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    A few When Thunder Rolled screenies as requested by select individuals: Our North American F-100F Super Sabre SAM Hunter in "bare metal"...
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    U.S.C.G. Douglas R5D-4 (1955)
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    I found some interesting MiG -21 data online so did a mini review of the ThirdWire flight model to see if there was any room to improve the performance a bit. Regarding the aerodynamics everything looked good and any changes that would have been made based on the data would have resulted in slightly worse performance so I left it as is. Best areas to improve performance were some adjustments to rack weights, some potential adjustments to empty weights on some versions but not the Bis, implementation of a combat flap set up for the later versions, and a work around for the Bis series to model the very large emergency thrust setting that was available below 4km/13123ft. There was a 3 minute limit on that system but it's not modeled. Might try something in the future to get an engine blow up at some point past 3 minutes but it's low priority. Here's some info on the changes: Engine Boost: I've been aware of this capability for a long time but didn't think it could be modeled. Turns out, it can! The engine afterburner mach tables use the same altitude table as the dry mach tables so what I did was add a second engine to the Mig-21Bis, but it supplies thrust in afterburner only. It adds additional thrust bringing the total thrust to 21825lbs static. At 13000ft the altitude table included with the second engine starts cutting down on the thrust until it's completely gone at 14000ft. The additional fuel consumption with the added thrust is modeled but it's not as bad as I suggested in a screen shot. After fixing a mistake the fuel lasts around 4 to 4 1/2 minutes but the fuel consumption and thrust can vary quite a bit depending on mach number and altitude. The additional thrust activates at about 98% throttle so to conserve fuel you will want to use the AB with discretion. It just occurred to me now I might be able to set the main engine up so it gets it's max thrust around 90-95% which would leave a bit of a dead zone between the main and second engine. Will give that a test at some point. Combat Flaps: This system appeared on the later versions, possibly first appearing on late production PFM's but not 100% sure about that. A graph showed the additional lift from the combat flaps that was available at speeds up to mach 0.90. I'm not sure how they worked in RL but these ones are just set to automatic mach and are fully deployed at 0.30 mach and fully retracted at 0.90mach with a continuous variation between points. The combat flap system worked between 0deg and 25deg flap angle. With the automatic combat flaps the landing flap setting is no longer available. Rack and empty weights: With the smallish low lift delta wing the MiG-21 suffers badly from increased weight. Any legitimate weight savings would help a lot. Anyway, from the info I was looking at the weight of the main racks was considerably lighter than the TW values so I made some adjustments. Aircraft empty weights need more research but the Bis looks about right and the MF looks too heavy by about 240kg. Any further information on these topics would be appreciated. Here are beta test FM's for the Bis and Bis-B: MiG-21BisFM's0.95.zip
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    Flying a fun mod, high over Cuba. CIA ops during 1962...
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    BAC Thunderstrike GR.52 - 70 Stormo, Aeronautica Militare, 1991 Skin Credit: sundowner
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    Thank you Ravenclaw Spang SAM killers... alert !
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    All the bugs and details fixed, ready for release.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Redrawn Lines, Rivets, etc.. for the Mirage Factory's beautiful little F-84F Thunderstreak. It can be used for SF1 or SF2. This template is a .psd file at 4096 pixels. It can be reduced for those with low spec computers. It was made using Photoshop. It has redrawn lines, rivets and various bits. I had completed about half of this template when I discovered PappyChkSix's template and beautiful skins. Kicked myself repeatedly and at great length but I was also happy to discover the skins. Some of this template is based on and inspired by his original template and works. The only skin with this template is USAF Natural Metal / Aluminum. If you want to make the lines and rivets darker or lighter, this template allows you to do that yourself by adjusting the opacity of the lines, rivets or any layer of this file. To use it you must have a paint program that reads/modifies .psd files. Then you can adjust the specular, glossiness and/or reflection entries in the skin's texture.ini file to get the skin to your liking. I use the poor mans' method of bump mapping. I don't have the needed software or skills to create real bump maps. I use two template layers: one black the other white. The white layer is below the black layer and offset one pixel up or down and one pixel left or right. Then adjust the opacity of each layer to create a 'shadow' effect. When done right it gives the illusion it's 3D. Add your own dirt, details and weathering. Credit and Thanks to the Mirage Factory for this great little jet. INSTALLATION: Unzip to a folder/place of your choice. Copy, Move, Drag-n-Drop or do whatever you wish to get the skin folder into your XXX folders. Choose the desired skin in the loadout section. Fly. I'm releasing this under the Combat Ace Fair Use Agreement. Use it anyway you wish for personal use. For any other use, please contact me first. If you find any problems with it, please PM me. If you improve it, please PM me a copy. Thanks to all who are helping me learn to skin by direct involvement and/or by inspiration. If I forget or miss anyone who deserves credit for anything I release, I apologize. I have no intent to abuse or misuse anyone's property or claim it as my own. Please contact me to correct any error. Geary
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    I do not understand why riverts are "holy". if to tune up the photoshop brush i can do a trillion rivets per minute! ) for me most difficult it is weathering
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    DCS got a very detailed SU-25 Temp for their SU-25. Maybe you could adapt it to the SF2 model?
