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    Happy New Year to all!!! Decided that some WW2 fighters need to be updated so I am starting with the German He-219A-7. 4096 x 4096 to replace the 2048 skins now available. Having fun doing it... Top view port wing
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    Just wanna say Happy New Year to my friends at CA. I know I haven't been active on here for a looooong while. I'm still alive LOL. Hope you guys and gals will have a great 2020. Erik "Falcon" Glascoe
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    could be.... some more...1 thing to do then its new pylons. (ahh tail lights in bot pic to correct)
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    McDonnell Douglas / SAAB AV-8BS Harrier II, F7 Skaraborgs Flygflottilj, 1. Division, 2006
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    P.1214 Kestrel-J, 3rd Hikotai, 2006 3rd Hikotai 501st Hikotai
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    F-105FG Thunderchief, Jagdbombergeschwader 31 "Boelcke, 1984
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    For my old Afghanistan terrain i made a Muli with a Taliban. Its old and was made for WOE, but better then nothing. Here a screen frm LOD viewer. In game the muli is grey. TalibanEseltreiber.7z Unzip in your groundobjects folder. It will appeare in Armed_recon mission as target in columns, like the Trucks. edit: ingame screenshot from Afghanistan terrain.
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    MiG-23MF Flogger, 21° Grupo, 211° Escuadrón de Combate "Grifos", 1998
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    My 2020 wish for each of you; May you and your families be healthy and prosperous in the new year. May we all have the wisdom and fortitude to be the change our world needs to end suffering and combat pollution in all forms. May we all open our hearts and minds to treat one another with the love, respect, and kindness we all deserve. May we all find a 20 year old bottle of Scotch we tucked away and some great friends to share it with. Happy New Year!
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    Retaliator. Nice idea.
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    F-5EF Tiger II, Jagdgeschwader 74 "Mölders", 1973
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    Indeed. Happy New Year to all!!
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    Hi folks,this is my quick 'n dirty conversion of the RA-5C to a fleet defence / attack platform. A/G loadouts in progress and some skinning work needed !
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    Happy New Year belatedly to our American and Canadian cousins and anyone 5 hours or more behind UK...lol
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    Tail stuff done...and new pitots , lights , new cannon etc too.(new)..all remade now onto pylons..not much more now...then comes the repaint...
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    The Tupolev TU-16 "Badger" masquerading as the... Vickers Wembley B.1, 617th Squadron, ca. 1960 Vickers Wembley B.1, 35th Squadron, 1966
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    Good to see you! Likewise, have a great 2020! 2019 has been a very positive year for me; I have engaged with the love of my life and I have passed many exams, so I am closer to graduation in IT engineering. However, back in November, my father started to feel bad. He's in hospital since December, and he's not in good shape. It hurts me not to see him at home anymore. Hopefully he'll soon be back. This reminds me how health is important in our everyday lives. So, I wish you all, dear members of the CA family, health and strength for this new year. Whichever obstacles you may encounter, know that friendship and love help get through them. Rob "Menrva" Minervini
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    ^^^^^^^^ Human shaped debris...genius ^^^^^^^^^ One thing I have always liked in this game is watching AI do their stuff, like this fine flyer. No matter how much airbrakes is applied at this point is going to help you out one bit buds.
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    Don't know how often it happens that members from different countries meet up, but visited Krakow Polish Aviation Museum with 2 of my daugters and dear old friend Stary.... Fantastic collection of old and newer Polish and Soviet planes, missiles, radars and Western planes..... Great afternoon ........
