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    Now ready for boarding at gate 6
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    561st TFS/23rd TFW aircraft which briefly returned to combat in Southeast Asia in the later part of 1972...note the pristine camo applied to these Thunderchiefs...
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    We need a beacon of light to show us the way...
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    Another colorful Thunderchief...4th TFW
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    Flaps Down, Wheels Down, Hook Down, and ready for the final turn....... Of course when I'm committed, she turns away.... Missed approach, go around, line up again, and same result Finally trapped on the 3rd try.
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    Sit rep. I got the green terraintiles from Wilches and added them to the Rio de la Plata Bay terrain. Now we have a wet (green) season and a dry (brownish) season. Then i started to create Base Aeronaval Punta Indio for the Argentinians. So it looks at the moment. There is still a lot to do. The barracks in the middle of the base, the tower and so on. Then i must place the parked aircrafts to the correct positions. Will need some time.
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    Mirage F1 x Dynamic Campaign makes great experiences
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    (¡Obviamente, antes de 1982!)
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    Version 1.0.0


    SF2 T-34B Mentor (USN) Upgrade Pack by RussoUK/Wrench 1/12/2023 -For SF2, Any and All (Full 4/5 Merged plus Expansion 1 Recommended) Modifications to RussoUK's fun little T-34B Mentor (USN) make some major and minor adjustments in skins, decals, data ini and other misc stuff. This is the full aircraft, with all the bits as issued by Russ in the original release. Just in case you don't have said original release, you won't have to go scrambling around trying to find the "weapons" (ok, drop tank) pilots and sounds. Also, because I was/am too lazy to pick out and remove stuff. Easier this way :) All new historically correct decals have been created. It should be stated that the serial numbers (BuNums) and Modex numbers, while historically correct, are generic in nature representing no particular base unit or squadron. The SF2 Date SWtich (tm) is active, and will cause the skins to change on particular dates. The skins are: Navy1 -- VT-1 "Eaglets"(>1965) Aircraft is painted in standard "Trainer Yellow" Navy2 -- VT-1 "Eaglets" (<1965). Aircraft is painted white/orange ID panels the < and > indicate "before 1965" and "after 1965". As you can see, they represent Mentors from VT-1 "Eaglets" based at NAS Saufley Field, Florida. Most markings are decals; exceptions would be wing insignia/nation names on fuselage and/or wings. Other markings are decals, and Decal Randomization is TRUE. There are 18 serial/BuNum numbers for each aircraft; both skins share the same 'pool' of decals. The aircraft keeps all it's original designations, so will appear the same in-game as the original download. When in game, on the Aircraft Selection Dropdown menu, you'll see: Beech T-34B Mentor USN (R) Hopefully, this will differentiate it from any other T-34B Mentors that may (or may not) be available. The "R" stands for RussoUK, the model maker. As is always recommended, unzip to a temp folder or your desktop to give easy access to the rest of this readme for it's install instructions. Happy Landings! Wrench Kevin Stein
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    Grumman Mohawk GR.3 - No.28 Squadron, RAF Middle East Command, 1991
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    He wants the airliners to fly and not be targeted by anyone. If they are friendly, then the opposite side will shoot them down anyway. On the one hand, this is superfluous, because during a big war no one in their right mind will fly on a civilian plane over the battlefield, but on the other hand, neutral planes fly in low-intensity wars. Coud be nice to have a way to make civilian aircrafts neutral.
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    Close of Taiwans eastern coast.
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    Not too bad. Should be darker and more desaturated.
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    I tried to make water tiles for the muddy part of the Rio de la Plata Bay. But i'm not satisfied. In game it looks rather like desert than as muddy water. The screenshot shows in foreground the new water tile, in the middle the blue watertiles, which i have used in the terrain before. And in the background you see the tiles of Buenos Aires.
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    i had thought to do a RED_Airline for that sort of thing. but never got around to it also, later thinking on airliners was the Civil Reserve Airlift Fleet. only called up so far for Iraq 90/91 and 03, it would have featured heavily in a real world REFORGER bringing the troops while the cargo birds bring equipment and supplies
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    Has anyone tried to create a nation and add it to both sides?
