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    Version 1.0.0


    nstallation of the Sentraedi Fighter SU-27K: The installation procedure is quite normal, FACILITY: This SU-27K (SU-33) package is for an SF2 installation. Simply copy and paste the items from the included folders into the corresponding folders contained in your Saved Games > ThirdWire folder GRADES: This is a primitive version of the SU-27K Flanker airborne heavy fighter, it is not optimized for ground attacks but can carry a lot of bombs and rockets the model is a SU-35 casing that we once worked with ALEDUCAT and it was never finished, the controls were optimized for vector thrust so it doesn't move some ailerons, today I finished it as a Sukhoi 27k to share it. Create a set of classic double rockets for this model. the chosen cabin is the one created by YEYEYE, the original readme file is added. The missiles that I chose are from a pack of weapons, I don't know who created them but it is appreciated. Hope you enjoy. By pressing the corresponding vectoring keys (vertical thrust) the plane becomes unstable like the SU-57 model, being able to perform the Cobra maneuver. I had planned to create the characters of the series but unfortunately every day it becomes more difficult for me to finish projects to be able to share them with you, it would be of great help if you followed me on my youtube channel https://www.youtube.com/@arielmelo9789/videos I could justify the time invested in my ex-wife hahahaha.
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    SU-27K (SU-33) uploaded waiting for approval, hope you enjoy it
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    The Great Crusade Begins!! 6 June, 1944
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    Hi all, We have updated the WOFF website with a new Development Update on the work-in-progress Add-On for Wings Over Flanders Fields BH&H II. Please see the News page on https://www.overflandersfields.com for more.
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    Y aquí imágenes del 20 de julio de 2021, after presentación oficial ya con fotos y demás detalles para poder hacer bien el 3D, lo anterior era pura especulación (y resultó ser bastante acertada).. En agosto le metí detalles.. Y.. para septiembre del '21 ya lo tenía en el sim, pero sin skin.. y creo que ahí quedó: Y esto es más especulación, versión biplaza: Después me fijo en qué estado quedó y por ahí con algo de suerte lo subimos.
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    Finished, just have to upload it and await approval.
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    We have some update for you with the current project. There has been some 3D work made and corrected (lamps, canopy actuator, lower pitot, plane's hook), damaged meshes added. Logan4 also built and adapted , from scratch, a brand new HF-2 surface to air missile. Work will continue to the project as planned with some expected (slightly) delays due to the summer holiday I think. We'll see when the time comes.
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    Aquí, imágenes del 17 de Julio de 2021..
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    I can speak for those of us who are still parents in the process of raising children and I must say that it is difficult to convince the wife of the importance of modeling airplanes versus the daily routine of sharing the obligations of a father, that is why I join your cause friend.
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    Hola Mundo! Tanto tiempo.. Bueno, la semana pasada vi esto.. ..y quise retomar con el 3D ahora que estoy volviendo a tener tiempo (poco, pero algo es algo)
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    I present to you the new SU 27 Flanker that I am working on and it will be available for download very soon, this was an old model of maybe 10 years that we had half finished with AleDucat, I had all the main mapping created and it was a waste not to finish the model, and the recent conflict in Ukraine aroused my interest in this plane, today I have almost finished the oldest variant, I only created 2 Soviet skins and one Ukrainian due to lack of time, these planes maneuver within the simulator very well, you can do the cobra and other stunts. soon it will be for download.
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    I am glad someone else noticed. 6th of June very important day in history of the free world. God Bless them all.
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    Ospreys Combat Aircraft series has a couple, C74/R4D units of the PTo & CBI. I think there one on the ETO units, and maybe one for the Med
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    i know TK made some tgas for Colorado. frankly mine look better he didnt make any for Michigan tho....
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    Lightning take off, Hunters in the shelters.
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    do the jingle! do the jingle! (trumpets start playing..)
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    my favorite of all time
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    FW-190D 13 uploaded waiting for approval
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    Hola Ariel me alegro que pudieras recuperar tu material... mas que la perdida de las espectativas de muchos lo que se lamenta es el tiempo incalculable de trabajo que has metido a cada proyecto... eso es como perder una foto, no se recupera con nada.... yo he perdido varias cosas en todos estos años asi que ya aprendi a trabajar con varios discos tengo discos mecanicos y los estoy pasando a SSD aprovechando los menores precios de la oferta china hoy dia... si como consejo, no hay que poner todos lo huevos en la misma canasta... un poco en discos otro poco en la nube
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    buenas noticias, felizmente se recupero todo, pronto luego de resolver problemas de la vida real me hare un tiempo para comenzar a lanzar los aviones.
