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    What's that thing they say about a good landing?
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    Lockheed F-80C Shooting Star - Royal Canadian Air Force, 1952 Skin Credit: Charles
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    Lockheed F-80C Shooting Star - Jet Training Flight, Royal Norwegian Air Force, 1950
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    Any chance of releasing the F15CX ??? Looks awesome ! mandatory Vulcan B3 Desert Storm screen shot
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    Feb. 9, 2019 Update ("The Early Berg Special"): Several tweaks re-applied to the Rumpler C.1, the HF.20 and 20U variants, also the Voisan type 5. As well included are three new winds for the environsys files, to mimic more realistic turbulence effects hopefully. Also included is Crawford's rotating fuel pump trick for Geezer's Martinsydes. More major tweaks include reworking of the early Farmans, types 7 and 11c, of the Caproni Ca.3, of the entire line of Fokker Dr.I, D.VII, and D.VIII aircraft, including the addition of an OAW variant of the Fokk. D.VII. Further, now included is a transformation of Geezer's Halb. D.V into a D.III variant, a reworked Aviatik C.I from the A-Team, also of their Siemens-Schuckert D.III. Stephen's latest SAML S.2 has been tweaked as well. Also tweaked is the Roland D.VIa, and a new engined-up type, the D.VIb variant. Four sub-variants of the Aviatik Berg D.I are now included (160 hp, early and late 200 hp, and 230 hp). The Phonix D.IIa has been re-tweaked, and the earlier D.II variant is now included too. Have also re-visited and re-tweaked the Hansa-Brandenburg D.I. For more detailed info. and installation instructions, and other updates not mentioned here, please look over the latest READ ME file that's located in the update pack, and also the included pic. of the ver. 9.7 FM updates. Happy flying to all. Von S
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    Tornado S.1 - No.617 Squadron, RAF Strike Command, 1982
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    George, your Caporetto map is gorgeous!
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    View File FE AA Objects Steven1918 and I have put together a comprehensive collection of WW1 anti-aircraft guns. A noteworthy feature is, for the first time, a selection of medium-level 37/40mm auto cannons that bridge the gap between low-level MGs and high-level 75mm AA cannons. The Maxim 37/40mm auto cannon, dubbed the "pom-pom" by the Brits, was used in various versions by all the major powers and was still in limited service early in WW2. Pom-poms will significantly affect a gamer's experience when flying below 5,000 feet, and could motivate a gamer to replay old campaigns - especially if he used to like balloon-busting. Now that balloons can be realistically defended, he may not like balloon-busting anymore. In addition to the pom-poms, there are multiple types of AA MGs. Also included are two types of optional gun pits: a C-shaped pit intended for use with AA guns, and a U-shaped pit intended for use with artillery, plus balloon winches for the major powers. Submitter Geezer Submitted 08/03/2014 Category First Eagles - WWI and Early Years - Object Mods  
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    Thanks to seany for reviving this thread, as I completely missed it first time 'round. And of course thanks to Geezer and Stephen, but that has become a regular and very pleasant habit! I expect this game to become even more perilous now.
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    The engine "Sonderregime", special regime of the R-25 engine, increased the thrust from 69.6 kN to 97 kN. The climb rate increased from 180m/s to 225m/s. The limit of 3 minutes was caused by cooling problems. Overheating was possible. Combat flaps were not used on MiG-21. If the pilot forgot to "pull in" the flaps, the wind would do the job from a certain speed. I forgot the correct speed when this happend. Perhaps i can find it in my archive. To release the flaps in dogfight was common for skilled MiG-21 pilots. I have heared it from some pilots of LSK (East German Air Force). The main problem for the MiG-21 was the air intake. The design was not the best. In certain flight regimes the air intake was unable to let in enough air to operate the engine properly. Then the problem of "Pompage" (may be "pumping" in english, sorry dont know the correct term) appeared. Or even worse the engine got a stall and stopped operating during a sharp curve. The design of the wing was as good, that the MiG-21 could have a much smaller circle radius, but the air intake ... In the 80th a different air intake with additionally openings was tested. The plane got a much better agility. The Ye-8 successor of MiG-21PF had the same wing, but a different air intake. The plane was nearly as agile as the F-16A, but 10 years earlier. Flare dispensers were included in some types of ECM pods like SPS-141 for MiG-21bis.
