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    First of all Kev I want to thank you for doing an aircraft that I have hundreds of hours in, B-52 SN 1013 (Real TA), one of the more risque nose art selections that could be found at KI Sawyer if you went to the Charlie ramp about 1990. The 644th BMS took great pride in maintaining and flying these aging (even back then) jets. It's been ages since I have seen it, as all the beautiful nose art was simply painted over with gunship grey when SAC went to ACC in 1992. But we did fly that very hull number in the final SAC bomb comp in 1992 and scored in the top three for the Air Force, so it had a great "last hurrah".. Here is another nose art that was probably the most popular and talked about at KIS during that period, "Bridesmaid Becky", and the story behind it (a certain aircrew member was trying to woo a distant lover he met at … you guessed it … a wedding)..
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    I wish everyone would do planes like this! So many skins and such a amazing amount of work. I always wanted this plane and I am very happy now that is done.
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    Outstanding! The whole download is a bit bloated though with 55 skins all with 4096 x 4096 bitmaps and even 4096 x 4096 specular maps (even when all black) but it's a lovely 3D model and skinned with love!
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    These planes are super!
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    Nicely done! More targets
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    Being a gentleman of a certain age I really appreciate this bit of nostalgia from the 21st Century
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    Beauties. Hope you do some for the Korean War.
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    Well done!! Textuers are crisp, well detailed and weathered! Congratulations!
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    Thanks. Great Job. One of my favorites planes.
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    Excellent work guys!!!, modders and users appreciate the dedicated attention to detail in both the visual and operational, they are grateful to take the time to make a well-cared model. Congratulations
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    Thank you,thank you very much...It feels and it looks awesome.Thumbs up guys..both of them
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    Amazing job! Especially cockpit and avionics. Love it.
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    Beautiful aircraft and cockpit. Thanks
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    Its a very nice bird. Well modeled, well skinned, a joy to fly. I love it.
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    How long I was waiting for this ..... thanks a lot Kev for sharing! I hope our lady Spud will boost SAAF scenario and caimpaign again now
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    Woooooow! realy big pack! thank you for your job puting it all together and for your skinwork. Yakarov's models are great.
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    It is good that this plane is free, but it costs 5 stars, no less! Nice!
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    Super, as usual)) What about German series? I 'd like to have all modifications to my collections.
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    Fantastic plane! Please make them ALL! Including our A.M.I. ones.
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    Thank you so much for this awesome update Kevin! This is my first flyable 'heavy' in the game, and I never imagined heavies could be such fun. Using 'auto pilot' and 'wing leveler' it's a snap to simulate a radar controlled approach for STRIKE missions. I'm using a simplified gunsight edit and playing around with the 'DefaultDepression' setting (unguided bombs): 645 'mils' seems to be working well for me (I've chosen a default STRIKE loadout of 45x M117A3, at 20,000ft & 370 knots/max power/water injection). [GunsightFront] HasGunsight=TRUE GunsightMilSize=100 GunsightName=F-15E_sight.tga MaxDepression=250 DefaultDepression=645 Having just watched the movie 12 Strong here on SkyTV NZ, it's easy to imagine a special forces detachment on the beach guiding me in, and easy to appreciate why the USAF has kept the BUFFs around for 65 years and counting! "SHACK!" Many thanks, Kevin. Kiwi
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    Hey mate, what about a Tucano (without super) too?
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    PLEASE IRAQUI MIRAGE F-1 SERIES Iraq During the late 1970s, Iraq placed an order for a variant of the Mirage F1, designated as the Mirage F1EQ, which were specially modified for extended range to perform strike missions and were dissimilar to any of the models operated by the French Air Force. During this period, France was a major supplier of military equipment to the nation; in 1983, the former loaned several Dassault-Breguet Super Étendard to Iraq while the latter was awaiting the delivery of the Mirage F1EQ, which experienced a protracted development period and thus the delay of deliveries. The Super Étendard had been strongly advocated for by Dassault, who had feared the potential cancellation of the sizable Mirage F1 order by Iraq if the request was not granted. In 1982, it was agreed to reconfigure several of the under-order Iraqi Mirages F1s from a general combat configuration into a dedicated ground attack platform, adopting Thomson-CSF-built sophisticated electronic warfare equipment and a vastly-increased payload capacity, which included the newly developed AS-30air-to-surface missile. In this role, the Mirage F1 was used to replace Iraq's aging fleet of Hawker Hunters. In September 1985, an agreement was signed between Dassault and Iraq for the delivery of a further 24 aircraft. During the Iran–Iraq War, Iraq's Mirage F1EQs were used intensively for interception, ground attack and anti-shipping missions.