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    I'm working on a fictional theater using the beautiful Madagascar terrain. It features the T-45 as a fictional mercenary naval fighter (F/A-19E), with a brand new skin and ini edits, operating from long-deck Essex carriers off the coast. It imagines a budget war using low-cost trainers instead of front-line aircraft. So it includes AT-6B, Super Tucano, Hawk 52/60, L-39, MB-339, Alphajet and many others. They've all been set for CAP and SWEEP missions, so it's a battle of the small and swift. Much fun.
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    This is coming soon with the new Air Base as well as other surprises ;)
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    This is one of the surprises I told you about but I need to work on the texture some more. this will have a set of 4 different models.
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    Finishing touches, just have to review it some more and probably upload today.
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    I like the trees ... reminds me of Pandora.
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    Yes, you're absolutely right! It is definitely a bug - sometimes I start a project and before I can finish it, I already have plans and start a new one midway
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    Good to see someone using the Madagascar terrain I've made; I really liked working on it.
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    Why is the british design, always so british
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    A bit late for Phantom Phriday so I'll leave this one here..
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    Another re-run pulled from the What-If Screenshot Thread - The Final Countdown (1980) Tonight's film is everyone's other favourite F-14 movie.... (Dialogue is courtesy of imdb) Captain Yelland: Alert One this is Eagle One, what've you got? Pilot: Two Japanese Zeroes, sir. Captain Yelland: Two what? Pilot: Two Trophy Class Mitsubishi A6Ms in original condition, complete with all markings. I mean, they look brand new sir! Captain Yelland: Have you been spotted? Pilot: Negative, we're right in the sun at their 6 o'clock high. Captain Yelland: Stay in visual contact, take no action without clearance. Pilot: Wilco Eagle One, out. Captain Yelland: Eagle Control to Alert One, you are clear to arm, but don't fire. Throw them off, play with them, but do not fire. F-14 pilot #1: Affirmative! F-14 pilot #1: Say, Fox... that woke 'em up F-14 pilot #2: Yeah, but I think we should give 'em another shot! [one of the F-14's barely dodges a burst of gunfire from one of the Zeroes] Pilot: Why the hell are we playing with these guys? Captain Yelland: Alert One this is Eagle One, you are clear to fire. Splash the Zeroes. I say again, splash the Zeroes... F-14 pilot #1: Eagle Control, Alert One. Splash two, repeat, splash two. Possibly one survivor in the water.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is the CAG jet for the Reserve squadron, VAQ-209 as used in May 2018. Simply drop in the EA-18G folder and go fly, and can be found under VAQ-209 CAG May 2018 in the dropdown menu.
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    Yes, now I understand. What I mean is that we should use the psi rings as reference for when we test the blast radius on the Range terrain, with simple buildings being placed in the target area at different distances, not hardened structures. Armor values of hardened structures were given rather arbitrarily by TW, and maybe they are off for nuclear blast radius testing. Such structures may or may not resist to the nuke at different radiuses. Structures with no armor offer a better test, so to speak. Will have a look at your info at a later time.
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    Most cool. Yeah, clouds are very much a matter of taste. Everybody has their favorite look. Here's some screenies of battle between Atlas Impalas and Aero L-39ZOs. Seriously chaotic. I was a busy pilot. New clouds and your Madagascar terrain are highlighted.
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    Oh man, I almost forgot, you are the one who made the great CloudScape mods! And I credited you at the time I released the realSKY package... I'm getting old, LOL! Good to see you still around! Any new clouds by you are always welcome! They have the right feel. Keep in mind that we can even have different cloud graphics for each weather type. This is not implemented in realSKY yet, as I am not sure which clouds would be appropriate to which weather, and it's also a matter of taste. I'm open to your suggestions for future improvements of the mod.
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    Working on a VAQ-209 Star Warriors CAG jet, been wanting to do this one for a long time.
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    It's really beautiful. I like the varied terrains. Throwing in carriers was a major plus for me. I've also added in your RealSky environment. Though I plugged in my latest cloud graphic, one I haven't released before.
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    Now that things are solved I have to say when I first saw this topic I had a whole different expectation of what I'd see when I opened it.
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    I just had an idea. We could modify the "Range" terrain's Target Areas to clear them of the present arrangement of targets. Then we can then place different types of buildings, reinforced concrete, cement, steel, brick and wood frame houses, etc at a series of known distances from ground zero and see what type of effect bombs of known yields have upon each object type. Then compare that effect observed with the one for that yield bomb indicated by NUKEMAP. I have already collected the NukeMap data for air burst of all necessary in game US bomb yields. I just need to do so for ground burst then. I am working on updating the nuke explosion effect for each bomb yield as well, hence the data collection I have been doing. Nukemap_AB_Data_for_SF2_bomb_effects.docx As an aside, try changing the WarheadType=14 to WarheadType=0 (High Explosive) and WarheadType=5 (Fuel Air Explosive) and test the bomb again to see how things differ from when set to Nuclear Fission and WarheadType=15 (Nuclear Fusion). Bombing Range Target Area
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    3ds max etc is a bug eh m8...once ur adicted thats ur life over lol...nice bit of kit matey...
