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    Version 1.0.0


    Hi there everyone, I joined combatace almost 10 years ago and, after several attempts I finally managed to make this monstrosity. The mighty BC-304 Daedalus-Class battlecruiser from the Stargate franchise. It is the second generation of interstellar Earth warships made integrating alien reverse engineered technology obtained in the operations of the Stargate Command during the previous 8 years. It includes: - 28 automatic railgun turrets around the ship. - 16 VLS missile in the front deck silos, armed with conventional HE warheads or tactical nuclear ones. The range of this missiles are 150+ km. Since there is no name for these missiles I made it up as SSM (Standard Space Missile). - Advanced Trinium-Naquadah alloy armour (Steel with lots of hitpoints). - Reverse engineered sublight engines (that uses this naquadah as fuel, making the TSFC=0.01 as it possess a huge amount of energy so don't worry about consumption :) ). - Antigravity drive which substitutes the landing gear allowing you to hover at about 300 meters above the ground. Now you can stay above the tanks shooting down Beagles, watching how enemy AAAs fail trying to shoot you down muahahaha. - Shield generator that covers the entire ship, "theoretically" absorbing the damage before it reaches the ship itself. For those who are also like stargate franchise, no, I haven't made the also mighty Asgard Plasma Beam upgrade, but I will try to do something in future releases. I also included several skins of the different ships that appeared in the franchise: U.S.S. Daedalus - The first to be commissioned for USAF which is assigned to assist Atlantis expedition in Pegasus Galaxy. U.S.S. Odyssey - The second to be finished which remains in Earth. B.F.R. Korolev - Commissioned almost simultaneously with the Odyssey, given to the Russian Federation in exchange for the operations of the stargate. U.S.S. Apollo - The second to be assigned to Pegasus Galaxy. C.N.S. Sun Tzu - The first ship to be given to People's Republic of China. U.S.S. Hammond - The last known to be commissioned for United States, originally was going to be called Phoenix but they changed the name to honour the first General in charge of Stargate Command, George Hammond, after passing away. U.S.S. Phoenix - The name given to that ship in alternate realities. Some notes about this model: I don't fully understand the damage mechanics in this game, so despite of the fact that this ship have "advanced force fields" that withstand several tactical nukes, sometimes you can get shot down by the rear gun of a Tu-95. Since it is a very big ship (650m long) all the 28 railguns have difficulties aiming at small targets due to the offset of the guns. But they still hit big targets such as other spaceships of the same size, and sometimes big bombers like Tu-95. Anyways, if someone knows how to improve this, suggestions and ideas are very welcomed! The flight mechanics have been "developed" from FastCargo's F-35B, my goal was to have vertical takeoff and landing functioning but I have not managed to achieve that properly. This "plane" is quite special to fly, it has a 100+ times bigger inertias than the F-35 so don't expect to dogfight with fighter jets, just wait until they crash in your force fields :) Also, take into account that the size of this aircraft is such that you can not fly in regular squadron formations as it crashes with the other ships. It is ment to fly alone in air combat missions (however I would like to implement air to ground warfare in next versions). It has no cockpit, I just put it in the place of the bridge. I will try to do my own cockpit in the future. If you are wondering where I took these F-302 of the screenshots, they are from the A-Team Skunkworks. They also have the Death Glider so if you get it from there you can recreate some pretty good stargate battles! ********Any commercial use of this mod is CLEARLY FORBIDDEN!!! CREDITS for the material that made this possible: - FastCargo's F-35 that I used as a base for the INIs. - Effects included in Stary's EE3 for SF2 series used for the nuclear explosions in both ground and air. I know that this material also involve more people who put their best effort on it, I want to thank them sincerely, and also the people involved on the Viper afterburner effect that I was unable to track. I hope I haven't missed anybody! Also I would like to thank the modding knowledge in combatace which helped me to make this possible. And finally! The model itself is incomplete, I still have to add some parts like the communication deck and the sensors array and many more things, but Christmass time is over so I decided to upload what I have made. It is my first serius mod after having joined Combatace 10 years ago, after several attempts of doing sci-fi stuff, and now I finally managed to make this "living insult to aerodynamics". I really hope you enjoy it and of course I am opened to suggestions and feedback as this model is not perfect by far (a lot of things are not adjusted, it lacks more testing, it is like flying two carriers in a simulator not ment to do that, etc.). All things said, have fun! :)
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    To be more precise, the issue is due to the Effects setting. Effects should be set to High, everything else can be set to Unlimited, AFAIK. As I stated countless times, with Effects set to Unlimited, the game uses specific DirectX 10 calls which have been implemented poorly, I guess.