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    Hello everyone, This is the first time I am writing a letter to the people and the communities that I enjoyed being part of throughout my life. I want to write this before anything may happen to my vision. I went to the eye doctor, and he told me that I have between 10 to 20 years before I might go blind. As you can imagine a big shock for me. I decided to just quickly write a story about my life. That way I can have no regrets. As you can see, what I have is known as Usher Syndrome, which led to the loss of my part vision and deafness. Hence, I am deaf with low vision. I am also legally deafblind since I can’t see well in dark. So many challenges have been achieved throughout my life. When I was a young boy, I had two big dreams; To go to Japan and to be a Navy fighter pilot. Obviously, I could not be a Navy fighter pilot and that is where simulation comes in. Initially, it was found out that I am deaf during baby age, but my vision situation wasn’t found out until very much later in my life at the age of 16. It was a big shock for me. I was even told that I am going blind eventually as soon as I reach adulthood (the 20s to 30s of the age). You can imagine how scared I was, thinking my life was in ruin. My world was turned upside. My father always taught me to dream big, no matter what the situation. I had two choices: To live for my dream and try again or to give up and live in a dark world. I chose the first one and decided to try anyway. This led me to achieved what was considered impossible. There were always challenges to face, without any breaks in between. In the educational world, when I was in an elementary school, they treated me like I wasn’t smart because of my deafness. They refused to give me an equal opportunity of education as other children. Fortunately, the teacher told my parent about it and my parent fought the hardest for my right to have an education like everyone else. When I was transferred to another school, I was the only deaf boy in the entire school. It was a scary world. Decided to give it a try and made a few friends, that was when I started teaching sign language for the first time (At age of 9). Having never given up, I had to re-learn the 4th grade to the previous grade in one year to catch up with everyone and it was achieved. Into the High school, never given up, kept trying on and made it to graduate my high school. During high school, even with my limited vision, I joined the swimming team, a tennis game (Oh my god, I HATE THAT game. It was such pain trying to spot fast-moving balls), slotput / disc throw, and Tae kwon Do. And for my hobby at home, I could never stop flying ancient simulations. It was Jane’s series simulation! Even though I could not be real navy fighter pilot, simulation was perfect for me. I loved learning about various military aircraft and fly them virtually. When I got to university, I go through many challenges again. It was a socializing challenge, as well as learning subjects. What doesn’t help was being burnt out from too many studies and hard work. I gave up from time to time but tried again. I had good and not good teachers. I had many ups and downs. Made many mistakes and learned from them. There were so many things I wanted to do but did not have the courage to do because of busy trying to study and pass classes. Here were the big dreams I wanted to do throughout my life: - Successfully living and working in awesome company in Japan - Marry a wonderful woman - Write the fictional books for simulation or game - Write the stories for manga - Have my own gaming development company - Live a happy life without losing my vision After changing my major from aeronautical engineering to computer science, it has taken me 10 years to finish university. Even though it took me that long to finish, I still achieved getting a degree in computer science. Right after the university, did my best to look for the jobs, and got declined due to my sensory disabilities. Bless my parent, they sent me to Japan as my graduation gift. That was the best gift in my life. Took the opportunity to go to Japan for the first time. It was a challenging and fun journey going through Tokyo alone most of the time. I stayed in an apartment for 2 and half months. I was lucky to be able to figure out how to communicate with the apartment company. For your information, I do not have the ability to speak well. I use body language and gesture to communicate with people who do not know any sign language. My primary sign language is ASL (American Sign Language). Right now, I can read some Japanese (basic) and can hold the communication in JSL (Japanese Sign Language). After 3 months