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    Version 1.0.0


    This aircraft mod represents a fictional evolution/upgrade of the Mikoyan-Gurevich's Ye-8 experimental fighter. There are several wing designs, systems and weapons that were under experiment during the 60-70-s though these are not actual replications of them and the pits are pure fictional using equipment/instruments of that given time frame. This package comes with 1 or 2 skin set for each variant, with decals for Soviet aircraft. This model is meant for SF2 games only. Install is the regular dropping the contents in their respective places. In case you have the previous Ye-8/M pack the contents of the Effects, Decals, Guns and Pilot folders not need to be copied over. Please note: The model might gets heavy on FPS in large formations on weaker machines, so if required, either resize skin files or use lower lod "_nd" as lod1. New weapons are provided - some type specific - beside these the model uses the general Soviet weapons. Be aware - In the 1970's and later when AA-8 can be selected, manually double loadout of these can happen. Make sure to read the manual included with the package. - - - - - Creators of these Aircraft mods as members of CombatAce site: Aircraft 3d work: Logan4 Cockpit 3d work: Logan4 Aircraft FM: Gepard, Cliff7600, Logan4 Aircraft avionics: Cliff7600, logan4 Skin files and decals: Gepard, logan4 Cockpit files: Logan4, Cliff7600 There are certain texture sections that were borrowed from the Su-17 project which were originally created by Stary Thanks for 76.IAP-Blackbird and Flogger23 for the original KS-3 seat and KKR-1 pod, a modified version of them used in the pack. Big thanks to members of CombatAce for helping and answering our questions and in sorting out some of the issues we got while creating this mod. Modding and distribution of files are allowed and limited according to the CombatAce Freeware Licensing agreement.
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    Version 1.0.0


    SF2 P/F-51D/K Mustang Pack by FastCargo 8/7/2020 -For SF2, Any and All- "Quarantine Approved - Essential Mods" This is the long delayed release of the P/F-51D/K Mustang by FastCargo. This aircraft was originally built for use in the "Korean Air War" mod, circa 2011. As we'd chosen to use the stock 3W Mustang, this one was shunted aside. A little while ago, one of our CombatAce members contacted me, and asked what happened to it. So, I went ahead and finished it off. With FC's permission, it's now being released for General Usage (tm). Originally built with (the problematic) DDS textures, the LOD has been hex edited to take jpgs. This aircraft is issued with 3 skins: USAF1 - generic NMF, for USAAF WW2 & post-war service from 1945-1947 USAF2 - generic NMF, with post-1947 USAF markings 12th FBS, 18th FBG as used during the Korean war. The SF2 'date switch' is used on all skins: the 12th FBS will activate in 1951. Almost all markings are decals, excepting where needed for painted-on squadron markings (12th FBS flashes and sharkmouth). 100 serial & 'buzz number' decals are provided for WW2 and post-WW2 use, and decal randomization is TRUE. All sounds, weapons, and the pilot figure are included. The canopy operates with the Standard Animation Keystroke (tm), Shift/0 (zero). When in-game, on the aircraft selection drip-down panel, you'll see: F-51D/K Mustang (FC) This will differentiate THIS model from all the other Mustangs available, both 3rd Party and Stock. Even though the "P" wasn't changed to "F" until October, 1947, this is easier. The D/K Mustangs are identical, differing only in production location (D = Los Angeles, CA. K = Dallas, TX) The "FC" is obviously for 'FastCargo', the Maker. As is always reccomended, unzip to a temp folder or your desktop to give easy access to the rest of this readme for it's install instructions. It's also suggest to give the "Note" section a read as well. Just for grins and giggles, obviously. Good Hunting! Wrench Kevin Stein With many thanks to Harold 'FastCargo' Saunders for permission to share with you all!!
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    Version 1.0.0


    This skin is only for the Yankee Air Pirate model.
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    Version v2.0