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    I am uploading the versions for both su-27 and su-27u with the structure of the ailerons repaired that were not in the model plus some improvements in landing gear cables
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    Hi Torno, Very nice aircraft. About the wingfold pylon trouble, like above Cliff and Crusader mentioned it could be a pivot issue of the pylons. I guess the naval Flanker shares the same pylons like the released 27. On the bellow pic it is more visible what they are talking about. When the game applies the rotate/moving pylon constrains then it tries to maintain the Y(toward the nose), X (spanvise) and Z(vertical) pivots orientation. On the pic the pylons 90 degrees off from their correct orientation. Y axis is green, X axis is red and Z axis is blue in games default (bottom right large pivot symbol). If you un-link the pylons from the wing, apply X-form reset, that should reorient these to the correct way, then link them back and that should solve the issue you are having. Based on the picture, the wingtip missile pylons actually face toward the correct way, if you load those with missiles then with the moving/ratating pylon=true settings on the weaponstations those should stay on their correct positions in game. Using those as a guidance you can correct the other pivots without much problem. (Don't forget to save any changes before application of X-form reset). Nice bird what you guys made!
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    SU-27A uploaded pending approval
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    some screenshots, the SU-27 A&U is finished soon, they will be available for download, meanwhile the SU-27K could not solve the problem of folding the wing weapons, so it will come out with this problem, the cockpit used is the one created by YEYEYE
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    Dato anecdótico, segun lecturas varias... los SU-27 K terminaron designándose SU-33 , mientras que la versión naval en tandem se designo SU-30 SM (que llevan los característicos canards) ... pero también existió un SU-27 UBK o SU-33 UB y este tenia aparte de canards y alas replegables la disposicion del los tripulantes era enfrentada al igual que el SU-32, pero en tamaño caza...
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    estos son los perfiles finales, tengo que cortar las alas de los su 27k, pero ya estan casi terminados, crear unas pieles de Ucrania y listos.
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    muchos detalles y con la cola corta
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    No te preocupes , nos tomo cerca de 10 o 12 años enseñarle a Torno. jajaja
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    muy bueno el trabajo, mientras tanto sigo con el SUE.
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    Aquí les paso capturas del LodViewer del misil AM-1 ¨Tabano¨, desarrollado y construido por IAE (Industrias Aeronáuticas del Estado) en Argentina en la década de 1950. Este modelo es, también, de Walter Platini.
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    Pude subir otras capturas. En algunas fotos se ven los misiles AM-1 ¨Tábano¨, de fabricación Argentina, un trabajo paralelo al de los reactores Argentinos Pulqui I y Pulqui II.
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    Es nuevo por aquí? Este hilo se llama trabajos en progreso, y todo lo que yo muestro por aquí es trabajos en progreso 😀
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    Version 1.0


    My favorite Spitfire ever, so close to its '30 racing floatplane ancestor. This replaces previous fake merlin S-31 in TSF too (Ok Jon?) . DLC29* needed. Features: - Kesselbruth famous pit - Pilot and RR Griffon sound. - Working Canopy (Key=10) - Turkish stock square Insignia fixed (it has a bad grey shadow .... ): a general fix for all the planes inside the mod install. -12 Skins with proper decalsets: 4 RAF (Silver, Blue, Grey, Camo) 1 IAF (Silver) 2 RThAF (Blue) 3 Flygvapnet (Blue) 2 TuAF (Blue, Green) Install: As usual all in main mod folder and overwrite. That's all (all postwar Spit done). Enjoy. @paulopanz (*) required
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    SF2 WW2 Douglas TBD-1 Devastator Tweeks Pak (DAT) For SF2, Full-5 Merged (RECCOMENDED!!!) *Designed for use in a PTO-centric mods folder built =FROM= the SF2:NA exe. NA coding is required for some statements I've changed/added.* **This mod will NOT work in 1stGen SF/Wo* game installs. Those that attempt to do so, do so at their own risk. No support is/will be available. The skins will most likely work in SF/Wo*, if they are converted BACK to bmp from DDS. This has not, and cannot be tested by me. You have been warned/advised** Those users that cannot access the DAT downloads, you're advised to skip this, as it's of no use to you. This is a semi-complete aircraft mod, consisting of mostly skins, decals, inis and various and sundry other needed bits and parts. This package contains a rebuild of my skins for the Dev A-Team's Douglas TBD Devestator naval attack/torpedo bomber. It is desinged to be used with their latest lod, TBD1A-R1.lod (dated 9/21/2011, make sure you get the Gen2 version!!) The skins have been partly redone to match the new mapping, and are in DDS format. Included are