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    we should never have given the money back. iran is sued by victims of their terrorism almost daily...they owe and most likely will continue to owe the victims millions upon millions. iran never pays these lawsuits so the victims only way to collect is out of these frozen funds. also it was just a bad bargaining chip,freeing that money was supposed to be a leveraging point in the deal negotiations but all it got was a shitty deal.
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    Action in the North Atlantic...
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    F-5B Demonstration team for RCAF in 1968
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    As new to world of helo models...few Q`s When assigning the VTol RCS components how crucial is placement...also how do you go about deciding where to place them.? looked at some helo data,s and models in mues lod viewer....(btw...in mues viewer some reason seakings dont show a lod...though it thinks its there) I know how to fake ailerons etc and dummy items...just the VTOL commands (RCS) has me stumped... TIA.. Before anyone gets too excited lol....this IS an FSX model,one I had bought ages ago...I hoped it was in the Aphasim freeware bundle ,but after I started to convert it,discovered it isnt.......so,Ive contacted Virtavia,who ARE more or less Alphasim....to get permission to convert it to a freeware model....I informed them it would be in SF2 LOD format and probably not so easy to pirate lol... anyways,if they refuse...I will "clone it"....as ive already replaced some parts anyways..some new parts,some texture work,new Spec and Bumps etc......about 10%.....I am hopeful they will agree,dont see why not as its now an old model...if they refuse I might suggest I charge for it...$2.00 lol...and give them half....anyways...we`ll see what happens...no matter what,we will still get a version....Ive probably put in 6 hours work on it...all need now is the data..doing...(will use the one from the KA-29 one we have at CA....all points etc (co-ords,coll points etc) Hopefully the green light will be good as ive a few items in pipeline...
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    View File Jet pilot Hello and thank you for downloading my work. https://gkabs.net What's included: New Pilot model All my files should include the Strike Fighters 2 Series game file (.old) and the texture required. This is for Strike Fighters 2 Series ONLY. Installation: Copy the files to Objects\pilot folder Add these lines to the _DATA.INI file to any jet you would like to add the new pilot to. [Pilot] PilotModelName=GK-Pilot <---- PilotHeadNodeName=GK-Head <---- if you have a two-seater add the Copilot as well. [CoPilot] PilotModelName=GK-Pilot1 <---- PilotHeadNodeName=GK-Head <---- If you need any further help please read the Knowledge Base at: https://combatace.com/forums/forum/268-thirdwire-strike-fighters-2-series-knowledge-base/ LICENSE: You are allowed to use this model and everything included with it for personal non-profit use for Strike fighters 1 and 2. For use outside of this scope, you need to contact me for permission. gkabs@gkabs.net Software used: 3d Max 2009 UVLayout v2 Pro Substance Painter Adobe Photoshop Fuse FaceGen If you need any assistance please contact me at gkabs@gkabs.net Submitter GKABS Submitted 01/10/2020 Category Pilot Mods  
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    View File Jet Hangars Hello and thank you for downloading my work. https://gkabs.net What's included: Collection of 2 hangars with 12 skins one with open doors and the other closed. For SF2 only All my files should include the Strike Fighters 2 Series game file (.old) and the texture required. Installation: Copy the files to Objects folder and the falowing to _TYPES.ini file [TargetTypeXXX] Name=GK-CHangar1 FullName=GK-CHangar1 ModelName=GK-CHanger1.LOD <---- change the number for the skin name you need TargetType=HANGAR ActiveYear=0 TargetValue=50 UseGroundObject=FALSE DamagePoint=140.0 ArmorValue=24516080.0 ArmorType=2 RepairRate=0.150 StartDetectChance=20 StartIdentifiedChance=0 IncreaseDetectChanceKey=0 MaxVisibleDist=8000.0 CollisionMesh=Shelter_Hardened1_col.LOD DamagedModel= DestroyedEffect=MediumShortStructureCollapse DestroyedModel= SecondaryChance=100 SecondaryEffect=LargeFire If you need any further help please read the Knowledge Base at: https://combatace.com/forums/forum/268-thirdwire-strike-fighters-2-series-knowledge-base/ LICENSE: You are allowed to use this model and everything included with it for personal non-profit use for Strike fighters 1 and 2. For use outside of this scope, you need to contact me for permission. gkabs@gkabs.net Software used: 3d Max 2009 UVLayout v2 Pro Substance Painter Adobe Photoshop If you need any assistance please contact me at gkabs@gkabs.net Submitter GKABS Submitted 01/12/2020 Category Structures  
