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    Menu of the day:bridge busting!
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    1983, a Armeé de l'Air Transall lands at dusk at forward air base somewhere in the Sahel. To be continued! Soon is unloaded of all its cargo, and the boxes moved to a nearby makeshift hangar...
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    This has been wished for since even when it seemed like new content was coming, however i guess SF2 sits right where TK can still get some moderate revenue and wants to keep it safe from, say, having a potentially improved competing option, but not enough to spend any more time/money (the same when you think of it) on the original PC SF/WoX series.
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    "soon-ish" So everything from a month to a lifetime?
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    Got diverted into DA Nang..........Freedom Bird on the ramp.
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    What I see and what I know is that I am grateful that TK made this game, plus what made me even happier is finding this forum, with regard to TK and his work I wouldn't hold my breath. If he releases the windows 10 update I will be more than happy, and if he doesn't then life goes on.
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    Sounds like a great Project! I have the source for Jaguar A & IM from the original Mirage Factory model. I can also get the GR.1 model, cockpit I´m not sure if i can get it. Will check if it will be ok to import to DCS. Not sure, but i guess it was already imported to DCS...
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    Okay this is what I have to work with thanks to @Nightshade/PR
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    In its DATA on CoPilot section types: SetCockpitPosition=FALSE
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    the A & FI model i got from TMF (Crusader).
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    I see. What you should do is go to the _Data.ini of the plane and see what the PilotModelName= is in the [Pilot] entry. It may be as simple as two entries, or maybe the seat is a pilot model.
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    You don't know TK then. Been there, done that. The best I got was a like to a post where I announced ODS 30AE, since I pinged the ThirdWire account on his Discord server. TK did not even bother to announce this SFMC update on the Discord server, which should be TW's official forum since the old one was closed due to server costs. He's a good (I'd even say great) programmer, who doesn't really care about PR. Blame him or not, the situation isn't going to change. This SFMC update is coming indeed (it will happen, unlike the promised SF2 Win10 update which seems vaporware so far); all he has to do is port all the latest changes of the mobile version of SFMC to the PC version, it's not going to be a total engine rework like SF2 Win10 is meant to be. If you guys have a look at the Discord server, you'll notice many gamers talking relentlessly about updates of the mobile game. SFMC is updated regularly by TK, now he's updating the PC port after a good amount of additions and bug fixes were made for the original Android version.
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    We should make a public request with signatures on his Discord... Just saying.
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    As said, i got the A & IM source. Guess it won´t be a big problem to make an Gr.1 out of it and maybe also an T.2 / B version.
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    I'm not very optimistic. If i were him, and the full arcade games are what brings him money, instead of SF2, I wouldn't invest much if anything on SF2. I don't like it or agree on how it is handled, but I understand it.
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    Supermarine Spitfire Mk.IIA
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    Connecticut has a completely different tail design; and were all in NMF/ADC gray (serials are placeholders)
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    so, loaded for a quick photo op mission, wound up going thru the whole thing the locals seemed upset that i was there but the brass really wanted pics of that new trailer verrückte verdammte Engländer more pissed locals its sad that SF2 wont let you count manuevering kills well they did get a piece of me...... that time i ventured above 100 ft AGL
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    Then build me the right fucking cockpit then


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