of my stay in Japan and returning to the USA, it feels like I was stuck. Nowhere to go because companies often do not give me an opportunity to work for them, even though I hunted for many jobs. I still was fortunate enough to work for my family’s business which gave me a lot of experience. (My family is awesome! They always have my back!) Then comes the 2nd opportunity for me to go back to Japan for 2 months. After that, I decided I am going to try and make a difference in my experience, despite that I couldn’t get jobs. I never forget that day when I was staying in Japan twice as a tourist. I would always keep that experience inside my mind and heart. Seeing people walking around happily, seeing the tall buildings, and seeing myself being successful there. I vowed to make it happen someday. Fortunately, I bumped into a new friend of mine in America. She gave me an opportunity to work as a volunteer for a non-profit organization. I decided to give it a try. 3 years later, I was contacted by a company in Tokyo with a job offer of teaching ASL. Even though it wasn’t related to gaming development or computer-related jobs, I decided to give it a try because it is what will lead me to the next steps toward successfully living in Japan. I have been teaching sign language since I was 9, so I had enough experience to do my best there. To my surprise, working in Tokyo was the hardest thing I have ever done in my entire life. So many challenges and unexcepted things happening that require me to put a lot of effort into it. Having gone through the sleepless nights, I worked very hard for 2 years straight. Their ways of culture in the work are very different from America for sure! After my contract ended, I was only given 3 months to find a new job before my VISA no longer become valid. Worked very hard looking for the jobs and have gone through various interviews. To my surprise, unlike before, I got a lot of interviews for computer-related jobs! Unfortunately, they told me they found someone else with more experience than me. The closest one I got the job was from an apple company. With the time running out and the unknown of the future, I would still never give up envisioning myself being successful. Thank to my wonderful friend who owns a tavern, they gave me a part-time job as a website developer and interpreter (ASL to JSL). Did my best there and that is when I met a wonderful woman of my life too. With the coronavirus going on, a lot of companies started closing and my journey to find a full-time job in computer-related jobs did not yet happen. After being married to my wonderful woman and moving to Fukushima from Tokyo, continued to do my best with the jobs hunting, got various interviews, and then got declined many times again. With that, decided to try something new. Started doing graphic work as a hobby which led me into creating many things such as menus, short video promotions, and other kinds of graphic works for fun. It made me happy. Then you can guess, it led me into making the mods for SF2. One of them is a new screen/menu for SF2 inspired by Jane’s Fighter Anthology! And at the same time, one of my old dreams is being realized when I started writing a book about the fictional nations (Saad / Zafir) for SF2. That gave me so many joys! Many new skills were developed from it which I believe would be very helpful for the computer-related jobs too! My wife and I made the big goal of moving back to Tokyo someday and then the news hit me a few days ago. The eye doctor told me that I might go blind in 10 to 20 years. That was a huge punch to my stomach, and I felt like the world crumpled around me temporarily and thanks to my wife, she got me pulling myself back together. It wasn’t the first time I experienced this. Back there during my high school time, when I was told that I might go blind by my 20s or 30s, it never happened. I did not believe I would go blind and stayed with the belief I would still be able to preserve my vision. That still happened to this very day. I am going to continue staying with that kind of hope. A miracle can happen. However, as I said, just in case, if anything happens to my vision, I am happy I got this out of my chest and wanted to share with the community and the world about my life challenges. Thank you everyone for my wonderful experiences of simulation and modding. I will continue to work on SFAW mods slowly through time. Have to make to rest my eyes every day too. Cheers
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    Mitsubishi A5M Claude - 1st Fighter Regiment, Parani Army Air Force, 1941
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    Air combat training at RAF Alconbury Airbase. F-4F vs Lightning.