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    If people didnt make mistakes when building things ,no matter wether game or real life....mistakes etc produce new inventions and take us forwards....lol
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    your work is apreciated by me m8 wasnt having a go at you...we do the best with what little we can get out of the game tools.....its a decent terrain m8
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    It is not easy for sure. Mue even managed to create TODs with buildings of different shapes, using LOD objects converted to act as TODs. I'd like a "simpler" tool which only enables to make TODs as they are in SF2, to open them and to modify them, nothing too fancy like custom building shapes so to speak. It would still require a reverse engineering process of the TOD file format. Speaking of the TexasASC terrain, it's indeed the most rushed of all my terrain works. Other terrain packages I released are much better and more complete, target areas wise. I am busy with more important projects, and two interesting terrains. The F-22A Raptor project is now my priority. Once that is done and released, I'll be back at (my favourite and exhausting) terrain modding.
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    Very interesting. Looking forward to see more of it. A suggestion, use low price vehicles as enemy, T-55 as MBT, lots of BTR-60 and some MTLB, and plenty of technicals.
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    I asked for it several times, but Mue is our only hope (aka as Obi Wan Kenobi ) and it seems is not an easy task.
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    looks very very awesome! looking forward to trying this ^^,
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    I'd be a bit hesitant about shelling out money on a force feedback stick for SF/FE. I had a Logitech Wingman Force 3D and was never happy with it after trying various settings over a few months. It didn't have many buttons either. Not sure if the problems were related to the stick itself or maybe force feedback isn't enabled very well in the ThirdWire sims but it might be worth looking for more feedback specific to SF/FE. I still have a Logitech Formula Force GP steering wheel that has been excellent for the half dozen or so driving games I've used over the years. Always possible to get good "feel" with every game I tried.
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    Another Hornet skin, this time a WIP Centennial of Naval Aviation one. Most of it is done so far but waiting on some ordered decals to finish this one.
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    A few "Somewhere over New Dhimar" screenshots. Thanks to KJakker for resurrecting the thread with Mue's extended fade mod I actually tried it out this time and was really impressed! It adds a lot of visual depth to terrains and my old rig held up quite well over the coastal desert areas but noticeable frame rate hits when further inland over heavily treed areas. [over 1000 trees/buildings on some tiles] Ended up removing the mod to maintain frame rates during large fur balls but it was worth the look and it might get me computer shopping soon. The coastal desert area has been getting a major overhaul. All the farm tiles have been changed to orchards and moved into the mountain areas, with one exception. I never found the combination of desert and farm tiles very convincing on the stock terrain so I'm trying to get a drier desert look with some date palm plantations here and there and everything connected by roads. Will also be adding some building clusters along the roads and a few single tile walled towns in the flat areas along the main roads. Mue views, trees still showing color on the far side of the city: Over the Kerman Valley, the one desert area with farm/orchard tiles: The roads are getting some work but it's been a difficult process. The paved roads will be quite straight in the desert and high plains area but all the rest will have a more winding look. Just have to figure out how to do that! This has been a long slow project but once I get the coastal desert finished I'm going to work inland and fix all the other areas I'm not happy with while also doing some targeting. Definitely not "2 weeks". Maybe sometime in 2020 for version 1.
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    There is this. Blender 3D: Noob to Pro on WikiBooks. Blender 3D: Noob to Pro in PDF format.
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    Those practice bombs are pretty awesome Mandatory Pic
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    Version 1.0.0


    Fighter armed reconnaissance version of the F.8, first flown 23 March 1950, 126 built by Gloster for the Royal Air Force. Former RAF aircraft were later sold to Ecuador, Israel and Syria. WHATS'IN: - a complete repacked plane with ALL airforces, skins, decals, squadrons for ALL terrains and campaigns - 24 skins (16 RAF; 5 IDF; 2 FAE; 1 SyAF) - historical decals by airforce - hangars & patches by plane - some little inis tweaks CREDITS: - Yakarov (model, templates, IDF skins: decals tweaked) - Soulfreak (RAF skinpack: No. 79 (59); No.2 (52 & 55) [nacelle emblems added]; No. 208 (52 & 55) [nose edit] + historical decals) - paulopanz (skin and decals works and rework, some repack tweaks) TO INSTALL: - extract Meteor9 Repack1 & 2 and "take to mod folder" folder - all in your main mod folder and overwrite ACTIONS: - key 10 canopy open with autoclose at take off Enjoy @paulopanz
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    The prototype "G" model Wild Weasel testing its newly installed equipment over Nellis...
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    Version 1.0.0


    This mod is dedicated to BPAO, nothing would have been possible without him. During the late 1970's, Iraq placed an order for a variant of the Mirage F1, designated as the Mirage F1EQ, which were specially modified for extended range to perform strike missions. Covered unit : 79th Squadron Installation : - Copy and paste the Objects folder in your mod folder. Crédits : - Aircraft : Flying Toaster, BPAO and Centurion-1. - Cockpit : Brain32, Centurion-1 and Crusader. - Skins : Ludo.m54. - Decals : Ludo.m54. - Templates : Brain32, ACE888 and Ludo.m54. - Avionics and data tweaks : Crusader. - FM : Baffmeister. - Interception light : Coupi - Weapons : Ravenclaw_007 and Denissoliveira - Seat : Denissoliveira - Hangars et loading screens : Ludo.m54. A big thank to all on Combatace and C6 forums that helped us solving issues we encountered. Any omission in credits is totally unwanted, if I forgot somebody, let me know, I will correct this. This addon is and will in all cases remain freeware. Released under CombatAce Fair-Use terms. Enjoy The Mirage F.1 Team
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