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    So let's put this into perspective. The Iran Nuclear Agreement was the love child of the UK, Russia, France, China, Germany, US, and the EU. The US unfroze $400,000,000.00 and the other nations combined unfroze $1,100,000,000.00 of Iran's assets. For perspective, the US unfroze 26% of Iran's assets held abroad on deposit with the US for weapons Iran wanted to purchase. Many other nations were punch drunk on the cheap oil from Iran and those countries held the lion's share of assets and debt but it's the US's portion that tipped the scales. This is the shit you get when your options are limited. Wonky lopsided deals and a couple pallets of cash. Yes it cost all of us to prevent a breakout of nuclear weapons in the Middle East. Iran was months from such a reality when the G5+1 stepped in. The resulting negotiation provided for a 15 year ban on nuclear grade material production, an almost total reduction of Iran's nuclear stockpile, destruction of all but a 10% of their centrifuges, and verification of compliance. The goal was to stop Iran and give the world 15 years to prepare and try to fix this fiasco before Tehran redesigned the landscape from Tel Aviv to the Arabian Sea. That deal has since been revoked by the US while the other signatory nations try to keep it in place but their efforts are failing. Back in May of 2019 Trump imploded the Iran Nuclear Agreement. By the end of June Iran made notification it was no longer in compliance and was stockpiling nuclear grade material. The world estimated, back in July of 2019, that Iran could once again be breaking out with nuclear weapons within 6 months. That time is now. What President Trump did was remove the uncertainty of the Iran Nuclear Agreement for the certainty that Iran will breakout as the next nuclear state in the very near future. President Trump promised he was going to negotiate a deal, a much better deal the other nations will be happy with. I'm 100% confident that the way to this new deal did not include assassinating Soleimani. Trump has officially given us a double shit sandwich with no bread dilemma and I'm concerned this posturing by US officials and executives will put millions of lives at risk the moment Iran has had enough.
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    Dogfighting against them among all these nuclear blasts is very funny. Not perfect but ts the best what if mod. tnks for sharin.
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    Version 1.0.0


    pack of skins for the nid-52 are from the republican side and from the national side the decals represent the 11th to 26th republican groups
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    FW-187 Falke. Close escort for Do-17 over Kent.
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    Well, i will resume from what i have :) No harrier were used by the USMC, only helo's. The marines used CH-46E from HMM-261 along with some AH-1T. The Navy provided the air cover with the Air Wing Six - USS Independence : A-7E (VA-15 and VA-87), F-14 (VF14 and VF-32), A-6E (VA-176), EA-6B (VAQ-131) and S-3A (VS-28). The Navy used also some C-9B from both reserve unit for SEAL transport and evacuation duty. The Army used also some helo (OH-58C, OH-6A and 500MD). USAF used C-130E, C-130H, C-141B and C-5A, AC-130H, EC-130E, MC-130E, KC-10A Hope that will help!
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    The only major problem I've had running SF2 in Win 10 has been with my Nvidia graphics card drivers. Updated drivers cause the game to go black when starting a mission if the game's graphics settings are set to 'unlimited.' It works fine on 'high' graphic setting. The 'fix' for me has been to keep an old set of drivers installed so I can run the game on 'unlimited' setting. If you don't use a Nvidia graphics card you might not have this problem.