    Mirage F-1C early models. This mod is dedicated to BPAO, nothing would have been possible without him. This add-on shows the first 70 Mirage F-1C for the French Armée de l'Air. Specificities : - Radar Cyrano IV. - No RWR. v 1.1 Changelog : - New Canopy Glass. - Nose gear bug corrected. - New FM - EC 1/5 ; 2/5 and 2/12 skins updated. v 1.2 Changelog : - New FM. - New avionic (more information here : http://combatace.com/topic/87483-mirage-f1-avionics-update-info-by-the-mirage-f1-team/) - New weapons. - Improved data.ini - Improved skins Covered units : Escadre de Chasse 1/5 Vendée. Escadre de Chasse 2/5 Ile de France. Escadre de Chasse 1/12 Cambrésis. Escadre de Chasse 2/12 Cornouailles. Escadre de Chasse 2/12 Picardie. Escadre de Chasse 2/30 Normandie-Niemen. Escadre de Chasse 3/30 Lorraine. Installation : - Copy and paste the Objects folder in your mod folder. Crédits : - Aircraft : BPAO and Centurion-1. - Cockpit : Brain32 and Centurion-1 - Skins and decals : Ludo.m54. - Templates : Brain32, ACE888 and Ludo.m54. - Avionics and data tweaks : Crusader. - FM : Baffmeister. - Interception light : Coupi. - Weapons and seat : Ravenclaw_007. - Hangars et loading screens : Ludo.m54. The ejection seat should be a Martin Baker Mk4 but we don't have this model.So If there is a modder who wants to make it, he will be more than welcome. A big thank to all on Combatace and C6 forums that helped us solving issues we encountered. Any omission in credits is totally unwanted, if I forgot somebody, let me know, I will correct this. This addon is and will in all cases remain freeware. Released under CombatAce Fair-Use terms. Enjoy The Mirage F-1 Team
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    Version 1.0.0


    F/A-18A Hornet Ficticio de la fuerza aerea argentina pintado como los a-4ar del g5c. Contiene: Skin Ficticio y aeronave necesaria para utilizarla. Creditos a The Mirage Factory por hacer la aeronave original, yo solo hice el skin argentino.
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    I have made eight tanks and armored cars for the Spanish Civil War. They are equally divided between the factions, with four for each side. Several FT-17 tanks were purchased by Spain after WWI. Some of them were still in service when the Civil War started and were used by both sides. I am using the LODs from the FE Objects.ini. I have made new data files using SCW nations and new skins. The Schneider tank was used in WWI, and a few were purchased by Spain after the war. Only a few were still in service when the Civil War started, and were used by the Republican (government) forces. I have made a new version for SCW with a new data file and skins. The Lancia armored car was also introduced in WWI. Production continued well into the 1920s and it was used by the Italian Army until the beginning of WWII. The Italians provided several to the Nationalist (rebel) forces when the Spanish Civil War began. I have made a new version for SCW with a new data file and skins. The Panzer 1 was a small German tank first introduced in 1934. It has a crew of two and was armed with two machine guns in a turret. More than a hundred of them were provided to the Nationalist forces. Most of them were operated by the Condor Legion (German troops fighting for the Nationalists) but many were operated by Spanish units. The UNL-35 was a Spanish built armored car armed with two machine guns, one in a turret and one in the body. It was used extensively by Republican forces but with a high center of gravity, it did not perform well off-road. Production began in 1937 and continued throughout the war. After the war the UNL-35 served in the Spanish army until the late 1950s. The T-26 was a Soviet tank armed with a 45mm gun. It was probably the best tank used in the Spanish Civil War. A relatively large number were purchased by the Republic during the war. Many of them were captured during the war and used by the Nationalists. I have made a data file and skins for both sides. My data file for the T-26 tank uses the 2 pounder Davis gun which is included in First Eagles. I have also included gun data for the 45mm tank gun which was actually used in the tank. You can install and use it if you wish. Installation Instructions Unzip the file and open my folder named "GroundObject". Copy all the folders to your FirstEagles/Objects/GroundObject folder. All of the tanks and armored cars use the same skin for the destroyed version. Copy the file named "DestroyedArmoredCar.bmp" into your GroundObject folder. Note that the "DestroyedArmoredCar.bmp" file should not be inside any other folder.
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    Version 1.5.0