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    F-15Cs with 16 AIM-120Ds and 4 AIM-9Xs (plus the 2 CFTs).
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    A subtle one here... there are changes to the Vixen as well but none are visible bar the missiles. Knocked the jet into an FAW.3... pinched the engines from a Lightning, the radar from a Phantom and a nerw pit from a Lightning F.6. Also turned the Firestreak into a Blue Dolphin by ini tweaks and a crude over paint of the seaker head. she'll now do Mach 1.2 and really is all weather capable.
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    Lockheed Shooting Star FB.2 - No.79 Squadron, RAF South East Asia Command, 1947
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    small mountain lakes..rather ponds
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    you only need to enter the objects in the _types ini, if you're hand placing them on the terrain. As long as their GrondObjectRole= is stated as "AAA" they'll automatically generate in locations defined in the _targets ini as "AAA"
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    I've found the TypesIni.
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    Got my new PC built. $3000.00 and counting. 3D stuff next. Been long time no fly. Have to relearn 3d Max,Ya what Fun. Miss all my friends. Someone wanted a P40S with 50's, Will get on that first.!!
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    Once you download all of the required planes for the armchair aces campaigns, it's likely that there will be more air traffic than currently. Having said that, if you try out some of the congestion settings in my update pack, you may (in early war scenarios) find yourself flying for an hour or two with no enemy planes in sight - as historical. The occasional enemy may come trotting by and engage in a duel, but otherwise it's pleasant sight-seeing until about the summer of 1916. For more obscure fronts, such as Palestine and the eastern front, low air congestion would have been historical well into 1917, even 1918. It's not really until the spring of 1918 that the Entente start putting up aircraft in greater numbers in Palestine, for example, while the Germans have the aerial upper hand to about 1917. For the Italian front too, not too much congestion until about late 1917/early 1918. And then keep in mind that the last couple of months of the war should feature lower congestion than the peak of action in Italy and the western front (basically the first half of 1918). The armchair campaigns should be fine on "medium" realism as long as you stick with the data ini files (the FMs) provided with the aircraft - don't install any other FMs. Yes, overall, my FM pack makes flying the planes noticeably harder than even the hard setting can provide - I like to think of it as the "historically realistic" setting....or at any rate good fun if you enjoy the surprise of flying early crates that are often like wild horses. It's not so bad from about 1917 onwards (with the newer plane types), but lots of luck is now needed to score well with crates typical of the 1914 to 1916 period. I recommend trying out the Morane Saulnier type H, also the type G variants, as well as the Longhorn and Shorthorn types, Parasol types, also the early Eindeckers and Pfalz monoplanes on the Central powers side - for a ripping good challenge. Von S P.S. Ver. 9.7 of the FM update pack will be posted soon so you might want to wait and download that version (the install will be simpler than the several versions of folders currently available in the ver. 9.5 pack).
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    Actually, a simple text edit by the modder (uploader) to the 1st header and in the info "advert" is very possible. Then, one of us moderators or admins just re-approve it.
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    Thanks for the reply and the info VonS. I've patched the game with the last patch/update. It's a nice touch that we can see the bulllet cases from the SE5A's Lewis gun being ejected. There do seem to be less indication of planes and objects on the flight map though, and there do seem to be fewer enemy planes about- I can spend quite a while attacking the flak guns over German airfields and no German planes show up. So I need to Download all the planes mentioned in th Armchair Aces Redux readme and they all come with peter01's FM's but His and yours should be flown on "Hard". Got it. Hmm, does that mean I can't fly Armchair Aces redux on "Medium"? Do your FM's make flying the planes a bit harder than the "Hard" setting, due to better accuracy?