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    Version 1.1


    Hello and thank you for downloading my work. https://gkabs.net What's included: New Pilot model All my files should include the Strike Fighters 2 Series game file (.old) and the texture required. This is for Strike Fighters 2 Series ONLY. Installation: Copy the files to Objects\pilot folder Add these lines to the _DATA.INI file to any jet you would like to add the new pilot to. [Pilot] PilotModelName=GK-Pilot <---- PilotHeadNodeName=GK-Head <---- if you have a two-seater add the Copilot as well. [CoPilot] PilotModelName=GK-Pilot1 <---- PilotHeadNodeName=GK-Head <---- If you need any further help please read the Knowledge Base at: https://combatace.com/forums/forum/268-thirdwire-strike-fighters-2-series-knowledge-base/ LICENSE: You are allowed to use this model and everything included with it for personal non-profit use for Strike fighters 1 and 2. For use outside of this scope, you need to contact me for permission. gkabs@gkabs.net Software used: 3d Max 2009 UVLayout v2 Pro Substance Painter Adobe Photoshop Fuse FaceGen If you need any assistance please contact me at gkabs@gkabs.net
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    Spitting Venom! (PauloPanz repainted skin.) Natural Metal / Aluminium. WIP repainted lines, rivets, template, etc.
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    DCS World 2020 and Beyond – Non-Aircraft Projects In last week’s newsletter, we reviewed our 2020 and beyond plans for aircraft in DCS World. One aircraft we forgot to mention was the MiG-23 from RAZBAM. This will be a great eastern aircraft addition to the stable of jets to DCS World, and it is being created by the same RAZBAM team that created the MiG-19. For this week’s newsletter, we are excited to discuss the many other DCS World projects that are not aircraft. This includes both new modules and core features to DCS World. Like the aircraft, this is a listing of what we will be working on this year, but unless specifically noted, we cannot promise that all these projects will be completed by the end of 2020. In fact, some of the larger projects may extend past it. DCS: Supercarrier In the latter part of 2019, we released a video showing off some of the early fun parts of this project. We are now nearing the finish line. Much of the remaining work involves adjusting the complex deck crew animations to support the launching of aircraft from all four catapults; ship lights that include the floodlights, the Improved Fresnel Optical Landing System (IFLOLS), and landing area lights; damage modelling; network copy protection; and up to 14 spawn points in multiplayer for client aircraft. Following the early access release, more features will be added that include a briefing room, more ships of the class, player IFLOLS operation, and more. We are pleased to announce that the DCS: Supercarrier module will also include a greatly updated Kuznetsov-class aircraft carrier (without deck animation), the Su-33 Flanker D for DCS World (for those of you who don’t already own it), and the Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyer! The Kuznetsov is a Russian-built aircraft carrier that is substantially improved over the existing version in DCS World. It is a completely new model with detailed geometry, textures, lighting, and animations. Players can operate the Su-33 Flanker D from the Kuznetsov, including carrier landings and ski-jump ramp takeoffs. In addition to a formidable suite of surface-to-air defenses, the Kuznetsov is also armed with P-700 Granit anti-ship cruise missiles. The Kuznetsov sister ship, the Varyag, was sold to China and now serves in the Chinese Navy as the Liaoning. A cornerstone of today’s American Carrier Battle Group (CVBG) is an array of Arleigh Burke-class guided-missile destroyers. Built around the SPY-1D radar and AEGIS battle management system, the Arleigh Burke-class provides an effective air defense umbrella around the CVBG and is also armed with Harpoon and Tomahawk cruise missiles, close-in gun systems, torpedoes, and a 5-inch deck gun. These new naval elements to DCS World will be at home in the recently announced Mariana Islands map. Although the island portion of the map will be approximately 400x400 km, the overall map size will be 1000x1000 km in order to provide realistic ranges for modern-day naval operations, sensors, and weapon systems. As with the new Nimitz-class aircraft carrier model for Supercarrier, the Kuznetsov and Arleigh Burke will be visible to all in multiplayer, regardless if you own the Supercarrier module. DCS: Supercarrier will be available for pre-order on January 17th with a 30% discount and will deliver as an Open Beta by the end of Q1 2020. Owners of DCS: F/A-18C will receive a discount when purchasing DCS: Supercarrier. Maps The Channel Map In addition to the Mariana Islands map, we are pleased to announce the first dedicated World War II map for DCS World that is created by Eagle Dynamics: The Channel map! This map will represent southeast England, the English Channel, and portions of the low countries and north eastern France. The map is built to