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    Purposely of Mentors
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    Version 1.0.0


    A bit of history. Extract from Facebook page - https://www.facebook.com/399877246768865/photos/a.783005898455996/866828416740410/?type=3 "In 1976, Fuerza Aérea Uruguaya (Fuerza Aerea Uruguaya - FAU) began to seek a replacement for its North American AT-6 trainers and to complement its fleet of Cessna T-41D primary trainers, which had been acquired in 1969. Once the Beechcraft T-34 was considered as a suitable substitute for the "tejanos", to be incorporated into the FAU inventory, these mentors were registered FAU-660 to 684. La Escuela de Aviación Militar (Escuela Militar de Aviación - EMA) I received four planes, these were registered FAU-669, 670, 676 and 677, while FAU kept two planes: FAU-650, 651, 660, 662, 663, 664, 665, 666, 668, 671, 672 and 678, all operating with Grupo de Aviación N° 1. On July 14, 1980, four mentors were acquired by Chilean Naval Aviation, namely a T-34A, serialized FAU-651, and three T -34Bs, which received serial FAU-685 to 687. In 1982, when the (Centro de Instrucción y Entrenamiento de Vuelo Avanzado - CIEVA) was created, Group No. 1 of Aviation was designated as an "attack" unit, being replaced from its T-34B by the IA-58 Pucará. In turn, the T-34s were transferred to CIEVA just created. With the passage of time, the wear and tear, the accidents and the presumed cuts passed the invoice and the number of operating aircraft decreased considerably, until the point of having only 10 planes available for training at CIEVA and EMA for mid-1989. Fortunately, the following year, through a subsidy from the Spanish Government, the FAU received one T-34A that had been withdrawn from the Air Force of that country between 1987 and 1988, and had been stored in very good conditions. These T-34A arrived by boat in Uruguay on March 8, 1991, joining FAU on April 24, with registration numbers FAU-630 to 646. In May 1992, two T-34As were transferred to Naval Aviation, these being FAU-630 and 639. After 20 years of service, it was considered necessary to modernize the EMA training fleet, so in 1999 FAU awarded a contract for 13 Aermacchi SF.260s to a company in the United States." ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * In this pack, everything BUT plane´s numbers and skins are not 100% correct as the planes were used mainly as trainers. This should be pretty boring! * Anyone is allowed to use the blank skins for other skins without ask me any permission, but don´t forget to share it! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Credits: RussoUK - 3D work Wrench - inspiration, support and inside ReadMe text. Ideal for Gepard´s awesome terrain "Rio de La Plata". Skins and decals - Me, myself and I Have fun!!
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    Still "What- (BiG) IF" for now.. but, I do really hope we can join Bayraktar Owner Club someday.. TB-3 Indonesia, Navalized. / https://www.oryxspioenkop.com/2022/11/the-carrier-candidate-bayraktar-tb3s-for-indonesia.html
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    Version 1.0.0


    First, my congratulations to russouk2004 for the bird! A special thanks to Wrench for the support. The Beechcraft Mentor in the Argentine Air Force By the mid-50s, the Air Force required a basic trainer capable of replacing the nationally manufactured I.Ae.22 DL and the Fiat G-46, then in service. The choice fell on the modern Beechcraft B-45 Mentor that just three years ago had entered service with the USAF. The contract signed with the North American company in 1956 contemplated the acquisition of 15 units manufactured at the Beechcraft plant located in Kansas and another 75 that would come in kit form to be assembled at the Military Aviation Factory. The 15 examples manufactured in the United States arrived in the country in flight on June 20, 1957, while the assembly of the other 75 began in 1959 and ended in 1962. The first example manufactured in Córdoba took flight on 11/1 /1959. Initially, the Mentors entered service with Training Group I of the I Morón Air Brigade, where they served between 1962 and 1970, later they would move to the VII Morón Air Brigade and finally they would form part of the Military Aviation School. Some copies were in service in the Reconquista Military Air Detachment, between 1962 and 1963, these copies would later go to the Directorate of Development, being re-registered as LQ-..., these devices would go to the EAM in 1969. In 1979, 50 new 260 hp Continental IO-470-N12B engines were purchased to re-engine the 41 Mentor in operation at that time, the works were carried out in the Material Area of Río IV. Mentor in action: Despite being a pure trainer, the T-34 served during the 70s as reconnaissance and aerial observation aircraft in search and attack of insurgent positions during Operation Independence, carried out on the soil of the province of Tucumán and in Operation Torrión. The last days of the Mentor:. Between 1996 and 1999, the former LMAASA proceeded to carry out structural reinforcement, avionics renewal and fine-tuning work on 30 still-operable Mentors, this served for a handful of copies to continue flying until the year 2011, at which time they are permanently discharged after almost 50 years of service. On September 18, 2001, a fatal accident occurred during the baptism flight of the first-year cadets of the Military Aviation School, when one of the aircraft crashed after brushing the control tower with its wing, killing its two occupants. . From that moment on, the fame of the Mentor was undermined, but its operation continued, until on October 8, 2010, the E-046 crashed after taking off, due to a planted engine. Finally, in August 2012, the Air Force decides to decommission the venerable T-34 Mentor. In 2002 and 2003, two second-hand units were acquired from the Uruguayan Air Force, which in turn had received them from the Spanish Air Force." extract from here https://amilarg.com.ar/beech-t-34.html (What a site!) I strongly recommend you to fly it over the fantastic Gepard´s new Rio de La Plata terrain. Thanks boss! Have fun!!!