[45] The Mirage F1EQ allowed for Iraqi strikes to be conducted over a greater combat radius into Iran than had been previously possible.[46] In November 1981, an Iraqi Mirage F1 accounted for the first Iranian F-14 Tomcat to be shot down, followed by several more in the following months, giving the previously timid Iraqi Air Force new confidence in air-to-air combat engagements with the Iranians.[47] According to research by journalist Tom Cooper, during the war 33 Iraqi Mirage F1s were shot down by Iranian F-14s[48] and two were downed by Iranian F-4 Phantom II units.[49] Iraqi F1EQs claimed at least 35 Iranian aircraft, mostly F-4s and Northrop F-5E Tiger IIs, but also several F-14 Tomcats. On 14 September 1983, a pair of Turkish Air Force F-100F Super Sabre fighter jets of 182 Filo “Atmaca” penetrated Iraqi airspace. A Mirage F-1EQ of the Iraqi Air Force intercepted the flight and fired a Super 530F-1 missile at them. One of the Turkish fighter jets (s/n 56-3903) was shot down and crashed in Zakhovalley near the Turkish-Iraqi border. The plane's pilots reportedly survived the crash and were returned to Turkey. The incident was not made public by either side, although some details surfaced in later years. The incident was revealed in 2012 by Turkish Defence Minister İsmet Yılmaz, in response to a parliamentary question by Republican People’s Party (CHP) MP Metin Lütfi Baydar in the aftermath of the downing of a Turkish F-4 Phantom II in Syria, in 2012. On 17 May 1987, an Iraqi Mirage F1 fired a pair of Exocet missiles at the United States Navy (USN) warship USS Stark as it patrolled the Persian Gulf, causing extensive damage to the ship and killing 37 members of Stark's crew. The exact motive and orders of the pilot remain unclear, although Iraq later apologized for the attack, referring to the incident as "a mistake" and blaming Iran. Prior to the outbreak of the 1991 Gulf War, Iraqi's Mirage F1EQ fleet was the second most numerous type operated by the Iraqi Air Force (the most numerous being the MiG-21). On 17 January 1991, during the opening minutes of the conflict, an unarmed, United States Air Force (USAF) EF-111, crewed by Captain James A. Denton and Captain Brent D. Brandon scored a kill against an Iraqi Mirage F1EQ, which they managed to maneuver into the ground, making it the only F-111 to achieve an aerial victory over another aircraft.Later in the war, an Iraqi Mirage piloted by Capt. Nafie Al-Jubouri successfully downed an American EF-111 Raven through aerial maneuvering as it crashed while attempting to avoid a missile fired by Al-Jubouri. Coalition forces shot down several Iraqi F1s during the Gulf War, such as six F1EQs that were shot down by USAF F-15 Eagles. A pair of F1EQs, which were preparing to carry out a Beluga cluster bomb attack on Saudi oil facilities were shot down by a Royal Saudi Air Force (RSAF) F-15C. Of a pre-conflict force of 88 Mirage F1EQs, 23 were destroyed in the war, a further six were damaged, 24 were flown to Iran and interned; only 23 aircraft remained in service by the end of the Gulf War. Of the 23 destroyed Iraqi Mirage F1EQs, 9 were claimed to have been destroyed in aerial combat. Mirage F1EQ : Export version of the Mirage F1E for Iraq. 16 built. Mirage F1EQ-2 : Single-seat air defence fighter version for Iraq. 16 built. Mirage F1EQ-4 : Single-seat multi-role fighter, ground-attack, reconnaissance version for Iraq. 28 built. Mirage F1EQ-5 : Single-seat anti-shipping version for Iraq. 20 built. Mirage F1EQ-6 : Single-seat anti-shipping version for Iraq. 30 built. Iraqi Air Force received 106 F1EQ & 15 F1BQ between 31 January 1981 and 1989, with a further 4 EQs and 4 trainers undelivered due to Iraq's inability to pay and the UN arms embargo imposed following the 1990 invasion of Kuwait. In early 2011, the French government offered to update and refurbish 18 French-held F1 Mirages and sell these to the Iraqi Air Force Mirage F1E
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    Detailing is 10/10 I am also having issues with the runway + taxiway textures flickering. It is ok when on the ground, and from longer range, just seems to be an issue when flying close to/above the base?
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    An another great Mirage F1. I'm looking forward to Mirage F1EQ pack!
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    Good looking F-22s! A desert themed aggressor skin would be appropriate for the SWUS terrain by JSF_Aggie (https://combatace.com/files/file/14354-southwest-united-states-for-sf2/). Much thanks for featuring my terrain in your screenshots!
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    I'm not much of a bomber pilot when it comes to hitting a designated target, but this is a new avenue I'm occasionally following to enjoy some of the alternative scenarios available in FE2. I'm continually surprised at how well (given the time frame and available technology) the models handle and your addition to the simulation makes more of that experience possible. Thank you!
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    Awesome, you are a master artist!
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    Oh my Gosh! finally i can knock this barge down! It needs some tunes with landing speed I think. It is too.. flyable at landing. But this is 5 stars! Thank you. I have wait for it a long time!
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    Thank you for your very good work.
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    Great work Stephen1918 !
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    Grazie mille, senor!
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    This is yet another fantastic rework of the old 2-seat LOD, taking the maximum out of it to present something excellent. The cockpit received also an excellent rework.
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    Great stuff, thank you for doing this - now I can get into the cockpit and take it up for a spin to tweak the FM properly since it was difficult to "guesstimate" things when it was AI-flown only . Didn't know about that old Ravenclaw tweak to make it flyable. Happy flying, Von S


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