support missions and campaigns between the late 1930s and 1945 with a new level of detail and realism not seen before in a DCS World map. Airfields of the map include: Manston Detling Hawkinge Lympne Dunkirk Mardyck Saint-Omer Longuenesse Merville Calonne Abbeville Drucat It will also include detailed renditions of the cities, towns, road and rail network, forests, rivers, canals, communication lines, radar stations, of this important region during the Second World War. DCS: The Channel Map will be available for pre-order with a 30% discount in early February 2020. Third Party Maps While we are focused on the Mariana Islands and Channels maps, our third parties will also be quite busy! Falkland Islands Map The RAZBAM map team is making great progress on their Falkland Islands map, while at the same time creating new assets and player-units to suit. Syria Map After completing a great update to their DCS: Normandy 1944 map, Ugra Media will continue their work on the ambitious Syria map. This map spans from Turkey in the north to Israel in the south, with Syria and Lebanon in between. After an initial map review, the Ugra Team will be implementing the feedback to move forward on an early access release. DCS: World War II Assets Pack Work continues on the World War II assets pack, with the addition of several important air, ground, and naval units including: Ju-88A-4 medium bomber A-20 Boston medium bomber C-47 transport MK.VIII Centaur IV tank Mk.IV Churchill VII tank Elefant self-propelled artillery Stug III tank destroyer M10 tank destroyer QF 3.7-inch AA gun 37 mm Gun M1 M45 Quadmount that can be used on different platforms 8.8 cm Flak 41 AAA Flakscheinwerfer 37 and generator support unit Schnellboot Type S-100 E-Boat Type VII U-Boat We are also looking at adding some exciting new features to the Asset pack, which include Torpedoes, Paratroopers and functional searchlights. DCS World Core Updates The core DCS World program will continue to grow and improve in 2020 across several key areas. In fact, more than half of Eagle Dynamics staff is devoted to improving the core of DCS World and not for-purchase products. Vulkan API Support In order to improve game performance, particularly in VR and take advantage of today’s hardware, we have been working on the integration of the Vulkan API into DCS World over the past year. This is an important undertaking, but we believe it will be well worth the end-results. DCS World 2.5.6 Lighting Improvements This month we begin the testing of version 2.5.6 of DCS World that will include improvements to the lighting system. This will be most evident at night when viewing the cockpits. In addition to cockpit lighting, overall world lighting will appear more natural and balanced with improved tones. Following this, our goal will be to further enhance world lighting by allowing multiple world-lighting sources. This will provide a much more natural and realistic appearance to the world. Clouds and Weather Another important DCS World enhancement in 2020 will be the delivery of substantially improved weather and clouds. The first step is our new system will render many different types and sizes of clouds in multiple layers. These clouds will impact certain sensors, and be synchronized in network play. We are setting a high bar for ourselves, and it is taking a bit longer than expected. However, we trust that it will be well worth the wait. In parallel, we are also working on significant improvements to the dynamic weather system of DCS World that will also take advantage of this new cloud system as well as pressure fronts. Voice Chat (VC) In late 2019 we released the first test version of our free, integrated voice chat system into DCS World. Since then, we have been analysing your feedback to make further improvements. Thank you for all the great comments! In 2020, we aim to deliver peer-to-peer connectivity and user chat “rooms” generation. The next step thereafter will be to support radio modulation and frequencies as well as varied mic and audio characteristics of helmets and radios from different eras. Our final goal will be to include communications jamming and secure voice capability. This will continue to be a free and fully integrated feature of DCS World. Damage Modeling Another new feature of DCS World 2.5.6 will be the initial release of the improved damage system for the WWII fighters in DCS. As we have discussed in prior newsletters, this system includes a complex and realistic accounting of damage to aircraft systems, round trajectory and penetration, deflection, and localized damage. We have also added substantially enhanced visual damage effects that include missing structural components, fuel and hydraulic leaks. The new damage model will provide a much more engrossing and realistic experience. Once we and our clients are happy with the warbirds damage model system, we will implement this new damage modelling to the more modern aircraft, ground units, and naval units. Aircraft Artificial Intelligence (AI) In 2019 we made initial improvements to the dogfight AI that delivers more realistic and human behaviour, this also includes implementation of modern