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    Dear Pilots! SUMMER SALE HAS LAUNCHED! June 25th - July 9th 2019 In Official Webstore and on Steam Battle of Kuban = 50% Off (First time at this price) Battle of Stalingrad = 66% Off Battle of Moscow = 66% OFF All Collector Planes = 50% Off (Including the U-2VS) All Scripted Campaigns = 50% Off All Rise of Flight Content = 66% Off Cliffs of Dover BLITZ = 66% Off OFFICIAL WEBSTORE STEAM As usual, if you purchase a plane you already have you can send it as a Gift to a friend or squadron mate. NOTE: having at least the base game (Stalingrad) on Steam means you can launch it from the Steam client without entering a login and password and you can access your IL-2 content purchased elsewhere if you link the accounts. I recommend to buy it directly from the original webstore
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    I'm busy last time, but German IDS is going slowly forward. It will be ready soon ;-)
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    Added "bare metal" panel under the wings and the insignias are now painted-on.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Hello and thank you for downloading my work. https://gkabs.net What's included: Giraffe 2D radar and 3d radar this was requested by strahi. All my file should include the Strike Fighters 2 Series game file (.old) and the texture required. Installation: Copy the folder to Objects/GroundObject and the falowing to _TYPES.ini file [TargetTypeXXX] <-------- Change to the next number at the bottom of you types listing Name=GK-Giraffe-R2D FullName=Giraffe 2D radar TargetType=AAA UseGroundObject=TRUE GroundObjectType=GK-Giraffe-R2D ActiveYear=1985 TargetValue=250 RepairRate=0.555 StartDetectChance=80 StartIdentifiedChance=20 IncreaseDetectChanceKey=10 MaxVisibleDist=8000.0 DestroyedEffect=SmallRocketGroundExplosion SecondaryEffect=VehicleFireEffect SecondaryChance=50 [TargetTypeXXX] <-------- Change to the next number at the bottom of you types listing Name=GK-Giraffe-R3D FullName=Giraffe 3D radar TargetType=AAA UseGroundObject=TRUE GroundObjectType=GK-Giraffe-R3D ActiveYear=1985 TargetValue=250 RepairRate=0.555 StartDetectChance=80 StartIdentifiedChance=20 IncreaseDetectChanceKey=10 MaxVisibleDist=8000.0 DestroyedEffect=SmallRocketGroundExplosion SecondaryEffect=VehicleFireEffect SecondaryChance=50 If you need any further help please read the Knowledge Base at: https://combatace.com/forums/forum/268-thirdwire-strike-fighters-2-series-knowledge-base/ LICENSE: You are allowed to use this model and everything included with it for personal non-profit use for Strike fighters 1 and 2. For use outside of this scope, you need to contact me for permission. gkabs@gkabs.net Credit goes to the following: GKABS for creating the model (everything except the truck chase) and skins strahi for testing and making all the data file for the 2 models, big help many thanks, and I hope you will enjoy your request. The truck model is a free form https://free3d.com/ by ysup12 Credit goes to https://www.textures.com as a use a lot of their photos to create the skins. Google for some photos and information. And finally not to forget the wonderful site of https://combatace.com and all the nice member's and their dedicated support for this game. Software used: 3d Max 2009 UVLayout v2 Pro Substance Painter Adobe Photoshop If you need any assistance please contact me at gkabs@gkabs.net
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    here is a BETA version of the F-4G_78 with a almost finish cockpit , the cockpit lod is large with 7,95 Mb F-4G Phantom.7z Installation PLEASE delete any existing aircraft and weapon with a similar name like the one in this pack before you install this aircaft or this weapons issues due to the large cockpit lod the aircraft will not work on heavily modded terains ( Anatolia / GermanyCE ) due to game limitations the Threat Warning Panel is not working like it should , i still look for a way to get it working , any ideas are welcome i´m still trying to reduce the sice of the cockpit lod Please let me know if you find any problems with this aircraft regards Volker
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    it works in sf2. (at least standard tube artillery; rockets too iirc) the original American SouthWest has defense posts on the Blue (Texan) side with arty positions - watch a CAS mission against one of the forts; the arty engage the tanks. Also, Brownsville/Matamores batteries shoot at each other. one of the Israel maps (can't remember if it's IME or Isreal2) has Bar Lev fortress, with M-109s that engage Egyptian forces across the canal. They fire back with D-20s some WW2 PTO maps, I seem to recall working SCUDs in either the ODS or Iran/Iraq terrains (maybe both) We been doing this a while -- we do know how to make things work. I should know, I've done it
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    Sure I should try that, as soon as time permits. All 56' colourful natural metal skins done (no screenshot yet for the 23rd squad)
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    I remember now ... there are some mapping issues, and mesh issues (decal bleeds) that's why I never finished it. The image is from 2015. Uses the PB-1W lod.
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    I LOVE flying these off carriers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    The color scheme on these is fantastic...........and almost impossible to spot when low over the water.
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