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    Looks like someone is in a hurry...F-100F-10 Super Sabre 56-3900 heading to the range.
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    Here are a number of other examples, F4U to F-14. Also a Royal Navy Sea Vixen and a prank by the RN on a USMC F-4.
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    A couple more butcher birds...
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    Mali Armed Recon...and found a line of fuel trucks
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    (Skip to 18:20 to get to the real meat and potatoes) Heatblur just opened up the F-14 for pre-order. The aircraft is supposed to release for early access Winter 2018. Based on all previous modules following the Mirage 2000, the pre-order version will probably NOT be compatible with the Steam version of DCS, so bear that in mind. It would be interesting to see if the early access release comes out 21 December, since that would be the 48th anniversary of the first flight of the Tomcat.
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    I hope we could fly this F4 (and/or Mk.III)... over SF2 terrains ! Best regards
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    personally looks like its a scale model diorama Picture with some photoshop
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    Tonight's film is everyone's other favourite F-14 movie.... (Dialogue is courtesy of imdb) Captain Yelland: Alert One this is Eagle One, what've you got? Pilot: Two Japanese Zeroes, sir. Captain Yelland: Two what? Pilot: Two Trophy Class Mitsubishi A6Ms in original condition, complete with all markings. I mean, they look brand new sir! Captain Yelland: Have you been spotted? Pilot: Negative, we're right in the sun at their 6 o'clock high. Captain Yelland: Stay in visual contact, take no action without clearance. Pilot: Wilco Eagle One, out. Captain Yelland: Eagle Control to Alert One, you are clear to arm, but don't fire. Throw them off, play with them, but do not fire. F-14 pilot #1: Affirmative! F-14 pilot #1: Say, Fox... that woke 'em up F-14 pilot #2: Yeah, but I think we should give 'em another shot! [one of the F-14's barely dodges a burst of gunfire from one of the Zeroes] Pilot: Why the hell are we playing with these guys? Captain Yelland: Alert One this is Eagle One, you are clear to fire. Splash the Zeroes. I say again, splash the Zeroes... F-14 pilot #1: Eagle Control, Alert One. Splash two, repeat, splash two. Possibly one survivor in the water.
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    VF-84 Jolly Rogers CAP flight standing by to launch...
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    Mosquitos and Beaufighters of the Banff Strike Wing, with RAF fighters flying top cover, launch to attack a German convoy...
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    Some news on moddb, it seems to advance (pre alpha in March, latest comments in june)
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    I will try to revive this post, i am trying to learn max myself and got this model free from internet, i will be updating it to SF2 standards since it has too many polys
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    Yep i agree with you 100% Olham..and im really looking forward to what OBD can do with WOTR. Im getting my WW2 fix with IL-2 1946+ BAT at the minute. They,ve done a brilliant job. Anyways back to WW1. Christmas Eve 1916,what a vile day to fly in.
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    Thanks Olham..i hope your well mate. Its been a while since ive been over here I still miss Combat Ace for all our OFF/WOFF postings Ah well. Take care Pal A few more. Fictional skin i believe by Raf Louvert. Thanks Lou
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