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    CVW5 commences exercises around the South China Sea region... They are joined by regional allies... Malaysian FA-18Ds Flying low they carry out simulated anti-shipping strikes against the carrier battle group and then drop even lower to mimic the missiles themselves and give the ships' air defence crews a workout E-2Cs out of Singapore control the red forces Malaysian MiG 29s join the action And their Hornets also fly blue side sorties Singapore sends F-16A, C and D fighters to the exercises Australian FA-18Fs are also invited And fly joint missions with the air wing To be continued.....
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    Still plodding on with this....... It took just over 2 seconds to unload 58 rockets...... Yes I know the pylons were never used operationally.........but IT'S A GAME and you dont have to use them..... Pit.....probably about as good as I'm going to do...
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    This is my first time with WWII planes, but I was little boried to fly over the A.O.I. (fantastic having this forgotten campaign to fly!) with US Amarillo serials. So here we are: Capitano Mario Visintini 16 vittorie, medaglia d'oro al valor militare alla memoria 412^ Squadriglia autonoma ... col suo gregario
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    Being a bit of a stick-in-the-mud - not an entirely inappropriate condition, for a player of WW1 air combat sims - all the recent modding activity for the Italian front hasn't yet lured me away from my Biggles-based but still dominant affection for the Western Front (all quiet or not). My Jasta 4 Cambrai campaign came to a nasty end when I collided with a comrade attacking the same enemy; first time that has happened in a while. So for a change of pace, I started off an Armchair Aces campaign with KEK Douai in August 1915, flying the Fokker E.I. I'm staying alive and racking up a surprising number of kills, including several on a single sortie. This is all the more surprising because the E.I is a truly awful fighting aeroplane. Rate of climb is nearly non-existent, while turn rate and radius are nearly as bad, with a tendency to judder on the point of a stall at the drop of a hat and to fall into a wild spin if you don't ease back or push the nose down when duly warned. Recovery is do-able but only after a lot of height is lost, so tight turns at low level are right out. Still, the varied and smaller-scale air fights are a lot of fun and modded FE2 brings all its inherent virtues to the party, including the ability to 'warp' and avoid transit flights, the rarity of uneventful, contact-free missions, the reliability of flak in indicating enemies, and the unequalled variety of aircraft types. Here are some scenes from recent missions. Illustrating the continued superiority of FE's pilot animations over all comers, I look down soon after take-off, despairing at why the earth is taking so very long to drop away below me. After finally managing to get above a few hundred meters and reach my patrol area, a more agile French-made and flown Morane 'Bullet' goes down, after I eventually managed to put enough rounds into him. Bringing on your flight-mates is a strong point of FE/FE2, so I am happy to keep watch above, as a comrade knocks down a Vickers two-seater. Not to be left out, on a later flight, I knock down a BE myself... ...and on another mission, I too clobber another hapless Vickers... Sadly, no pics were taken of Nieuport 10s doing what they do best, namely, bursting into flames after a few hits. I think I will edit the campaign files for that period as I am seeing too many of these (the British didn't use them apart from the RNAS near the coast, not where I'm flying, and a handful briefly loaned to the RFC 'for special duties'). And we must by now have shot down an entirely disproportionate number of the forty-nine Morane Bullets produced. The Morane Type L 'Parasol' would probably be a decent substitute for one or both, and I have seen none of these so far. Anyhow, for the sake of historical accuracy, I'm resisting any temptation to put more than two or three Fokkers into the air at once. Thankfully, the equally small enemy flights make this no particular risk, although we have lost one pilot due I think to a mid-air collision. Despite the pretty hopeless performance of our machines, we are usually well able to beat up one enemy flight before moving on to the next. So life with Kampfeinsitzerkommando Douai is pretty sweet...at the moment. And I'm reminded why I still reckon modded First Eagles/FE2 is at least as good, if not better, than any other WW1 air combat sim.
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    Hello everybody, So, this is the end of 2018. It was a very interesting year for us, it brought many new, but long-awaited changes and improvements to the project. Almost 500 points were listed in the update changelists in total and there were more minor, unlisted ones which are impossible to count. All this combined upped the quality of the sim to a new level. And right now we continue the development of our three Early Access projects: Battle of Bodenplatte, Tank Crew - Clash at Prokhorovka and Flying Circus Volume 1. For the main project, Bodenplatte, we're working on several new aircraft at once. Having completed the implementation of the air compressibility and significant improvements to the damage model (they are already in the public version of the sim), our Lead Engineer is creating the physical model of the jet engine for Me 262. Of course, this work opens up the possibility to widen our aircraft pool in the future. Our partner Ugra Media makes the new WWI aircraft for Flying Circus - Fokker D.VII, Fokker D.VIIF and Sopwith Dolphin. They'll start the work on the Arras area map (1918) soon. The new tanks for Tank Crew that are being made by our partner Digital Forms are more than half complete already: M4A2, T-34 mod. 1943, PzKpfw IV Ausf.G and PzKpfw III Ausf.M. Meanwhile, we're making the map of the southern part of the Kursk salient ourselves. Soon we'll be able to tell you more about the tank commander and tank platoon commander functionality which will be the backbone of Tank Crew gameplay. 3D models of Soviet and German crewmembers are ready and will be added to the sim as soon as their animations are complete. The scenarios for two, German and Soviet, tank campaigns are ready, so soon we'll start to make the missions themselves. The detailed buildings tech that includes higher detailed 3D models and the physics of their destruction is nearly finished and we had a bit of time to make this short video for you: To complete this Dev Diary, we'd like to show you some screenshots. First, here is the finished Fw 190 D-9 cockpit. Also, the community enthusiast Martin =ICDP= Catney upped default and official P-47 skins to 4K quality: Our team wishes you Happy New Year and Merry Christmas. We wish you happiness and fulfillment of all your dreams in 2019! You can discuss the news in this thread
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    That's brilliant, guys. Thank you so much for your advice. I shall start downloading. Hope that Caporetto Terrain works - that's what caught my eye.