    A Stand-in E-7T Peace Eagle for the Turkish Air Force, using Veltro2K's E-767 with acesfakia's MESA radar added. All I did was make some decals and a skin, adapted from an E-767 skin. All credit goes to Veltro2k & acesfakia INSTALL: ------------------------------ Just drag and drop folders into your Strike Fighters mods folder Happy Flying! Trent0001
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    Version 1.0.0


    TU_160 Blackjack - Cold War version for SF2 series project by UllyB The Tupolev Tu-160, NATO reporting name: Blackjack) is a supersonic, variable-sweep wing heavy strategic bomber designed by the Tupolev Design Bureau in the Soviet Union in the 1970s. It is the largest and heaviest Mach 2+ supersonic military aircraft ever built and second only to the XB-70 Valkyrie in overall length.It is the largest and heaviest combat aircraft, the fastest bomber now in use and the largest and heaviest variable-sweep wing airplane ever flown. Entering service in 1987, the Tu-160 was the last strategic bomber designed for the Soviet Union. As of 2016, the Russian Air Force's Long Range Aviation branch has at least 16 aircraft in service.The Tu-160 active fleet has been undergoing upgrades to electronics systems since the early 2000s. The Tu-160M modernization programme has begun with the first updated aircraft delivered in December 2014. ************************************************************************************************************* TU-160[ColdWar] test package readme (Baffmeister observations & conclusions) This test package requires the addition of the Cockpit folder, Skin folder, and Aircraft Lods to work properly. MODEL ISSUES: No model animation ID for the leading edge flaps. They are presently set up on a rotation axis but they don't look very good so it is probably better to just disable them for the release version. The real TU-160 probably used a combination of ailerons, spoilers and differential H-stab deflections for roll control but only ailerons are available at present. The H-stab is built as one piece so no way to get the differential H-stab deflections functioning. WEAPON ISSUES: Slightly modified KH-15 nuclear tipped missle included. The base quantity was increased from 4 to 6 to match the present capacity of AGM missle bay. The maximum capacity is 12 on the real Tu-160 but considering the effect on frame rates with so many nukes going off 6 might even be to many. Maybe 2 per plane would be enough. The maximum of 12 would be a good option for later versions with conventional warheads. When carrying conventional bombs the accuracy is very poor which is typical for Bombers in game. Maybe someone could put together a "semi smart" bomb that the AI can use that would improve accuracy. BOMB BAY ISSUES: The original was set up with both manual doors and automatic doors to operate the rotary launcher. I don't think that can be made to work so just using manual doors. DATE RANGE: For testing the start date is set to 1986 so you can fly F-14 intercepts on the TW Iceland NA terrain. The actual service entry date for the first TU-160 version was April, 1987. AVAILABILITY: Probably should be RARE or VERY_RARE for a release version but set to VERY_COMMON for test version. Should only take a few trys to get an F-14 intercept against the TU-160 on the Iceland NA terrain. ANTI-SHIP ISSUES: When doing player flown ANTI-SHIP missions I haven't been able to get the AI to successfully "Attack My Target". They can't seem to get within the firing parameters for the KH-15 Missile and end up flying around in circles. It's possible to get them to do an attack if you lead them around first and line them up outside 10KM before giving the "Attack My Target" command. FLIGHT MODEL AND DATA INI ISSUES: The flight model still needs work as do the min/max extents, damage modeling and collision points. *************************************************************************** *The model has Triple dragchute as in the real aircraft and has one historical skin made . Also the model has proper crew windows and proper crew positions inside the plane. *************************************************************************** TO INSTALL: - unzip all in main mod folder CREDITS: project manager - UllyB design, 3D modelling, skin, swing wing & other animations, decals, hangar & loadout pics - AngelP FM tweaking & other corrections- Baffmeister cockpit - the model uses a B-1B bomber cockpit (unknown designer) weapons tweaking & tester - Baffmeister project supervising - Baffmeister & Yakarov79 Special thanks to Stratos, 76IAP-Blackbird and Logan4 for support, help and ideas Special thanks to this wonderful community who gave me ...wings and courage in all these long years. *************************************************************************************************************** I pledge that I will continue the work to this plane bringing, from time to time, upgrades but it will take a while so please be patient.
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    This is a specific threat tutorial, given it's the most deadliest of all the SAM systems that is available via third-party downloads.
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    Version v1.0


