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    Thank you Yakarov I am reworking the Iran Iraq campaigns based on the lastest available plane vesrions Any remark is welcome
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    shader map 3 is software I am using. Just create clean - white skin with black lines rivets and all elements that you want to 'bump' Remember no dirt, stains weathering etc should be applied on this skin. Open shaderMap start new project and program will create bump map for you - then adjust the intensity and of edges..then save and you have your first bump map. Also, remember you can do bump map only to models that have bumps assigned in 3d max.
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    No time constraint, "when it's done" I start with 1980, I need to correct the OBs, associate TISEO, delete chaffs and flares from Iranian planes ...
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    You can make a What IF Iran (+Syria) x Israel Campaign, with the Saeqeh, F-35, Sufas and all stuff.. A proper Iraq Mirage F-1 is a nice plus.
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    whats your lead time look like jeanba? wanting to get the AN-12s and IL-76 in Iraqi Air knocked out for ODS after i finish the Buffs, but that will honestly be turn of the year (will be doing 1980s G model after ODS, plus RL interuptions as always). still shouldnt be too different for 80-88 than it was in 91 mandatory screenie
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    This thread has the write up of it with pics.
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    Hello everyone, I was able to fix the issue: Turns out that the selected controls I was setting in the game configuration options was being written down in Controls/Default.ini one line below from where it should actually be writing. So my primary fire was on blank, my secondary had the button I selected for the primary and so on. Took me a while to set up everything there but now works like a charm. Thanks for helping guys!
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    You can try Shader Map. It works fine for me. https://shadermap.com/downloads/
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    Trailing pix from this weekend at CAK on one sunny but cool afternoon in between all the rain! What a mix of aircraft and in almost every condition you can imagine - just about something for everyone. MAPS has taken on restoration of several of the pieces from the now-closed Florida Military Air Museum, and also continues to truck in hulks from private buyers (like the OV-1 Mohawk). Pretty interesting to see if you're in the area!
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    i assume they did it the same way as the german F-104G crews , go low go fast , as for the weapons deployment i think it was something similar as shown below for navigation the crews would have maps from the target area and maps for the way to the target area and they would follow as much as possible natural features , assumed targets would be mostly in east - germany and poland and a high los of aircraft and crew was calculated in my home base was near to Memmingen air base our alternate landing base in bad weather , the picture below was taken there , so we saw regularly F-104g going low and fast even in bad weather conditions as long as the ceiling was not below minima , and we had some close encounters while flying very low in a altitude you as a helicopter crew normaly would not expect a F-104G or a F-4F german F-104G with B61 nuclear bomb
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    Navigation in Europe for low level was usually by practicing routes visually. i.e. I know for a fact that A-10s only had the map on their leg and their experience flying the expected routes during training. The A-10s flew low and slow enough to actually get under weather that other aircraft weren't even allowed to fly through. If the cloud cover/fog was low enough to shut down the A-10s, no one else was flying low either without terrain following radar like the F-111. One can only imagine the expanded capabilities in night/adverse weather once A-10Cs had gps rather than just the Mk 1 Eyeball of A-10As.
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    I think a couple of Hellfire rockets would be just enough to deter a prowler at 02.00 am in the morning or a would-be burglar trying to get into the house through a downstairs window. Set it onto automatic before you go to bed, just like you set your alarm system. If you are suddenly woken in the early hours of the morning to the sound of wwwwhhhooooooooooosh followed by a loud explosion and a lot of screaming then you know the thing has done it's job.
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    Happy anniversary to you and your wife!
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    my jealously know no bounds!!! congrats on the anniversery AND the new rig!!
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    @ironroad Your tale reminds me of this:
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    The original free MiG-21 cockpits created head bobbing effects. Use those as a reference. Essentially, you are creating a g-meter, but instead of connecting it to a needle on a gauge in the cockpit model, you are connecting the animation effect to the entire cockpit model. So, select the correct instrument parameter, connect it to the right node of the cockpit lod, and choose the correct type of movement (roll, translation, etc.) around the correct axis and you can get any kind movement you want.


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