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    McDonnell Douglas F-4EZ Phantom - No.2 Squadron, South African Air Force, 1981 During the mid-1970's the South African Government made tentative enquiries regarding purchasing the McDonnell Douglas Phantom for the South African Air Force (SAAF) with no success but in February 1977 the incoming Democrat President of the United States, Jimmy Carter, and the South African State President Nicolaas Diederichs agreed to the purchase of 30 F-4EZ's for delivery in 1979 and these were among the very last St. Louis-built Phantoms produced. Entering service with No.2 Squadron 'The Flying Cheetahs' of the SAAF the F-4EZ's initially operated from Hoedspruit AFB before moving to Louis Trichardt AFB in early 1993. With SAAF Impalas, Buccaneers and Mirage F.1CZ's operating in the ground-attack role the Phantoms saw limited action in the Border War but at least four Angolan MiG-21's and two Mi-17 helicopters were shot down by No.2 Squadron. The surviving F-4EZ's were finally retired in 2012 when they replaced by Eurofighter Typhoons. Skin Credit: Stratos
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    I was flying a recon mission in my SPAD XI when I was attacked by a group of HB Star Strutters. I tried to turn under them, where they couldn't bring their guns to bear, but one of them managed to knock out my engine. My gunner got one in the belly as he passed over and he went down. I was able to make it a nearby valley and land, but was behind the Austrian lines. My wing man got away.
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    I ll try and get these checked and uploaded soon too..
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    I'm still enjoying Gterl's Italian terrain. I've spent the last two year's pretty exclusively in Galicia; it's refreshing to fly some planes I haven't flown for a while. (Emld's Hanriot HD1, my SPAD XI, Laton's Ansaldo SVA5)
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    No need to apologise, IMHO. You seem polite and well educated, in contrast to someone else asking hundreds of questions without looking at the Knowledge Base, and treating those who help him like sh*t.
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    "What If" you could model the over 20,000lbs thrust on the Mig-21 Bis that was available below 4KM/13123ft? One thing you could do is a loop right after take off. You could also burn all of your internal fuel in less than 3 minutes. Open beta tester will be uploaded soon.
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    In all fairness you don't need to extract anything from any cats to run the basic game, all sounds etc should work fine, like wrench said you just needed to get used to running SF2 as stock for a few days to make sure everything was working as it should be, then and only then should you try to change one thing at a time, it's easier for people to give you an answer if we have a known good starting point.......which we dont.
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    After demonstrating their usefulness during the Falklands conflict, the RAF decided to retain a small fleet of Vulcan bombers. These were then treated to much needed avionics, powerplant, structural and weapons updates. The aircraft was known as the Avro Vulcan B3 in service and was used exclusively by 12 squadron. It could carry any weapon in the RAF arsenal as well as infra red and active homing missiles for self defense.
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    dmtdragon and crew has the single seaters to do some stuff for you as ive no time....give em time lol
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    Ahhhhhhhhh, Swedish waters in 1952, and time to go on an anti-shipping patrol The run-in was contested...as was the run out... And home again
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    I'm getting ready to roll out a new release of our software. This is a huge undertaking and I hope to minimize down time. I'll keep this topic updated as things get closer or might interrupt our user experience. Your understanding and patience is appreciated during our remodel. Best regards, E
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    Hi there, people- I heard tell from an old ini file that apparently, that *begins whispering* once upon a time, our Great Lord and Saviour, Stary, the Protector of the Red Side Cockpit, made a **BOMBSIGHT**. where would I find the standalone for this? thanks in advance, Stormy
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    Indonesia LowVis Camo...TA-4H/J 2-Seaters are next.
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    GR.1A done ;-) Will be available soon for download.
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    Hey man. Just hoping this is still in the works.
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    Cool concept, thanks for putting this here so I learned something new. And thanks to Spinners!
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    WIP, something to shooting at. The T-67. What if the soviets would have introduced the Object 167 into service? Object 167 was the successor of the T-62 (object 166) with a new suspension system (was later used on T-72) and a new turbo diesel engine with 700 hp instead 580 hp in T-62. Top speed of the tank was 65 km on road, 40 cross country. Range around 450 km. So it was comparable with a Leopard 1 tank, but had a much better armour. There were some versions of object 167. One with gas turbine (helicopter engine), one with 100mm gun D-54TS (comparable with britisch L-7 gun) and one with 115mm smoothbore gun and ATGM Maljutka (AT-2 Sagger) And no, this is not paper tank. This was really tested in the 60th.
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    small mountain lakes..rather ponds
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    Hello everybody, The year has just begun, but we're already preparing the new update for you. Version 3.010 will be focused on improving the functionality of several modules of the sim and some of the changes are long-awaited and important. In the meantime, the work on all the Early Access projects progresses according to the schedule and many new things will be ready shortly after 3.010 release, in Q1 2019. Our map designers are finishing the map of the Southern Kursk salient that includes Prokhorovka. As we announced before, it will utilize the higher detailed landscape wireframe and higher detailed buildings damage. When it is finished, the work on the scenario campaigns for "Clash at Prokhorovka" will begin. The campaigns will recreate the large scale historical events of July 1943 to the South-West of Prokhorovka. Today we can show you several screenshots of this map: We plan to show you the new tanks soon - M4A2 Sherman, Pz.Kpfw.III Ausf.M (to be released at the end of the Winter) and T-34 mod. 1943 and PzKpfw IV Ausf.G (to be released at the beginning of Spring). We also started the implementation of the major feature - animated tank crewmen. This is a very laborious and time-consuming task since each tank has 4-5 crewmen and each one of them has his own unique pose and animations (many can also lean out of their hatches). This forced us to find new technical approaches for character animation that open new prospects not only for the Tank Crew but also other projects: For "Flying Circus" project we're making the map of 100 km front line near Arras (Spring 1918). It will be made using the same techniques we're using for the creation of the large Bodenplatte project map, so it should also be a step forward visually. Here are first in-game screenshots of Sopwith Dolphin and Fokker D.VII which will be ready soon: For our main project, Bodenplatte, we're preparing the next wave of the new aircraft. FMs for P-51D, Fw 190 D-9 and Me 262 A-1/2 are already in the works, while artists create 3D models of Hawker Tempest Mk.V, P-38J-25, P-51D-15, Me 262 A-1/2 and B-25 Mitchell-II (non-playable). Here are some screenshots of Me 262 A-1/2 (its paint schemes and cockpit are nearly ready): You can discuss the news in this thread
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    making a aircraft and bring it in to the game is difficult enough but making a cockpit and try to get it work is a pain in the a..... F-4G_early cockpit , still a long way to go
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    Greek Thunderchief over Cyprus, 1974
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    HMNB Clyde (HMS Neptune) Faslane, Scotland. It's French counterpart, Île Longue , in front of Brest RAF Lakenheath , basend on Sundowner's RAF base MOD avaible at the Photoreal UK terrain. RAF Greenham Common Holstein air base by Florian
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    SF2 AAA Pack. This is a small stand alone pack that will increase the quantity and deadliness of small AAA and Flak. This mod is based on files from the SF2V Air and Ground Expansion Pack and NF4+. This pack can be used with any SF2 install To install: Just drag and drop the folders to your mod folder. Enjoy! Malibu43
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    BAe/Convair Corona FG.2 - No.800 Naval Air squadron, Royal Navy Fleet Air Arm, 1986
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    SAIA90 Mirlo http://combatace.com/topic/44859-saia90-mirlo-public-preview/


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