    Mirage F-1CK. This mod is dedicated to BPAO, nothing would have been possible without him. In 1974 the Mirage F1 was selected as the new air defence fighter and a total of 27 Mirage F1CK and seven Mirage F1BK were ordered and delivered in two separate batches until 1983. Specificities : - Radar Cyrano IVM. - RWR. Covered unit : 18th Squadron 18th Squadron (Free Kuwait) Installation : - Copy and paste the Objects folder in your mod folder. Crédits : - Aircraft : BPAO, Flying.toaster and Centurion-1. - Cockpit : Brain32 and Centurion-1 - Skins : Ludo.m54. - Decals : Ludo.m54. - Templates : Brain32, ACE888 and Ludo.m54. - Avionics and data tweaks : Crusader. - FM : Baffmeister. - Interception light : Coupi - Missiles, rocket pods and seat : Ravenclaw_007. - Weapons : The Mirage Factory. - Hangars et loading screens : Ludo.m54 A big thank to all on Combatace and C6 forums that helped us solving issues we encountered. Any omission in credits is totally unwanted, if I forgot somebody, let me know, I will correct this. This addon is and will in all cases remain freeware. Released under CombatAce Fair-Use terms. Enjoy The Mirage F.1 Team !
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    SF2 WW2 P-47D Bubbletop, 92st FS, CBI, Skin/Decal Pak 12/13/2013 -- Something for the WW2 CBI players -- = For SF2 ONLY (Any and All) = **Note: this mod is designed for use =ONLY= in a WW2 CBI-Centric mods folder. In fact, research seems to indicate this unit (81st FG) operated only over China from mid-1944* New skin and decal set for Wolf257's P-47D-20 Razorback Thunderbolt, recreate the 92st FS, 81st FG as seen in China from mid-1944 thru war's end. Conside this a compaion set for the 91st FS's Razorbacks. The only non-historical bit, is the vertical squadron rudder/fin ID stripe was solid, not broken so the serial can be seen. In Real Life ™, the serial numbers may have been painted over by the stripe. The included data ini has several changes (listed below in "Change List") for CBI (and specificly China) usage ONLY!!! The skin is in jpg format, and decal randomization is TRUE. The serial numbers, while 'generic' in nature, ARE correct for the model variant depicted. The data ini supplied here in the main aircraft folder, is a theatre-specific data ini, with the approximated start date/month of P-47 operations in the CBI. I made the assumption (oh! that word!!) that Bubbletops started appearing within a few months of the Razorbacks. Which is a different timeframe then the ETO or MTO. Like the recently released mod for the Razorback, some of these changes and additions can be used for any of Wolf's Bubbletop Jugs for ETO or MTO usage (after removal of the ADF loop statements, of course!) REMINDER!! Jugs in the PTO (ie: SoWesPac and Central Pacific), did =NOT= use the DF loop; it is a CBI thing only. Once again, making the point of having a CBI-0nly Mods Folder. As always, fairly easy to follow, yet detailed install instructions are included. PLEASE read them!! Good Hunting!! Wrench Kevin Stein
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    Version 2