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    Yes, that's one of my pet hates as well. I'm old enough to recall the original Revell 1/72 FW190A, which had a normal cross decal on the fin and whose 1960s instruction sheet said 'The markings on your model are not historically accurate. Portrayal of the accurate markings would not be in keeping with the spirit of Democracy.' Nowadays even Germany has I think legalised swastikas in such usage, so where is this coming from in CloD Blitz? A Russian influence, perhaps, as they are still absent in Il-2 BoS, - though not of course the Communist stars, the symbol of a regime only somewhat less obnoxious. As a blow against facism, it's about as silly as the airbrushing out of all signs of violence on Airfix box art in the '70s, but these self-righteous lobby groups have many forms. The first Adler Tag mission is definitely broken. Second try, my schwarm gets off, but the rest of the staffel sits on the airfield asking for takeoff clearance while with me mostly in autopilot, we head west down Channel, for the RV. The recce plane meanwhile leaves the area and passes us by on a nearly reciprocal course offset several miles to the ENEMY side of the Channel, flying now at low level close to Dungeness, where the Observer Corps will not only be able to see him, but could practically chuck stones at him. Of course, he gets whacked when 74 Squadron arrive from the opposite direction. We can't even see this. There's a report of Spits on the radio which reads more like it came from a German ground controller than the Dornier but it's way too late and it's 'Mission failed' again. You can see the radio messages below from the rest of the squadron, still trying to get takeoff clearance. Determined to get some fun from the mission I tried a third time and used my knowledge of the bomber's location and route to try to catch it. My wingman came with me, the rest of the staffel (which actually took off this time) headed for the RV miles to the west. I still arrived too late to save the Dornier, but chased after the Spits, knowing from previous plays that they headed north for home. The Spits ignored us at first, even after I started shooting - with MGs only, as I hadn't programmed a button to fire cannon. After I knocked one Spit out of formation the others evaded a bit wthout making any effort to counterattack, before resuming course. I got one of them before heading home - he just flew straight and level while I hosed him down from dead astern. I could give my kazcmarek no orders and he had nothing to do but congratulate me. Patrick Bishop's 'Battle of Britain - a day by day chronicle' confirms this action took place, and presumably the other Luftwaffe campaign missions likewise. So it's major shame if what could have been the making of CloD is as screwed up as this first mission. EDIT - all is not lost. I've just downloaded the RAF and Luftwaffe 'redux' campaigns from ATAG and they appear to be a whole new ball game. I've just started the RAF one and it's a re-work of the stock one with a re-written, more historical storyline. I've just played the first mission and while the action is similar to the stock equivalent, the presentation and execution are visibly better. Darn Asus mobo's power surge protection killed it just after I had knocked down a second Dornier, but I did even better on the replay, including knocking down a 110 whose crew bailed out just in time... My Hurricane has lost its overdone weathering and has authentic 607 Squadron codes... And I don't remember the airfield looking so knocked about when I landed, complete with bomb craters to avoid, in the stock campaign. I'll definitely be giving this one a go!
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    Lets say it has an extending oleo strut on the nose... nose goes up, tail goes down... problem solved
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    Panavia JA-38 Tornado - F7, Svenska Flygvapnet, 1992 Thanks Guuruu!
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    The TA-4-Model isn't getting any younger, but that's what we have...Getting there. TA-4H of TNI-AU (Indonesian Air Force).
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    Have double-checked the patches downloads link now and I think that patches and updates refer to the same thing, just a different choice of word. From what I could figure out, you only need to install the latest patch for FE1/FEgold to get it up to date...in your case it would be the November 2008 patch, which should include all previous patches in it already. The direct link for the latest patch for FE1 is: https://combatace.com/files/file/8942-first-eagles-nov-2008-update/ For the armchair aces campaigns, you have to download the necessary aircraft individually...and yes, if you're going to try out my FM pack, best thing is to download it at the same time as you grab the individual aircraft too - will save time on downloading since my FM tweaks override the older peter01 mods, so no need to download earlier FM tweaks unless you want specifically to try out the peter01 mods. My FM tweaks should be flown on "hard" mode in the FE settings menu, by the way, as should the old peter01 mods. No telling how they behave on easy or medium/moderate settings. Von S
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    whoever told you that was full of shit. What you describe is more video driver issue. And yes, my first installs were XP also. And I really DO know what I'm talking about. and why do we have to go to some other site to view your images? Just attach them to your post. Remember, the very last person you want to call out, is one of the Admins. So watch your tone
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    Again, thx to Stephen1918! The Italians are preparing for flying boat patrols
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    do anybody has this file ??? ha-300 egypt


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