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    This is a quick video to show you that it's working and a photo from inside the Vive, not the best quality lol
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    How much damage can 1 Tonka with an attitude really do? And since I've never met a nuke I wouldn't drop................
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    Good new gentlemen, I got the game running using my HTC Vive headset and Vorpx software profile attached. everything works great with the original terrains but the minute I load the user-created terrains the game stops. I need to do more testing. I am really excited I couldn't take a screenshot as they all come out black. Strike Fighter 2.zip
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    FUTURE Weapons of the Turkish Armed Forces UKAP Unmanned Ground Vehicle ALTAY Tank KHAN/BORA Ballistic Missile GEZGIN Cruise Missile SOM Cruise Missile ATMACA Anti ship Missile Hybrid Rocket Engine LASER Weapons Electromagnetic Rail Guns HISAR Air Defense Systems SIPER Air Defense System S400 Air Defense System ATR-72 and CN-235 ASW Aircrafts Boeing E7-T AEWC KORAL and REDET Radar Electronic Warfare Systems SPEWS-II Self Protection Electronic Warfare Suite SOJ Airborne Stand Off Jammer EIRS Early Warning AESA Radar Airborne AESA Radar for F-16 Fighter Jets BOZDOGAN and GOKDOGAN Air to Air Missiles KARGI Anti radiotion Drone ANKA-S UCAV AKGUNGUR UCAV AKINCI UCAV T-625 Utility Helicopter 10 Tons class Utility Helicopter T-129 Attack Helicopter ATAK-II heavy Attack Helicopter TEI TS-140 Turboshaft Engine HURJET Light attack Jet TF-X 5th generation Fighter Jet TRMOTOR Turbofan Engine ADA class stealth Corvette ISTIF class stealth Frigate TF-2000 class Destroyer Type 214TN class AIP Submarine TCG ANADOLU Amphibious Assault Ship Turkey is really moving a head really fast
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    Soviet wildlife conservation. Protecting Bears
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    ajunaidr's old dm-4a Mystere IVA with new lines, rivets, paint, etc. in two flavors, IDF Camo and plain Aluminium (with a Suez Stripe accessory). WIP.
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    "I took out a building!" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "Hold my beer..."
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    Good research. Is the yaw restricted by SF2? The rotation should be unrestricted & at 1:1 scale, but if there's nothing modelled behind the pilot, then I guess there's no point allowing it to go that far around. And how is the 3D depth effect? That Vorpx is only for Vive? I have the Rift-S.
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    Sorry I'm 26 minutes late but here you go: Not the best picture but here's a Fitter about to get an AIM-9....
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    I have ave. fps in IL2-1946 of about 100 - graphics are acceptable with the vp modpack installed - but as indicated in one of my other posts here on the FE2 threads, I don't like the padlock views in IL2-1946 as much as in the ThirdWire and OBD sims. ROF padlock views are so-so. In "46" on the other hand, once a locked target is out of your front field of view for a few seconds, padlock automatically disengages - and then it's mouse-view or external aircraft-to-target view before you find the bandit again (cumbersome and sometimes it breaks immersion). Also I find high-density forests strange in "46" - with those spring coil effects, and then a downed aircraft disappears below the "spring-coil" forest ceiling. Maybe I'm just too nit-picky but I prefer how forests are done in the TW and OBD sims (better than in ROF). One thing I'll give to "46" is that there's subtle movement of trees (very subtle but can be spotted, would be nice to introduce such an effect into the TW/OBD sims). Also, feel free to turn off "complex engine management" and "wing flutter" in "46" since they don't seem to be modeled correctly - you'll get more FM realism with those options turned off. Happy flying, Von S
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    Does this count as making Ace in a day?
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    Would love an updated Afghanistan map and a up to date Su-25, the one we have is showing his age.
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    Well I better post my Swing-Wing Saturday before it's too late on the West Coast: Yes, that's a Tornado F-3 in a scissors with a MiG-23. I decided to go with the Tornado F3 as I'm currently reading a book on the F3 by David Gledhill.
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    Looks like something out of a Hunt for Red October scenario where Tom Clancy had A-10s on anti-ship patrol just-in-case... I also admit to some late night A-10 fun as if I was playing in a Red Storm Rising scenario, but with F-4Fs escorting my A-10:
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    Mystere IVA over Europe. ajunaidr's old SF1 dm-4a Mystere IVA with new lines, rivets, etc... WIP.
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    CF-116D 419Sqn Agressor with Lizard Scheme And yes skinpack will come out soon. In fact there is 2 pack i will release in the near future :)
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    And representing the Marineflieger... Sometimes, it only takes 1
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    Bit of detail to gears....decided to stop ...its addictive but ...its done...not 100% accurate but close enough... main gear is also bit better,pylons now,been putting them off.but got some good reference pics etc for them...
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    With a bit of tidying up...seems to be ok....tails wre rather lumpy...few cuts etc and seem better...looks pretty good to me.
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    Tail stuff done...and new pitots , lights , new cannon etc too.(new)..all remade now onto pylons..not much more now...then comes the repaint...
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    Will post screens of other wips asap... now this Jetranger 206 was a freeware model adapted by me... What I did was add details taken from another model.....by taken I mean new meshes meade by me ...NOT used anyone elses meshes. Heres a question... 1,If I import a model...and actually make exact copy of meshes...by copy I mean...each part I need I make from scratch,using the mesh from the model as a template...then I delete the original model and meshes and use the newly created meshes in my now new model...is this legit or piracy?.... I think its morally ok to release my "Clone" model......as a new freeware model....(hence why not released this yet) plus needs a data.ini I requested from YAP guys opinions please4 from moderators ONLY please. 1 model I have...I asked the FSX creator if it was ok and he said,"Well as its your created meshes,no problem here " so PS...any model Not 100% by me will be labeled as such.... Only models NOT made by me and are freeware are.... 1, Pak Fa T-50 (creator donated.) 2,B66 3,P47 C,D 4, hind. 5,Mig25 ALL others on list ARE solely my creations.... The Jetranger took ages to get to this finish..(what if RAF version) .I literally had to weld EVRY mesh....relocate them and link etc...some parts are TOTAL rebuild....took me a week of a few hours every evening to fix just body,tail,rotors and doors...so you can see it takes ages to complete models that arent created by us moders here,freeware stuff is usually 3ds or an .OBJ file which need a lot of fixing.


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