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    some of my models that cannot be missing here A4 Q A4B-(P) A4C A4AR
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    I want to let everyone know I am back a while ago. I am going to share what has happened to me since April (When I posted here). It has been miracle experience. I am never going to let doctors decide my fate ever again. I am one who make the decision for myself, especially about my fate. The reason why I visited the doctor is that I noticed something was wrong with my left vision. it seem like I was having cataracts growing more and more. It is what makes it more difficult to look at the computer screen or read anything. Went to see an eye doctor. He told me that it wasn't cataracts and that my tunnel vision was getting smaller and that I have 10 to 20 years before I lost vision. He especially told me that the effects I was seeing through my left vision is incurable, I had to get used to it. After going through days of intense fears, worrying, crying, anger, frustration, and desperation for finding a way to heal my vision. My wife and I decided we would give it a try by doing anything we can do to heal my vision situations. My left vision was getting more fuzzy, wavy (like water wavy), and blurry. Then after that, my right eye fuzzy part was starting to grow slowly. That was very scary! I honestly thought I may have to give up my passions and hobbies. However, my wife read a lot about which fruits and vegetables are good for the eye, then we start eating that everyday now. I read the book about the miracle healing from this amazing person, Morris Goodman "The Miracle Man". He was in a plane crash, the doctor told him his body would be a vegetable for the rest of his life. He refused to trust the doctor and take the matter into his own hand. He started believing his body is healed, despite any situation. Months later, his body has gone through healing. Then eventually he accomplished being able to walk and use his body again. There was one situation I forgot as well. My family told me that it wasn't the first time doctor told me that I was going blind and I ended up still seeing even with the tunnel vision. Then it hit me, during my young age (High school), the doctor told me the exact same thing. The doctors told me that I was going blind by 30 years old. To this very day, I can still see because I refused to believe in doctors and assumed that my eyes are fine. This is the result. However, back in my recent situation, I decided to use what is known as the "Placebo effect" by starting to believe that whatever I do and eat is good for my eyes and that my eye is healthy. I prayed and meditated every day, took the time to relax, worked with the fears, and trusted the process. We had no other choice but to give this the best chance. It was a big leap of faith. In the following weeks, I started to notice the improvement in vision incrementally. Eventually later when I can finally read again, use the computer to do very light gaming, and a few simple modding for simulation / games, we were overjoyed! Then eventually as soon my eyes no longer hurt when using a computer and bought a screen protector for blue light), I could read more and more now. When looking at the line, they no longer appear wavy. The wavy water effect in vision almost completely disappears. Then to my surprise, could see more light entering my eyes, could see more lights even than many years ago. Could see a bit more as if the tunnel were getting a bit wider. The 'cataract" spot is just a tiny spot. Won't stop until the eyes are completely healed, even until I could see the whole vision completely instead of tunnel vision. That's the goal! I am still amazed by this miracle healing. From now on, I am continuing to trust in the healing process with confidence and will never listen to the doctor again if they tell me if anything can't be healed. This is why I am joyfully working on SFCE and SFAW mod projects steadily. And unlike before, I take more rest often from time to time from the computer and enjoy secondary hobbies by going out to the cafe or meditating. Eagle114th
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    Looks like a MiG-38 to me. lol


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