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    Brilliant. Absolutely brilliant. Once again the standard by which an all inclusive campaign should be held to has increased. I've played the Third Wire games for something close to fifteen years on and off now, and the Operation Desert Storm campaigns have always been among my favorite. This edition, released in commemoration of the thirtieth anniversary of Operation Desert Storm is incredibly detailed and includes many new aircraft and details. The new campaign featuring the Iraqi invasion of Kuwait is a fun challenge, one I don't expect my pilot to survive! I had been toying with the idea of returning to playing SF2 for a few months now, and this mod has made me feel like I did in 2006 the first time I picked up Wings Over Europe. To the Operation Desert Storm mod team and CombatAce staff, I thank you. Be proud of your amazing work!
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    Taking off from Grosseto AB ... at last ! 1. Grosseto and Amiata mountain on the back 2. On the run 3. Tirrenian Sea and Elba Island ... Bravo!
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    First of all Kev I want to thank you for doing an aircraft that I have hundreds of hours in, B-52 SN 1013 (Real TA), one of the more risque nose art selections that could be found at KI Sawyer if you went to the Charlie ramp about 1990. The 644th BMS took great pride in maintaining and flying these aging (even back then) jets. It's been ages since I have seen it, as all the beautiful nose art was simply painted over with gunship grey when SAC went to ACC in 1992. But we did fly that very hull number in the final SAC bomb comp in 1992 and scored in the top three for the Air Force, so it had a great "last hurrah".. Here is another nose art that was probably the most popular and talked about at KIS during that period, "Bridesmaid Becky", and the story behind it (a certain aircrew member was trying to woo a distant lover he met at … you guessed it … a wedding)..
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    Woooow! Cool! Thank you my friend you r the beeeeest Guys, thanks to all the team, thank you GKAB, thanks Coupi , tnks Compufat, thanks WINGSOVERISRAEL. And YEYEYE did a perfect cocpit many yers ago. In Reality the voice in the cockpit, her name is Ritah not Natasha but it does not affect the quality. This is just for information.
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    Gret model but decal ini's are incorrect here are some replacements EAGLE.rar & TIGRE.rar . Also,skins are too glossy for me , but a great effort overall .
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    Another beautiful creation .Simply awesome
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    Wow nice! I immediately send it to the Black Sea to replace lost one! Thank you, detailed model
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    Thank you. you made this world better with this nice model for our favorite game. Cheers.
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    These look stunning! I'm def looking forward to a template for this magnificent bird
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    Freaking Awesome! Is there a SpaceFighters 2 campaign?
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    What can I say? This is awesome! Now we need proper Belkan aircraft like the ADF-01 FALKEN and the ADFX-01 Morgan.
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    I wish everyone would do planes like this! So many skins and such a amazing amount of work. I always wanted this plane and I am very happy now that is done.
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    Outstanding! The whole download is a bit bloated though with 55 skins all with 4096 x 4096 bitmaps and even 4096 x 4096 specular maps (even when all black) but it's a lovely 3D model and skinned with love!
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    Another opera omnia-like release by Jarek. The amount of research and development is mind-blowing. Users, don't forget to read the description entirely.
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    Very nice work!
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    Superb package! Congratulations to all involved
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    T.O.P! As always.. Thanks!
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    Awesome work, I had high expectations due to the quality of GKABS other ground creations ..... and they were exceeded by this beauty! Highly recommended, the work of a master craftsman.
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    DEMONIC textures upscaling! Nice. Thanks for sharing.I am riding IL-28R I go flying over China to search where is a covid laboratory is.
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    Yet another top-notch addition by the Mirage F1 Team. The definition of quality and attention to details!
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    GKABS = Guy Keeps Adding Brilliant Stuff !
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    Love the attention to detail. The stenciling alone is insane! Crystal clear!
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    The detail is amazing! If I'm not mistaken, this is the first aircraft made by GKABS (before that, he made ground equipment and anti-aircraft). And this first experience turned out to be very high.
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    Beautiful work ! Another stunning addition from the maestro .
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    A amazing piece of pure art, only possible due to the love of the modders in develop something fun, historical correct and at high level. I just want to say thank you guys, its a pleasure to fly, to see, to listen...again, thank you. (Sometimes I got crashes/ctd´s at loading, even with my hardwire being powerfull and quite above the minimum specs,I dont blame the team, I totally understand the engine issues, age and etc.)