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    Merry Christmas all The Red Nomex Aviator On the night before Christmas my ship was at sea, A big flat-top "bird farm" from the land of the free. Cruising the ocean at "the tip of the spear", So everyone home could sleep sound with no fear. Flight ops had ended hours ago, The day crew had turned in and gone down below. Night crew was doin' their maintenance checks, The aircrews and pilots were gettin' some rest. The cooks in the galley were fixin' Mid-rat's, The Air Boss and Cap'n could finally relax. CIC called up said something's inbound, Prob'ly the mail plane, a C-2 Greyhound. Stand clear of the foul-line, one to recover, "Angel" is airborne, to starboard he'll hover. Spotters see only one red blinkin' light, No markers on wing-tips, now somethin' ain't right. All eyes are watching but no one believes, What comes o'er the round-down, bold as you please. Nine deer and a sleigh, no tail-hook or tires, How does Paddles grade a trap with no wire? A red Nomex flight-suit, of course gloves that match, And S. Claus printed on his aviator patch. Why, it's old Santa Claus wearin' goggles and leather, With bags full of Christmas cards, presents and letters. Don't stand there gawkin', froze in your tracks, Give him a hand with unloadin' those sacks. The bags are all carried to the mail room below, And after a pre-flight, Santa's ready to go. The cat-crew is wondering now which hold-back pin? Santa just laughs then he's airborne again. We didn't hear jingling bells from his sleigh, Ol' Santa was whistling Anchors Aweigh. Off the angle-deck, over wave-caps of white, Even without afterburners he's soon out of sight. We all stood there doubting what we had just seen, But the deer left a present, smelly and green. Over the side with all the deer turds, Don't want them things fod'in one of our birds. Tho' that night happened many long years ago, Santa still travels to our ships on the foam.
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    Yes, INDEED!!! Make sure you have ALL your original emails from 3W, with the download links and whatever else might be needed. I'm going through the same thing (HD died). Replaced the HD, and have been rebuilding the software for the last week. But, unfortunately, I can't access the email files on the old HD that have said links, so I've had to use my original SF2 downloads (from the original release), and patch everything up. Worse, is my subscription to ESET anti-virus, that I can't access the pasword to activate the new version I d/led. In short -- if you buy something ALWAYS print out the email, keep them in a safe, easily found place, and backup your machine (at least) montly. And yes, the 3W store IS open!! All the SF2 games and the DLCs are available for purchase. (I checked yesterday)
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    CVW5 and friends tanking over the South China Sea...
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    Yes, this is a really cool model. But, unfortunately, it has quite strong differences from the prototype, except for the name)) At least, the gunner needs a windscreen.
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    Farman Shorthorn with better gunner (armed observer)
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    That is some exellent work!
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    Please can someone advise what would be appropriate DACM loadouts for the above aircraft, and whether we have the appropriate pods or practice missiles for SF2. I’m thinking post-Cold War Fulcrum and Flanker users invited to Red Flag or maybe mock combat against a visiting US carrier battle group by say Malaysian or Indonesian birds. Thanks.
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    Bingo that fixed it. That is on a 34 in wide screen, all details set on balls out.... mucho grass in your asses for the help.
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    I wanted to find a bigger use for the terrain I am making, and then this idea has come up. The USS Carl Vinson should have been around the Hawaii area by that time in RL. I imagine that a USMC unit from Hawaii gets forward deployed to the Midway Atoll to combat Soviet presence around Kure Atoll, which has gone dark since its LORAN station has been abandoned in the 70s. The campaign will pit the incoming USS Carl Vinson Carrier Group against the Novorossiysk and the Minsk Carrier Groups (the latter gets dispatched at a later time). I am having a bit of trouble in finding more info about the Soviet Pacific Fleet escorts and air squadrons. The USN units I chose should be correct for the period. There are still issues as the campaign is not balanced yet and Off Map Airbase air units don't seem to show up (though off map airbases work in single missions). More storyline details in the image below (little references to Ace Combat 5 for the few, good players who know it). If someone can help with more info about the Soviet Pacific Fleet, air units etc., I'd appreciate.
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    MMMH, Phantoms and Tomcats against Yak-38 doesn't seem like a fair match.
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    Getting there........ HEAVILY reworked Alphasim model by me. Model is in game, basic panel lines & rivets 80% done, all animations sorted, flies like a pig.....I need an FM guy if anyone is feeling brave.... Still to do; rocket pods, tidy up some joins in max, skins etc,etc. I might attempt a pit.......then again I might not, bear in mind I'm not a proper 3ds max guy. Anybody with access to good colour unit marks etc please pm me.
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    YE-152M in painting process


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