: 160-1 kph @ 100% throttle 6000 m alt: 153 kph @ 100 % throttle (theoretical ceiling for Sh.IIIa variant is about 6300 m) 6500 m alt: 81-2 kph @ 100% throttle (easily falls into 70s kph and stalls/spins here; notice also the drop off in top speed since the theoretical ceiling has been passed by about a couple of hundred meters) - climb rate @ 100% throttle from about 1500 m alt. to 5000 m alt. is fairly consistent @ about 120 kph, averaging 8-9 m/s (very impressive for a WWI type); drops to about 5-6 m/s @ 120 kph and full throttle beyond about 5000 m alt; going into the 130s kph to climb beyond 5000 m alt improves the rate slightly to about 7-8 m/s (again @ full, over-compressed throttle) - the Pfalz Dr.1 is on average about 10 kph slower at the higher altitudes than the 200 hp Alb. D.Va and the Fokk. D.VIIf, but the climb rate is better by about 3-4 m/s (a noticeable difference) - approximate engine rpm equivalents and throttle settings seem to be as follows: 100% (over-compressed) throttle: about 240 hp (this gives you as much power as the later SPAD 13, the Ansaldo, also the high-compression Fokkers and Albatroses; and don't forget the improved climbing power you have) 80% (normal) throttle: about 200-210 hp 50% (half) throttle: about 150-160 hp 25% (quarter) throttle: about 80-100 hp - to land, cut the throttle to idle since otherwise you already have ample power; or switch off the engine - avoid rough exits from dives exceeding about 250 kph; type dives easily to nearly 400 kph on full power; model now has MaxG limits implemented and is more realistic; also with improved damage ratings included, and a new sound for the Siemens-Halske engine - if you want a Pfalz Dr.1 with the uncompressed variant of the engine, Sh.III (160 hp, max 210 hp), include the following changes in your data ini: under MissionData: change service dates to April-July 1918 (educated guess for the end date) also change the ceiling to between 5800-6000 meters under the Engine section, paste over the following entries, for the relevant sections (which will give a top speed of about 200 kph near sea level, another often cited number for its top speed): AltitudeTableNumData=23 AltitudeTableDeltaX=504.8 AltitudeTableStartX=0.0 AltitudeTableData=1.000,0.996,0.988,0.982,0.964,0.945,0.927,0.909,0.891,0.873,0.855,0.836,0.818,0.800,0.782,0.764,0.745,0.727,0.709,0.691,0.673,0.655,0.000 Happy flying, Von S [Files included in ver. 9.0 and later of my FM updates pack.]
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    This what we get so far using the method descibred in this post: Is a very clever solution by Florian, that let the player have NVG only when he selects them, nothing is visible from outside the plane and I think the results are really worth it. The work is by Florian and I tested it, the only drawback is that we need the 3d MAX sourcecode for the cockpits in order to include this type of NVG. So I use this post and video to request the people that have those files to please share us with Florian or me, or to contacxt us to instructions of how to add those NVG. I'm thinking in planes like the Hornets, Vipers, Strike Eagles...
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    It occurs to me, that like a bonehead, I forgot to include links to Geezer's stuff in all this:
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    What is it? It's a paint scheme for the F-14D Super Tomcat of the Belkan Air Force, 22nd Air Division, 4th Tactical Fighter Squadron "Schnee", from the game Ace Combat Zero. The Belkan Air Force 22nd Air Division, 4th TFS "Schnee" Squadron operated four F-14D Super Tomcat and one EA-6B Prowler. The Schnee pilots used their aircraft to their best in battle. Their tactics rely on confusing and surrounding their enemies. Their F-14D Super Tomcats engage at both short and long distances thanks to their BVR weaponry, while the entire unit is supported by an EA-6B Prowler (not included) which jams enemy radar. The Schnee Squadron was sent to the front-lines at the start of the Belkan War. Stationed at Curado Air Base, within the skilled 22nd Air Division, they inflicted considerable damage on southern independent state forces and helped the Belkan Air Forces push towards Ustio, mainly in aerial combat. In one account above Monte Rosa, Ustio on March 30th, the Schnee Squadron encountered two squadrons, believed to be from the Ustian 4th Air Division. The two squadrons were promptly destroyed. The Schnee Squadron is accredited with dozens of air-to-air kills such as this around the Belkan borders. Throughout the war the Schnee Squadron saw much action; despite being shot down on more than one occasion. It wasn't until the Schnee Squadron entered the fray in area B7R during Operation Battle Axe, that they encountered the Ustian 6th Air Division, 66th Air Force Unit 'Galm'. The battle ended with the entire Squadron being shot down in B7R. Which addon(s) are required? The Mirage Factory F-14 Tomcat Super Pack V1.32 by Caesar (Link to File) (You will also have to add a new nation Belka into nations.ini, instructions inside) Credits Skin and Decals : Zachtan1234 Template : column5 (Link to Template) Check out my other work : F-16C Windhover Squadron (Ace Combat 6) F-15C Galm Team (Ace Combat Zero) F-22A Gryphus Squadron (Ace Combat X) F-5E Wardog Squadron (Ace Combat 5) F-15E Sorcerer (Ace Combat Zero) JAS 39 Gripen-C Indigo (Ace Combat Zero) F/A-18E Grun Team (Ace Combat Zero) YF-23A Wizard (Ace Combat Zero) F-22A Aggressors (Fictional) F-4E Mobius (Ace Combat 4) Eurofighter-GmbH EF-2000 "Typhoon" Rot Team (Ace Combat Zero)
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    Some pics from NW Europe...
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    Tweaked the colors a bit. The skins are now good enough for testing - I'll finish them later, when VonS is done with his file magic.
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    Both gunners' stations could cover portions of the other's field of fire, but code limitations will probably prevent simulating this feature.
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    Version 1.0.0


    ____________________________________ Bo-105 PaH1 Addon for SF2 series ____________________________________ General: -------- Since 1979, the German Army received 212 PAH anti-tank versions and 100 M-versions as liaison and observation helicopters totaling 312 Bo 105s. The helicopter was retired from German Army service on 13 December 2016 with an 18-aircraft formation flyby from their base in Celle. (source:wiki) Installation: ------------- Unpack the files, read the Bo-105_README.txt! Drop all files into your mod folder the way they are setup in this pack. If you are unsure about the way how mods are installed, check the knowledge base at CombatAce! Model features: --------------- + German Armyy Helo crew models + AN/AR 54 CM Dispensers. Never mounted, but stored for serious case. (Info by Ex PAH1 crew) + HOT missiles. The tubes are part of the model, as they were not jettisoned in real. Credits: -------- Kesselbrut for his Gazelle cockpit, i borrowed for this.


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