control theory Necessary Condition Analysis (NCA) and Incremental Nonlinear Dynamic Inversion (INDI) to all our AI aircraft in DCS in 2020. The new approach will extend flight envelopes and improve AI control quality and control response in mass and moment of inertia changes. In 2020 we will continue this effort, but also devote resources to improve other AI areas to include: Beyond Visual Range (BVR) offensive and defensive behaviour Formation keeping and correct use of external lights Air-to-Ground attack maneuvers Very-low level flight and terrain following Defensive threat responses (SAM and AAA) Airfield Air Traffic Control (ATC) Another AI task that we will kick off in 2020 is a new implementation of ATC radio communications for airfields. This will be a more realistic and complete ATC system to account for ground, tower, departure, and approach controllers, as well as account for variables that include VRF/IFR and overhead/straight in. We will be working with subject matter experts to ensure that this new ATC system is a valuable addition to DCS World immersion and enjoyment. Air-to-Ground Radar and Forward-Looking Infrared (FLIR) Critical to complete the F/A-18C and F-16C, will be the inclusion of completed air-to-ground (AG) radar and Forward-Looking Infrared (FLIR) sensor systems. Last year, the JF-17 Thunder used our AG radar application programming interface (API) to great success. We will continue to improve the AG radar API and use it for both the Hornet and Viper. We will continue to enhance this area of expertise and work to improve radar shadowing, synthetic aperture radar (SAR) support, and varied resolution based on the type and era of radar. The updated FLIR API will be used to improve the targeting pod’s infrared (black hot/white hot) cameras. This is a rather large undertaking because it not only involves programming tasks to account for thermal dynamics of world and unit objects but also creating thermal maps for all objects in DCS World and how they behave under different conditions. Missile Dynamics Last year we used the AIM-7 as a testbed to implement several air-to-air missile performance and guidance improvements. Early this year we will be doing the same for the AIM-120. The AIM-120 performance in 2020 will be closer to claimed specifications given adjustments to G-induced drag in the trans-sonic region, and we improved the efficiency of the lofting profile. New AI Units In 2020 we will continue to update older DCS World units. We are currently developing the SA-5 surface-to-air missile and the SS-1 SCUD surface-to-surface missile (we still need to develop the Short-Range Ballistic Missile flight model), the S-3B Viking, and cows of course! There are other units we hope to revisit to like the B-52H, C-17A, Tu-95, and others. Dynamic Campaign Work on the dynamic campaign has been underway for over a year, and the progress has been steady on this very complex task. We understand that this is one of the most awaited features in DCS World and we are giving it the attention it deserves. Much of the work is focused on the dynamic campaign creation tool layers as part of the Mission Editor, developing machine learning mechanics, and creating an AI neural network for the RTS element of the system. The machine learning and neural network tasks are particularly challenging, but we believe they should provide a unique dynamic campaign experience. We expect to start testing this feature in the latter part of 2020. Thank you for the support and kindness, The Eagle Dynamics Team
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    Top job m8.....Ive got just the face to add for summat ive in mind.....top notch stuff GK
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    Are you sure about that last part? Obama's money given to the Iranian regime probably paid for the ballistic missiles fired at US bases in Iraq or some of the more recent aggression performed by them or their proxies..
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    And representing the Marineflieger... Sometimes, it only takes 1
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    let us state some facts. Iran did not start any war or attack any country in a very long long time....unlike other 'civilized' countries. Iranian people are generally very friendly, open and peaceful people. As far as I know some numbers of them. They just have shitty leadership. Just like some other countries. Starting war and removing current leaders will lead to a bigger mess - more parties would like to gain power there...without a single goal. Considering the geographical issues...it would be very hard to land airstrikes just like that out of nowhere. This is not a country like Afghanistan (where air defenses were nearly not existing) or Iraq where everything was about to collapse anyway and the military was at the edge of existence. And as trotski said airforce is not winning wars. Another thing is that whatever leaders think they still need to listen to military experts - and I believe that Trump was already informed of aftermatch of airstrikes...and his speech a few minutes ago shows that perfectly.
