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    Some screenshots from me beta testing @guuruu's Tornado on a couple strike missions in the desert...
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    Version 1.0.0


    J7 pg J7 B and j7pg Reds Chinese display team planes....some of the loadouts need checking as I was half way through doing them based on one.....B model has integral tanks in the aircraft lod.....the Pg and Reds has ordinary tanks (weapons folders supplied.) all have drag chutes etc... there are some issues as i said with loadouts as I abandoned it half way through....so its up to users to sort ,sorry...any 3d problems let me know...should be fine though... you are lucky to get them at all lol...j/k contact me if any serious 3d issues...anything else is your problem...lol...j/k...im sure theres enough knowledge here to fix and small probs... Cheers Russ
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is a model of the MLRS system of the Brazilian army. Anyone who has a desire can freely further develop it.
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    @VonS Judging by the screenshots, you definitely hit the terrain's borders, aka The Wall. This has nothing to do with the FM. Such "issue" happens when you hit the terrain's border, with whichever plane you use. The Himalaya terrain is very small. With bigger terrains, you rarely get to fly near the borders.
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    Did I upload in wrong place ? lol shows how long been away ha ha
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    View File Breguet XIX_Hellas 2 Mira Royal Hellenic Air Force 1940 The Breguet 19A2B2 served in the Royal Hellenic Air Force from 1925 to 1940. Initially they carried the names of Greek cities and island but were later given code numbers. 53 aircraft were purchased, including 12 from Yugoslavia in 1935, but only 18 were still airworthy by the start of the Greco-Italian War. By this stage it filled an observation/army cooperation role with 1 Observation Mira, under I Corp Command, based at Perigiali, near Corinth and with 2 Observation Mira under II Corps command, based at Larissa and Kozani. On 4 November 1940, a Breguet from 2 Mira located the attacking 3rd Julia Alpine Division in a mountain pass near Metsovo. Three more Breguets sent to bomb the Italian division were in turn attacked by three Fiat CR.42 fighters. A Breguet was shot down, one crash-landed and the third returned to base, though badly shot up. I've include both the bmp files and the layered psp files for those of you who want to improve on the skin or make your own. LloydNB Submitter LloydNB Submitted 02/19/2019 Category First Eagles - Golden Era - Allied Skins  
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    Depends. Extent of damage to engine mounts?, one engine mount damaged or more?, what else is keeping the engine in place? etc etc etc etc Only example I know of the F-4 flew back to base and landed. Another case might be different. Who would know? Only someone who either has years dealing with multiple cases of Over G damage or can access records on over G damage in an airforce. Any point sticking in a computer game? None whatsoever the amount of work required considering 99.9% of the player base can't have any idea of the reality or ever care means a pointless endeavour. Realistic damage modelling to a practical level is all you could ever expect.....for anything else join an Airforce.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Meteors Over Korea Bunch of Meteors for the Royal Australian Air Force used during the Korean War. Basic modding skills are required to run this mod. (copy/paste, mod folder structure etc.) Install: Copy paste specific folders into a correct destination. Fake pilot is required to run this mod. Also, Thirdwire Meteor cockpit is required from the original game. Fuel tanks- not to be afraid. Overwrite or just leave it. 100 gal tank is original TW tank. You can overwrite or just simply do not copy. 175 gal tank also. Tanks are just ini files. Mod use tanks that are part of aircraft lod. Yes, again Meteors. This is pack contains only F.8 and T.7 models used by RAAF. All skins are in 4096x4096 format. You can easily resize to needed resolution. better to downsize than rescale to higher res. All decals are based on available materials and are historically correct. Few nose arts included. I've made skins sets per year regarding loses and reinforcements in 77Sq. between 1951-1953. I was trying to be accurate as possible even with all game limits. Loses / reinforcements are credited per year..so loses from 1951 are not seen in 52 - but new planes are available as reinforcements arrived. Credits. Veltro2k - the original model early model. Me - model rework into T.7 and F.8 and some other mambo jumbo like skins, decals, research... 76.IAP-Blackbird - also T model re-working. Charles - original FM from original T.7 upload. Nose art decals for Halestorm, Bow 'em Over, Cap'n Mac - from Kulbit's Gloster Meteor RAAF pack. Seat - all credits o creator - unfortunately I don't remember who made this seat. I guess skin is by Kulbit. Pilots - I have no idea / don't remember who did it. All credit to him/her. - one of my favorites figures in a game - I've added this to correspond with the data file. Weapons RP-3 rockets from Ravenclaw. This model is designed/checked only to work with ravenclaw's RP-3 rockets - so might be some strange positioning in other (stock) rockets. Have fun Report bugs. Expect the unexpected Jarek Hereda THIS MODEL IS ONLY TO BE DISTRIBUTED AS FREEWARE AND IN NO OTHER CIRCUMSTANCE SHALL IT BE USED, EVEN IN PART OF ANYTHING THAT IS PAYWARE. IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE COMBAT ACE MODDERS AGREEMENT
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    Hello there After some quite obscure times here due to the selfishness and arrogance of some I decided to put a little bit of light on the road again......... As I said in the title this is my last effort , this will be my last serious modding effort I'm going to do in and for this community. It consists on a refreshed version of the original Europe Terrain project that I started back in 2014. It started originally as a way to add French bases to the original NATO fighters mod taking as reference the original Europe terrain for EAW wich finally evolved into the creation of a whole new terrain. The terrain I'm going to show you contains many features that already existed on the original terrain however it has the following differences: 1) A new an fresh .HFD file with a 250m heigh file made by me from scratch , featuring some really nice geographical features as I'm going to show you. 2) A new strongly built targes.ini wich right now consits of about +40.000 targets and 500 target areas and growing. 3) The terrain has totally been retiled using Stary's tiles. And now some pics. Norwegian Fjords , a great addition with the new .hfd file. Rivers, mountains, cities..... And superb details: Fessenheim nuclear plant (France), Rhin river , French-German border crossing Fessenheim and Bremgarten air base (Germany). Hohenzollern castle: As I said before all my interest in modding efforts will only focus in this project. This post is intended to be used as an information point for the community about it.
