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    McDonnell Douglas F-4DJ Phantom - 501st Hikotai, Japan Air Self-Defense Force, 1986 (TF-30 engines)
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    This is going to be one of 3 to 4 new hangars I would like to make for the new airport that I am thinking of making soon. plus a civilian airport
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    I did this little thingy here mostly for fun. Some of you may have heard about a Polish project of a light combat aircraft/advanced trainer called Grot 2. I decided to bring it to SF2 using the Su-54 model made by @cocas. The aircraft has some weird glitches around air intakes and one of the horizontal stabs works in the opposite direction but... it's still cool anyway. I still need to finish the skin as for now it's mostly only camo, panel lines and very basic weathering.
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    Grumman G-64 "Albatross" / U.S.C.G UF-1G "Goat" (1957) Grumman G-234 "Albatross" / U.S.C.G. UF-2G "Goat" (1962) Grumman G-288 "Albatross" / U.S.C.G. HU-16E "Goat" (1977)
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    Liberty in Cubic Bay, Hong Kong, Sasebo, Pataya Beach, Perth, and Singapore. CL
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    Hi! As long as UllyB is "on station", I'll take the liberty to answer for him. So, here are the screenshots that were attached. Apparently, the model Tu-160 is expected to be very good. Perhaps, it even more closely matches the prototype than the model by Veltro2k (in the Download section he recently published his version of the Blackjack, but with a B-1B cockpit).
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    Hey Spinners: IMHO...the pilot sits too low. Try this... [Pilot] SystemType=PILOT_COCKPIT PILOTMODELNAME=WW2Luft SetCockpitPosition=TRUE Position=0.0,-0.72,0.65 <------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- SeatModelName= SeatPosition= MinExtentPosition=-0.25,-0.5,0.0 MaxExtentPosition= 0.25,-1.1,1.2 CanopyNodeName=Canopy_Frame HasArmor=TRUE ArmorMaterial=STEEL Armor[FRONT].Thickness=75 Armor[REAR].Thickness=6 Armor[BOTTOM].Thickness=6 Mandatory pic:
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    The Angolan Air Force makes an appearance
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    Just thought I should let everyone know that the people behind Stage9 the Enterprise-D virtual reconstruction that got shutdown by CBS have reformed into Messy Desk Interactive. Their new project, which seems to have the informal blessing of "The Orville" creator Seth MacFarlane, is an interactive recreation of the shows titular ship. Just announced as of Tuesday, 9th July the official release date for "The Orville - Interactive Fan Experience" is the 23rd of July, 2019, 8:00 am PDT. See more links below the video. "The Orville - Interactive Fan Experience" on Steam. Messy Desk Interactive YouTube Channel r/MessyDesk on Reddit Messy Desk Discord Link "The Orville - Interactive Fan Experience" Facebook Page. "Messy Desk Interactive - Virtual Recreation" Facebook Page. https://twitter.com/MessyDeskGames http://www.orvillefangame.co.uk/
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    From a suggestion by Stratos
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    Great mate! Looking Forward to a civil Airport!
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    I really, sincerely like this....
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    There's too many unexplainable occurances and too main people who can't be classed as crazy or attention seeking with reports that match up for there not to be possible extraterrestrial activity. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Paul_Hellyer When even a Defence Minister comes out and that aliens exist and are here, it's only prudent to have an open mind. It also wouldn't surprise me if extraterrestrials influenced humanity throughout history - plenty of civilizations throughout the world, for example, built pyramids when intercontinental travel wasn't exactly possible. It could be a coincidence but I'm beginning to doubt it.