several modified inis, that correct/add/change some things. You are advised to BACKUP any/all originals. The Install instructions list which and what to delete or backup. This package contains nearly 100% historical skins and decal markings for US Navy TBDs as seen at both the Battle of the Coral Sea, and The Battle of Midway; their hour of greatest Triumph and Tragedy. I say 'nearly' 100%, as I couldn't quite get some of the wear-and-tear and fabric effects on the skin exactly as they should be, or as I wanted. Also, the BuNums for the VT-2 skin are not 100% match to Modex. Colors have been FS matched, as best as possible, to BuAer spec. The units depicted are... Battle of the Coral Sea: VT-2 USS LEXINGTON Battle of Midway: VT-3, USS YORKTOWN VT-6, USS ENTERPRISE VT-8, USS HORNET Unfortnately, I was unable to accurately 'pin down' the modex-to-BuNms-to-crew for VT-2 at Coral Sea. (I HAVE the crew listings, but not the BuNums) For the Midway Devestator squadrons, Modex and BuNums have been matched =EXACTLY= to their partiuclar aircraft, exactly as placed within each division of each squadron on each ship represented here. A number list for each squadron is included, with the crew names for each aircraft. Their names will show on the Loadout screen. Decal randomization is TRUE for all skins (which it actually shouldn't be -- the Midway Devestator's numbers.lst has them in their historicaly correct order). New damage textures, in DDS format, are supplied, as is an 'new' engine sound from the AvHistory set. NOTE: for VT-3, #s 13 & 14 were spare aircraft, that went down with YORKTOWN when she was sunk; research seems to indicate they did not participate in the Battle. Each skin's paint chip is the historically correct Squadron Patch. New 'box art' style Hangar Screens are included; The Loading screen artwork depicts Ens. George Gay's attack on AKAGI (the sole survivor of VT-8 whom I had to honor of meeting some years ago) Included is the new Mk.13 torpedo by Veltro2K As always, fairly easy to follow, yet detailed install instructions are included. PLEASE read them!!! In fact, it would be better if one unzipped this archive FIRST, and read all the instructions BEFORE installing this mod. It will make things go easier. All original DAT readmes are included, for historical and ownership/copyright purposes. Good Luck, and Good Hunting! wrench kevin stein ps: I wanted to get this out by June 4, the anniversery of the Battle of Midway. I had NO idea the DAT would be releasing their All-Inclusive PTO until last night. This in no way changed my plans; but may make it easier for you all to use this.
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    SF2 WW2 F6F-3, F6F-5, F6F-5N Hellcats by Geo (and wrench) -- Something for the PTO players -- = For SF2, Full-5 Merged (Reccomended/Preferred) = *There is a distinct possibility that this mod will =NOT= work in SF/Wo* 1stGen game installs, due to the excessive modifications made to fit them into the SF2 environment. Also, the destroyed model references the SF2V Skyraider; hence the Full-5 Merged Prefered. Quite useful due to SF2NA carrier-coding, which is used herein* This is a compilation of all my work for Geo's F6F-3 Hellcat, and includes the 2 'new aircraft' built from the original -3, as previously seen for 1stGens some years back. This pak is desinged to COMPLETLY replace any/all the 1stGen Mods I've released in the past. F6F-3 - mid war TriColor (Geo's original skin) with 2 skins F6F-5 - late war overall Dark Gloss Blue with 3 skins F6f-5N* - (Radar Equipped Nightfighter) with 2 skins (USN & USMC) *the cockpit has been swapped out for TMF's F4U-5N's pit -- even though slightly 'off' in insturment placment, everything works on it much better than the original. Radar ranges ARE correct. All have semi-compliant SF2 Flight Models, but may need further fine tuning by experts. I feel it actually flys TOO well/easy; having spoken to real Hellcat pilots (one of my High School shop teachers flew them at the war's end -didn't get into combat, though). Skins are still in their original TGA format (oddly, withOUT an Alpha, and apparently NOT convertable to jpg without LOD work - I'm NOT doing any Hex Editing to find out) and decal randomization is set to TRUE. SF2NA 'carrier based' statment have been added to the data ini; unfortunately, the wings do NOT fold. However, the canopy opens via the Usual Suspect ™ animiation keystroke, Shift/0 Many NEW decals have been created, as the Navy expanded it's number of fighters on the boat in 44-45 to around 70 per ship, displacing Dive and Torpedo bombers. (ie: 35-36 per squadron) Userlists are included for those aircraft, being 'exported' which means USN & USMC for the -5N; no references have been found citing USMC usage for any other version (I guess they liked their Corsairs better!) SF2 versions of the old 'box art' Hangars are included for those that had them. Sounds, weapons are included; included a 'new build' F6F-3 tank in NonSpec gray for early useage. As always, fairly easy to follow, highly detailed install instructions are included. So, please read them. Also, give the "Notes" section a read too. All readmes from the original releases, and re-releases, are included where discoverable from the archives. Happy Hunting! wrench kevin stein with thanks to Geo for creating this bird!


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