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    Test FM's for the two ThirdWire MiG-21Bis models attached at the bottom. The main objective with these is to try and model the high alpha behavior as described in the flight manual. I had to make way more changes than expected to add only about 5degs to the existing AoA range. With the revised FM's I'm trying to model some lift transfer from the outer to inner wing panels. According to a document I read this occurs in the 20-25 deg range. To get a smoother transfer I went with the low end of the range at 20deg. The edits to the outer wing panel limit the CLmax to what it would be at 20deg, based on a straight line variation. The "surplus" CLmax has been added to the inner/forward wing panel that has a revised stalling angle of 20deg, so it transitions to the CLmax slope at 20deg and continues up to a new AlphaMax of 33deg, versus the original at 27.66deg. Some additional CLmax has been added to model the added lift available at 33deg. Some additional edits were required to the StallMoments and the StallXACShift tables to reach the higher AoA range. Here's a description of the idle power level flight stall behavior at 5000m/16400ft from the Bis flight manual, with some comments regarding the revised FM's in brackets: 340-370kmh /184-200kts: pre stall buffeting [around 170-175kts] 280kmh / 151kts: Aileron deterioration [somewhat noticeable] 230-240kmh / 124-130kts: Wing rock develops but pitch stable [no noticeable wing rock] 220-230kmh / 119-124kts: Aircraft starts to pancake [ I assume that means a high sink rate but pitch stable, which it does] 200kmh / 108kts: Large wing rock up to 50deg left/right at about 6-10deg sec [ Nope! ] I did some back to back testing with the stock and revised FM's and the sustained G remains about the same but the revised FM generates a higher instantaneous G due to the increased lift available at 33deg. The only way I found to check the low speed behavior was some calculated data from the CheckSix website. The test involved a very low speed turn at mach 0.22 / 133ktsIAS at 5000ft with two R-60's and 50% internal fuel. It was quite difficult to fly accurately but the best results were within +-2sec of the calculated data. The calculated data is 52sec for a 360deg turn. [6.9deg/sec] Some additional edits from the flight manual: Gear limit speed: quite high at 600kmh / 324kts. The sop's for landing call for gear down first at 550kmh/297kts then approach flap at 500kmh/270kts with full flap selected at 400-420kmh / 227kts. Flap limit speed: Not even mentioned in the flight manual and no description of the "floating flap" system! I based the flap1 speed on the sop's and the flap2 speed is the TW original. The rack weights have been adjusted using the info from the technical manual and the MiG-23 800L tank has been added as an option. Recommended take off rotation angle is 11-13deg. The manual calls for early aft stick, maybe due to ground effect issues, but I find 130-150kts, depending on weight, and 13deg AoA gives a nice lift off at the proper speed. Typical approach speeds at light weight are quite high at 180kts but that's probably due to over the nose visibility issues. The target touch down speed is considerably lower at 150kts. The canopy works with Shift0[zero] I've found the additional AoA range quite useless during dogfights due to the rapid speed loss. It's sometimes useful for evasive maneuvering but that's really a last chance maneuver, it's better to keep the speed up. An interesting document here describing the U.S. tests on a MiG-21F. https://theaviationist.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/11/havedoughnut.pdf I have read some other documents describing how skilled U.S. aggressor pilots could trick the rookies into low speed turn and burn dogfights with the MiG-21's and F-5E's but once the lesson was learned the results were much different so better not to go there. Even the ThirdWire AI will be flying rings around you! Revised FM's here: MiG21bisFMs0.96.zip I'm going to modify the light weight MiG-21F as well, it should be ready soon.
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    Happy New Year and may this be the year of many more ships in SF2...
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    Happy New Year to everybody as well!
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    Now that I've got a collision LOD and placed the wake effects on this Russian corvette... Ought to as well warn you all right now I have every intention to use @KJakker's Slava ini update as a baseline for programming the weapons. I prefer realism, something that works since that's what kept this SF1 attempt at a Steregushchiy class corvette out of SF2 and not some target to plink. I suspect you do as well. Below is my current desktop. Beneath the two text files is Chrome open to the Steregushchiy class corvette Wikipedia entry. On top are two text files. One of which to port/left is the corvette, the one to starboard is KJakker's Slava upgrade. As you can see, there's some serious work to do today. One last thing, with that Panstir-M CIWS on the bow replaced in RL with a VLS, may have some creative fun about where the VLS is... Stay tuned...
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    Looks like a North American project NR-349 Retaliator, but without third engine.
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    Engine problems and fire...going to need an immediate clearance to land.