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    I'm finally getting round after real life delaying things for too long at taking a proper look at these Tornados. First off I'm coming from the persepctive of someone who has worked on the real thing as I was an aircraft armourer for nearly thirty years and have work on all marks of UK Tornado and the associated armament equipment and ejection seats. These models are quite simply gorgeous, everything looks just right. In the cockpit I almost feel I could look up and feel the lump of the MDC if I ran my hand over it, looking out at the 1500ltr drop tanks I can see where the air has eroded the paint down through the yellow primer to the bare metal and the Sky Shadow ECM and BOZ chaff pods are right where they should be. The transition up from idle to full reheat is sublime. I shall try to actually get into learning this aircraft properly but I am sure it will not disappoint.
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    Being a gentleman of a certain age I really appreciate this bit of nostalgia from the 21st Century
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    These planes are super!
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    Thank you so much for this awesome update Kevin! This is my first flyable 'heavy' in the game, and I never imagined heavies could be such fun. Using 'auto pilot' and 'wing leveler' it's a snap to simulate a radar controlled approach for STRIKE missions. I'm using a simplified gunsight edit and playing around with the 'DefaultDepression' setting (unguided bombs): 645 'mils' seems to be working well for me (I've chosen a default STRIKE loadout of 45x M117A3, at 20,000ft & 370 knots/max power/water injection). [GunsightFront] HasGunsight=TRUE GunsightMilSize=100 GunsightName=F-15E_sight.tga MaxDepression=250 DefaultDepression=645 Having just watched the movie 12 Strong here on SkyTV NZ, it's easy to imagine a special forces detachment on the beach guiding me in, and easy to appreciate why the USAF has kept the BUFFs around for 65 years and counting! "SHACK!" Many thanks, Kevin. Kiwi
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    Hi, Thanks a lot.
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    Wow! I love the variety contained in this package and kudos for going the extra mile by including the more graceful legs/struts. The skins are absolutely gorgeous. Well done everyone and thank you.
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    Ma maaaaaan ! Very nice DETAILS, I scoped them closely. I love them ! I see now why you said you will be busy ;)
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    Thank you for the Iraqi 'Suzanne'. I have adjusted the weapon stations, because the right could not carry the Exocet, and adjusted height relative to pylons. see below. [LeftWingStation] SystemType=WEAPON_STATION StationID=1 StationGroupID=1 StationType=EXTERNAL AttachmentPosition=-2.87,0.0,-0.490 AttachmentAngles=0.0,0.0,0.0 LoadLimit=1600 AllowedWeaponClass=ASM,EP,RP,NP,RCN AttachmentType=NATO,FRANCE,ITALY ModelNodeName=RL PylonMass=108.9 PylonDragArea=0.06 ;;LaunchRailNodeName= ;;LaunchRailHeight=0.10 ;;LaunchRailMass=22.22 [RightWingStation] SystemType=WEAPON_STATION StationID=2 StationGroupID=2 StationType=EXTERNAL AttachmentPosition=2.87,0.0,-0.490 AttachmentAngles=0.0,0.0,0.0 ;;LoadLimit=453.6 LoadLimit=1600 AllowedWeaponClass=ASM,EP,RP,NP,RCN AttachmentType=NATO,FRANCE,ITALY ModelNodeName=RR PylonMass=108.9 PylonDragArea=0.06 ;;LaunchRailNodeName= ;;LaunchRailHeight=0.10 ;;LaunchRailMass=22.22
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    added to @nuni 's MPCV's, this is nice playground for @torno 's VF-1 and Gnerl. Thanks so much for you all! oh.. and @Viper63a UFO too !
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    I am not tested yet but i see its nice! Its most needed thing! i need it to defend Snake Island. Thanks!
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    Yet another awesome addition from the maestro of mechanicals
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    Tremendo avion! Sería re lindo ver al Phantom en esos colores en la realidad! Podrías armar algún avión ruso? MiG-29/35, o algún Sukhoi... Estaría muy bueno y me interesaría ver que tal le quedan los colores del Halcón a esas aves...! Saludos!
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    Thanks an awful lot for this. It worked pretty much of the box. Just as a quick test I rigged up a freeware giant bat as an ultrasonic opponent and it worked pretty much straight away! I probably don't have the time or ability to produce an whole aircraft but I'm sure I'll be throwing together some weapons!
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    I've followed your thread on the development for this mod and amazing work! It's fun to fly but I do have one question...did I install the plane incorrectly? I'm used to seeing effects and weapons folders for example. The plane has sounds but it doesn't have afterburners and is only limited to various unguided bombs, no cruise missiles are available. Will this be possible in the future?
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