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    Pavel..."Fuckski Putinski.."..... Yuri..." Da,itski fuckingski freezingski comrade"
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    unfortunately, No volunteers, everyone seems to be busy with other projects. Going to make one skin, (the best that I can ) one squadron and release, putting all other projects on hold and will not start any new projects. When I will have the time, I will work on them starting with the oldest to the newest.
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    Gloster P-74B Meteor - 374th Fighter Squadron, 361st Fighter Group, United States Army Air Force, 1944
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    One fraction of a second until confetti....
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    Single MiG... seeks similar, GSOH, non-smoker for fun days out and possibly more. Sukhoi's need not apply.
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    I also think that there is not much interest for more contemporary aircraft, which is a pity. I would love to see those MiG-31s finalized, as well as the mighty Tu-160. We have F-22s, F-35s etc. But Russian aircraft are generally lacking. So thank you very much for your efforts, Veltro2k!
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    Indonesian Flankers scramble to intercept some visitors over the South China Sea... On the deck, two Vietnamese Flankers... They bank away to head for home... And these guys are up for a Sunday morning flight too...
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    Fleet Defense....
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    Before it's too late in my time zone... Su-22 Fitter: Su-27 Flanker at Night Hoping the Flares Work: Su-24 Fencer Getting Some 20mm From A F-15J:
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    In a What-if-World almost everything is possible. And the Fencer in this case must not have been soviet before. That's the freedom what-iffers have. It's just the Fencer "masquerading" as another plane from another country; people like Spinners and I have done it for years, just in case you didn't notice. Also re-imagining Russian aircraft to serve in NATO and traditionally western armament buying countries. Just take a deeper look into this section and the What-if Screenshot Thread. And there is a MiG-29 for the spanish air force in the What-If Download section. And I am pretty sure, that there is also a Canadian Flanker somewhere in the Forum that had possibly been created by Spinners or somebody else.
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    MIGgldy piggldy.....into the blue yonder...FAST
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    You REALLLLLLY don't want to go there... that's terraforming, and is not for the faint of heart or those easily discouraged. And has an unbelievably steep learning curve. (and not a Window 10 machine)
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    Haven't tried that yet! It might reduce the drop and extend the effective range a bit. I think the max effective range for the FFAR's was about 3000m but the effective range I'm getting with the current CF-100 set up is much less. High Flyer, relatively speaking:
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    Beautiful!! And nicely imagined and represented. Well done Spinners!
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    I like this new base for IRAN/IRAQ terrain (I think is useful to write this ...) Please make more!
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    Since it's just a brainstorming session for now, I was always fascinated by the RAF in Malta, and the location would be great for Southern Med flying... Even though the RAF has vacated the airfields, Malta still hosts a serious airshow, and the airport could handle military traffic in a "crisis". https://vassallohistory.wordpress.com/airfields/
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    Veltro sorry to hear that, unfortunately not too many modders remain, and I think they're busy with othe rprojects, I want to say thanks for all the hard work.
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    Jimmy Stewart on his old stomping ground in "Strategic Air Command"....still looks good today...also in HD.........below...photography is still amazing. Six Turning Four Burning - B-36 Peacemaker (WITHOUT SUBTITLES)
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    Pretty sure I've got this on DVD somewhere:
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    Some other great photography from 1979.
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    After a looong time passed skinning around, I took the joystick and flew my favorite (upgraded) Suez campaign ... Not so bad .... 3 Sea Hawk and 2 F-84F down ... in one mission ...
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    russ, check out the f-89 scorpions -- i did some jiggery pokery to get the rockets working. you may also need special rockets with sustainers to actually HIT something! (is Sky 1 next??? LOL!!!) ----------- required screenie
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    Do you believe in Angels ? Few wrinkles to iron out...somehow when exporting I accidently moved rear fuselage a tad lolz...also...anyone know can I set up rockets that fire from the ports on the plane ?...didnt the starfire have internal rockets? ps...cant remember does ini spec settings over ride 3dsmax ones I seem to recall they do if present. ?...soon as finished,back to the Pak-Fa...this was the suprise I mentioned btw lol..
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    Early 70's... They seem a little pissed that I got thru...
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    So apparently its a Crud... new on on me, thought the "Crud" was referring to the crappy weather and the fact Mondays are just kinda crappy in genera One not so Cruddy Crud landing:
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    Looking for another US ship to buzz
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    Flagon F in action... 1983 !
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    USAF F-35A with its brand new Sidekick racks increasing the number of internally-carried AMRAAMs from 4 to 6.
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