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    Version 1.0.0


    SF2 RA-5C Vigilante Pack v.2 9/27/2019 -For SF2, Any and All (Full 4/5 Merged Reccomended) This is a revamp of Julhiem's RA-5C "Vigilante" carrier based recon aircraft. It has has several updates/upgrades/changes to make it more SF2 compliant. This is the complete aircraft, with everything included. If you have any earlier version(s) it is suggested you delete BOTH the aircaft and decals subfolders, as this version replaces them it toto. Or at least, remove or store them elsewhere. The aircraft comes with 6 skins, including the original released single skin. These skins are: RVAH-1 'Smokin' Tigers (USS Independence 1965, CVW-7, SEA, first combat cruise) RVAH-5 'Savage Sons' (USS Ranger CVW? 19??) ** RVAH-6 'Fleurs' (USS Kittyhawk 1971, CVW-11 SEA) RVAH-7 'Peacemakers' (USS Ranger, 1978/79, WesPac, Squadron's Final Cruise) RVAH-9 'Hoot Owls' (USS Saratoga 1967, CVW-3 Med cruise) RVAH-11 'Checkertails' (USS constellation, CVW-9 SEA 1971/72) **= original release skin Almost all markings are decals, excepting some painted-on squadron insignia. Serial/BuNums are 100% historically accurate (by unit) Decal randomization is TRUE. Skins remain in bmp format, as they're not that large. The SF2 "date switch" is active. The canopy opens/closes with the Standard Animation Keystroke (tm), Shift/0 (zero). As is always reccomended, unzip to a temp folder or your desktop to give easy access to the rest of this readme for it's install instructions. See "Notes" for list of changes. If there's anything missing or "off", please let me know and I'll try to find it. This mod got lost in the shuffle with several other large projects. Happy Landings! Wrench Kevin Stein
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    You're wrong, Stratos. You can add a reference map in TFDtool, but I never used that function. It's less than ideal, because you'd need to find a perfectly squared reference map which matches the terrain's HFD exactly, otherwise the placement of things will be way off. I do what Gepard says; I use charts, Google Earth and the heightmap view function of TFDtool, which shows coastlines and even river valleys. It takes weeks of full work, but due to RL it takes months to add most of the Real World rivers by hand via TFDtool, on a rather big terrain area.
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    a surprise WIP from angelp. Still a long way off, but has much promise! Reusing the decals from my old DAT Boston mod. There's a gun-nosed A-20G in the works (also reusing my decals from the ETO Havoc). It looks really good close up; i've sent him over 300 megs of e-books on the Havoc. So, it's gonna be done right! Been begging for a new one for years....
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    Cool to see new Firebees out. Some targets for my CPFs to fire at.
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    Just for clarification, Stary is the younger looking guy We had awesome time with Derk and his family, thank you!
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    I liked Marcs Flanker...thought it deserved a make over...Redone all new canopy system...new seat,total new cockpit,hud ,etc etc... new lights,working on new pylons,better detail gears(next) been totally remapped except tails,wings were askew on old mapping.. then redo all panels etc...hmmmmm lol getting there.. im particularly pleased with the new burners...
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    use an eraser tool with hard setting and reduce the brush density amount so it removes chunks...or areas...like so (use a metal colour beneath to show through oc with different settings you can do alsorts like so
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    Wouldn't be cool to have mule packs? Both sides used them in the war, specially in mountain areas. One thing I do on my Vietnam install is protect unarmed convoys from enemy ambushes, just CAS missions with trucks advancing in line into an ambush, you need to be fast to destroy the enemy before your trucks are ambushed and destroyed. Wondering If Stephen1918 could adapt his cavalry to this role (would be useful for WWII mods as well). BTW, my Green Hell looks differente from your, you're using a older version, right?
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    and all others that commented on its not gonna happen, time for the classic CA drinking game SF3 now everyone take a shot!
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    Guys, speaking of source code (not going to happen), do not think that it is easy to add new features or even fix bugs. You need a team of expert people to work on it with lots of time and dedication. Not to mention that what you add can break something; it's a difficult process. We do not even know if the code is commented, and easily understandable. Actually, it's questionable that the source code even exists at this point. Who knows? Maybe TK threw it all in the recycle bin. I am always hoping to see a more refined SF2 game, with bugs fixed and with the few features that TK had originally envisioned since SF1. But it's just a wish. Nothing we can do about it. You cannot change TK's mind and his reasons for moving on.
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    I'm holding out for a leak of the source code. 😁
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    i'm holding out for Strike fighters 4
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