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    View File Ecuador, Northwest South America (1981-1998) Ecuador, Northwest South America (1981-1998) Terrain August 13th, 2018 (1st Release) by Menrva, tiopilotos and Stratos >For Strike Fighters 2, Recommended Full-5 Merged I am proud to present a new scratch-made terrain, the result of a joint effort of modders! Initially conceived by Centurion-1, the terrain was later salvaged by Stratos, who offered to help in its development together with tiopilotos. Stratos helped by hand-tiling most if not all the incredibly long rivers in the Amazon rainforest. The terrain later received an impressive tileset produced by tiopilotos! You guys have my deepest gratitude! The terrain completely covers Ecuador, a great portion of Peru, and even touches Colombia and Brasil. However, only Peru and Ecuador have been targetized at this stage. Numerous target areas, such as civilian airports and airstrips, have been added in order to expand playability, targets of opportunity and year span. This terrain features a fresh new 250m resolution heightmap (instead of the stock 500m resolution), allowing for greater details and precision in elevation changes; overall it provides the whole terrain with a better look. The terrain spans from January 28, 1981 (the beginning of the Paquisha Incident) to October 26, 1998 (when a resolution of the Ecuadorian-Peruvian territorial dispute was agreed upon through the Brasilia Presidential Act); it is designed for the Paquisha War of 1981 and the Cenepa War of 1995. Most air-to-ground missions (armed recon, close air support, etc.) take place at the border between Peru and Ecuador, to provide an even more realistic scenario. As in reality, there are few SAM sites placed at their precise Real World locations. Targets reflect Real World events as accurately as possible; for instance, some border outposts will appear only after a certain year, according to historic changes. Off Map Airbases have been added and long range AI flights can be generated from them, if you have SF2NA. Ground Objects are not included. It's up to the user to find and obtain anything that can be useful for the proposed terrain's scenarios. >Credits (in no particular order): -Centurion-1, for his interest in recreating such scenario in the Strike Fighters world. I heard RL got in your way, so... best of luck, mate! -tiopilotos, for the massive tileset he produced, and for his continuous support in all my terrain modding efforts. Thank you very much! -Stratos, for he brought to attention Centurion-1's unfinished terrain and offered to help realize it. -swambast, who provided me with invaluable help in tracking and fixing common and uncommon bugs. -gerwin, whose TFDtool has proved to be essential in today's terrain making. If the terrain is pretty accurate to RL it's also because of him. I included his very nice Airfield 7+8 Addon Pack, too. -mue, for the improved shaders he made, which I have included and reworked for the terrain, and for the tools he made for SF2 modding. -luk1978, for the waternormal bitmap he shared at the SF2 screenshots thread. Your mods are very interesting! -MigBuster, I have included some of his great hi-res textures for runways. -Stary, for the various hi-res tilesets and TODs he made, which have been re-used in this tileset. -Gepard, for his great tutorials about terrain making, in the SF1 Knowledge Base at CombatACE. It's a gold mine! -RussoUK, for the fixed Pit LOD he made, which solved a shadow bug from the original TW's LOD. -krfrge, who has produced a tutorial for recreating SF2-like planning maps, which prompted me to work on templates and my own high quality planning maps. Thank you very much! -comrpnt, for his Approach and Airfield Lighting Pack mod packages for SF1 series, which I reworked and included. Although scratch-made, the terrain makes use of most objects and target layouts from Wrench's Panama terrain; because of this, I included the ReadMe file from that package, to the end of giving proper credit to everyone involved directly or not. >Disclaimer: This is a freeware; yet it can be redistributed ONLY in other CombatACE mods/mod packages. Any changes to the terrain package's files and/or any copy-and-paste attempts of their contents are NOT authorized if you plan to release them in other mods. But permission might be granted to those who request it to me at CombatACE. This terrain may NOT in any way, shape or form be used in any payware additions. >My Terrain Packages: Timor, North Oceania (1950-2018) Texas, American South Central (1968-2018) Sweden, Baltic Rim (2004-2018) Sweden, Baltic Rim (1952-1994) Libya, Central Mediterranean (1980-2011) Madagascar, Southeast Africa (1977-2018) Iraq, Western Asia (2003-2018) Alaska, Bering Strait (1955-2018) Iraq, Western Asia (1980-2003) >My Miscellaneous Packages: Nations & Medals Expansion Speech Enhancement Strike Fighters: Wings Over World Menu Screens realSKY Environment Submitter Menrva Submitted 08/13/2018 Category Full Terrains  
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    Grumman-Panavia Tomcat FGR.6 - No.17 Squadron, RAF Strike Command, 2002
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    My girls say no. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mandatory Screenie
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    Seeing how the soviets loved the P-39/63, can you imagine a jet powered soviet P-39 against a japanese Kikka over the Kuriles? Über fun! If you complete that jet 39 I will add the needed skids to it so it can make belly landings.
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    U.S.C.G. Douglas R5D-4 (1955)
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    A change of pace from the usual Sukhoi screenshots - the Sukhoi Su-2 in action against a German column in June 1941:
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    Hawker Sea Fury FB.52 - INAS 300, Indian Navy, 1957
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    I remember now ... there are some mapping issues, and mesh issues (decal bleeds) that's why I never finished it. The image is from 2015. Uses the PB-1W lod.
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    Recon Mission............. There are 2 Starfighters in this photo..we were quite low and fast
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    La verdad que lo vi en COLUMN 5 y me quede medio atónito y después se repitió STARY realmente te das cuenta de la inmadurez de estos tipos tal cual dice PATO. Me da medio por las pelotas. Y lo peor de todo es que son "Moderadores y Fundadores" de toda esta movida. Ocea después estos tipos te dicen a vos que esta bien y que es moral y que es una falta de respeto dentro de los lineamientos del foro. Y me sorprende de DAVE que no diga nada cuando el es el primero que te quiere expulsar cuando pones algún link para bajar algo sin pagar.


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