    Republic F-7M 'Thunderpig' for STRIKE FIGHTERS 2 This is a very simple mod of the stock MiG-27 to give a fictional Republic F-7M 'Thunderpig' as it might have appeared in service with the USMC at the time of Operation Desert Storm in 1991. Two units are covered, VMFA-333 'Shamrocks' and VMFA-451 'Warlords'. INSTRUCTIONS 1. From the AIRCRAFT folder drag and drop the F-7M folder into your Aircraft folder. 2. From the DECALS folder drag and drop the F-7M folder into your Decals folder. That's it! CREDITS As always, thanks to Third Wire for a great little game/sim. And, finally, thanks to everyone in the wider Third Wire community. Regards Spinners Version 2 - 23/05/2020 Version 1 - 25/08/2011
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    Version 2


    Gloster Javelin F.Mk56 for STRIKE FIGHTERS 2 This is a simple mod of the Veltro2K's superb Gloster Javelin to give a fictional Javelin F.Mk56 'Dhanush' of the Indian Air Force with markings for the equally fictitious No.36 'Trishula' squadron and, in this revised upload, I've also included markings for No.14 Squadron (Bulls). BACKSTORY The expansion of the Indian Air Force during the mid-1950's saw the planned procurement of the Hawker Hunter fighter-bomber and the English Electric Canberra bomber in substantial quantities but Indian Air Force planners saw the lack of an all-weather interceptor as a problem and urged the Indian Government for increased funds for a suitable aircraft. Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru initially blocked the idea but soon agreed to allow a delegation from the Gloster Aviation Company to make a presentation to the Indian Government and the Chiefs of the Indian Air Force. With the end of the Javelin production line looming Gloster were proposing two new export version of the Javelin Mk8 to India - the F.Mk55 (Sapphire-enginned) and F.Mk56 (Avon-enginned) versions. Indian Air Force chiefs were very enthusiastic about the possibility of having its three main combat aircraft use the same jet engine (albeit the Javelin's Mk.205 Avon engines had a simple afterburner fitted) and urged Nehru to proceed with the purchase of 80 aircaft but Nehru demanded to meet the Gloster delegation himself to thrash out terms. Gloster cannily sent Graeme Kimmage, who had attended Cambridge University with Nehru, to conduct the negotiations and eventually secure a deal for 80 Javelin F.Mk56's. Entering service with No.36 'Trishula' squadron based at Pathankot in 1958 the Javelins only really became a complete weapon system when mated with the indigenous 'Baan' (Arrow) air-to-air missile which entered service in 1960. From this time the Javelins quickly earned the most appropriate nickname of 'Dhanush' (bow) and saw limited service over Goa (in the recconnaisance role) but played a major role in the 1965 war with Pakistan claiming several kills including three F-86's, one F-104 and six B-57's. However, with the MiG-21 entering service the Javelin's days were numbered and the Javelin force slowly faded away and by 1975 the popular and legendary 'Dhanush' had gone for good. INSTRUCTIONS 1. From the AIRCRAFT folder drag and drop the Javelin56 folder into your Aircraft folder. 2. From the DECALS folder drag and drop the Javelin56 folder into your Decals folder. 3. From the WEAPONS folder drag and drop the 'BAAN' and 'TANK300_JAV' folders to your Weapons folder. That's it! CREDITS As always, thanks to Third Wire for a great little game/sim. Special thanks to the prolific Veltro2K for producing 'the harmonious dragmaster'. Thanks also to Paulopanz for the excellent skin used in this revised upload. Thanks to ghostrider883 for suggesting the 'Dhanush' and 'Baan' names and for suggesting the serial numbers used. And, finally, thanks to everyone in the wider Third Wire community. Regards Spinners Version 2 - 14/06/2020 Version 1 - 12/02/2010


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