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    a surprise WIP from angelp. Still a long way off, but has much promise! Reusing the decals from my old DAT Boston mod. There's a gun-nosed A-20G in the works (also reusing my decals from the ETO Havoc). It looks really good close up; i've sent him over 300 megs of e-books on the Havoc. So, it's gonna be done right! Been begging for a new one for years....
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    In the wake of the news that Strike Fighters 2 is being bundled up into one and some of the comments on the forum, maybe we should list what should be in a Strike Fighters 3. I don't speak for or from the developers so don't get excited. But this can only help, urge them to please make a SF3. Here goes my list. First, the must-haves: Backwards compatibility with SF2 aircraft & terrain The ability for aircraft to target more than one target in missions & campaigns due to modern precision weapons The bug removed of telling a bomber wingman to attack a target The ability to control a two-ship formation the same as a four-ship True stealth/RCS capability for fourth & fifth gen fighters A Su-35, SU-34, F-15EX and F-35 modern warfare pak Now for the fantasy stuff... and don't ask me to prioritize this just yet: Some serious modern fleets - I'd start with the USN, PLAN, Taiwanese, Russian, British, French, Italian, Australian, and yes Japanese. More detailed maps and mission planning The option to use photoscenery in making maps. A tutorial how to write a campaign The ability to see in 3D where you place objects on the maps - Jane's Fighters Anthology had that ability in the late 1990s. Situational awareness plummeting without an allied AWACS in the air A helicopter sim mode with Seahawk, Knighthawk and Blackhawk models - for starters. Real Environment Xtreme (REX) weather goodies - even if just better textures and a simple weather control interface. But the freeware third-party mod I got are almost REX-quality. Aerial refueling Artillery that can be controlled from the strike lead or division lead aircraft... Good start, eh?
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    New blood in the SF2 series should trust Wrench. He's a veteran of this game series, among many others. There used to be a bug/exploit which allowed to press a key combination in order to refuel the plane. However, that bug existed on SF1 games. It was addressed in the SF2 series of games, and it no longer works. Other workarounds have been sought, but nothing worked. Strike Fighters is another kind of game (and I am a huge Ace Combat fan). We modders long for additional features and bug fixes, but without a source code you cannot change how the game works and its routines. So, we have to deal with it.
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    Not in this game. I've been playing and modding it since 2003. It's not possible. You're allowed a maximum of 32000 rounds of ammo (and the attendant weight penalties). To get that you'd need to extract and edit every single data ini for every aircraft that carries a gun, and place them into each and every one of their respective aircraft folders. Missiles and bombs are another story altogether. Meaning: weight limits of the hardpoint, aerodynamic forces of said overloaded hardpoint, limitations of the avionics (IR vs SAHM vs AHM). Most of us have spent an inordinate amount of time trying to REMOVE arcade-ism from the SF series. Making it as realistic as the engine's physics will allow. You want arcade, this ain't the game.
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    After rough weather in Israel, a few hardened aircraft shelters were flooded and the here's the result The airbase already back to operational capacity after most of the aircraft were fixed after sustaining minor damages...
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    Version 1.0.0


    I dont own this Mod somebody post it here https://www.deviantart.com/bigshi/art/FFR-41-MR-MAVE-vs-F-A-37-Talon-supersonic-kills-640041898. I tried to find this Mod.After spending a week or so I found this on Deviant art.If the the real creator sees this please inform me(gmail:cyber3xsimon@gmail.com) i will Remove this mod if he wants to or add his name. This is from Anime Yukikaze.It was a Reconnaissance aircraft then later FAF send it to Special Mission with Lt Rei Fukai. Details Working Cockpit HQ Model with effects Custom Hud and Radar Note:While playing campaign the year must be 2000+ ,because the weapon manufacturing date was set to 2000.If you want to play in game campaign then you have to change data file. you can change that in by FFR-41MR_Late_DATA (opens with notepad) and find Weapon Stations then find SpecificStationCode=FAF,change it to SpecificStationCode=.it should work. Advance Sorry for my bad writing. Happy flight


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