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    North American Vigilante S.1 - No.49 Squadron, RAF Strike Command, 1968
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    From the album My Fly

    Puma del ejercito argentino con esquema militar y bandas de identificacion amarillas matricula AE 500 llevanddo pertrechos de abastecimiento hacia las islas

    © MVEIGA

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    I was staring at the awesome DCS/Heatblur F-14 cockpit, and I was thinking that it would be great if some good willing man take care of the F-14 cockpit rearview mirror. Unfortunately my modding knowledge is below zero...
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    While anihilating an Me410 my Mosquito got caught in the resulting blastwave causing damage to my hydraulics and left engine! VonBeerhofen
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    Few photos taken today.
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    I would consider that to be 'rivet counting'... Unless you want to direct your wish directly to TK, you will otherwise have to settle with us...And me guess there are more pressing concerns and issues and projects than the look of a mirror. Sorry if my tone offended you or anybody else. English is not my native language and I don't know how else to make my point. Cheers
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    Well, I've been misundertood... I wasn't talking about the mirror angle, I don't care to view the pilot's helmet or things like this. I was talking about the good finishing of the DCS rearview mirrors. The SF2 F-14 cockpit is great, but the mirrors aren't so good as the DCS ones... They have angled lines and no frames, and are not consistent with the rest of the cockpit. Just that.
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    The DCS mirror is wrong. The purpose is to see behind you, not take selfies. It should be angled up a lot more. As for SF2 mirrors, I never mess with them, but there should be some sort of ini file that specifies the viewport angle so that you can get what you want. But be warned: TK set up his views to hide areas that weren't detailed. You aren't ever going to see what you see in a DCS World mirror because SF2 won't be able to show you the cockpit or pilot in a rear view unless you modify the cockpit model and/or external model along with the associated ini files that determine the way the two interact (i.e. clipping and hidden nodes).
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    This should be interesting..... https://theaviationgeekclub.com/now-its-official-bulgarian-air-force-buys-f-16vs/
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    The "Ymac=" entry for each wing listed just below the relevant "Chord=" entry appears to be the distance from the center line the given Wing, Outer Wing, or Stabilizer's Ymac is located. Maybe the ReferenceChord= is used as the base reference for the wing and the "Chord=" on each wing is the wing's chord at the distance the "Ymac=" is and/or with intact slats and flaps in retracted or extended position? You might find this thread useful as well. Maybe it should get added to the Knowledge Base.
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    I don't think, we have a very different purpose in the life and existence of this galaxy. We are just not mature enough for wide broad contact by the more advanced civilizations. They show themselves from time to time so the ordinary people can change and adjust to their existence, since the governments keep every information as wrapped up as tight they can with dez-information or just simply making a liar out of someone whom dare to come out into the open. Through mass sightings the balance is changing for the better, though the broad majority is still bogged down, wondering in the life or just too smart to look and see....
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    how many octaves it can sing?? (sorry, please forgive me. I just HAD to do that!! goofy mood today! ) My guess might be related to CG and how the game figures Mean Aerodynamic Chord (but aren't Mac statement seperate in the wings and stabs sections???)
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