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    Stripes........ I'd forgotten just how good these look up close.
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    In SF-2, the wall is hard coded to 80km from the map edge.
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    (All together now) Let it go. Let it go-oh.
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    This is spot-on. Rolling limits are lower than symmetrical due to torsion. It is not modeled in SF2 to my knowledge, or at the bear minimum, it won't cause early breakage if you're within the aircraft's max g * structural factor - I don't know if the airplane breaks faster if you're doing something like a 10g snap roll or whatever. As to the hard limiter on the F-16 (which the aircraft does have in reality), I know the third party F-16s and F/A-18s utilize the CAT1 G Limiter developed by one of the folks here at CA (can't remember specifically who; Fubar maybe?). We used it for our AI F-14s in the Super Pack to stop them from doing a one-and-done max G pull at the start of combat to make them slightly more survivable, but you can put it into whatever aircraft you want. [CAT1_G_Limiter] SystemType=HIGHLIFT_DEVICE DeploymentMethod=AUTOMATIC_G_loading CLiftdc=-2.7500 CDdc=0.0 Cmdc=-0.350 AreaRatio=2.000 SmoothDeployment=TRUE Setting[1].Angle=45.0 Setting[1].DeployValue=7.33 Setting[1].RetractValue=7.25 MaxDeflection=20.0 MinDeflection=0.0 ControlRate=5.0 ModelNodeName=Internal It allows you to pull up to, but not beyond the deploy value. I don't think the TW F-16 uses such a limiter, and hence why it can overshoot 9G.
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    That happens with every single aircraft when flying in the map border (the wall as Menrva said). It has to do with the game engine not the Flogger-A.
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    My Korea terrain visual update from 2015 has two season or so option and IMO feels "close enough" for Wrench's terrain. The one included in original Wrenches' release was utter shit temporary hackjob of mine that was released without me knowing as I had at the time nicer one almost ready.
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    Thanks guys. Easy "fix". Worked perfect, but you knew it would.
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    did you try renaming the data ini, so it reverts to stock, and see if the issue disappears? An error might have occured during the copy/paste operation. Those images look like you've hit "The Wall" at the map's edge. have you tested on ALL terrains? That visual shift has been known to happen like that. Please post the url to the download link. There are/have been more than one Flogger available (other than TKs) and knowing what the read me says might be of assistance
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    The Eastern front is usually sleepy but occasionally gives some fine skirmishes. Enjoying ver. 3 of Stephen's Galicia terrain below (looks fine even at medium settings in WineSkin on the Mac side and with the improved flight engine ini file installed - pics below are with dx9 only enabled). Now with the Aviatik C.1 FM modded, I can set up some flights against Be2c and Be12 types...recreating the goodness of the 70s' BBC show "Wings" . Happy flying, Von S
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    Very pretty plane, very beautiful mod !!!
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    Matt, looking for GAZ or HAVE GAZ???? (I crack myself up sometimes!) Did you check the 1stGen dowloads?? Here: You will need to update all the inis to SF2 style, but here ya go!
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    Apparently the ultimate load limit was 150% universally of the max G for the specific configuration and flight conditions (4 Gen anyway). That is what they are tested to so the break point is unknown unless someone goes through it outside of testing and breaks something.
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    Volker - in another life you would be making hand-made Swiss watches! Awesome work - thank you!
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    renaming those 2 files will also return the icons. (ie: xHUDDATA.ini) ------------------------------------- usually, and hopefully, the mod maker says something in their read mes to the effect "this mod contains modified inis that remove enemy icons from the in-flight map". Unfortunately, that's not always the case
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    Version 1.0.0


    Elektroboot Type XXIII U-boat "Elektroboot" series, the Type XXI U-boat and a short range Type XXIII U-boat, finalized in January 1943 but with production only commencing in 1944-1945. When under water, the Type XXI managed to run at 17 knots (31 km/h; 20 mph), which was faster than a Type VII running full out on the surface and almost as fast as the ships attacking her. After the war, tests carried out by the United States Navy on two captured Type XXIs showed they could outrun some ASW ships by going in the direction of heavy seas. (The US Navy's first nuclear-powered submarine, USS Nautilus (SSN-571), used a modified Type XXI hull shape.) For most of the trip it ran silently underwater on batteries, surfacing only at night, and then only to snorkel depth. Weapons were likewise upgraded, with automated systems allowing the torpedo tubes to be reloaded in less than one-fourth of the time, firing homing torpedoes that would attack on their own. Even the interior was improved: it was much larger and fitted with showers and a meat refrigerator for long patrols. German Type XXIII submarines were the first so-called elektroboats to become operational. They were small coastal submarines designed to operate in the shallow waters of the North Sea, Black Sea and Mediterranean Sea, where larger Type XXI Elektro boats were at risk in World War II. They were so small they could carry only two torpedoes, which had to be loaded externally. As with their far larger sisters—the Type XXI—they were able to remain submerged almost all of the time and were faster than conventional U-boats, due to the improved streamlining of their shape, batteries with larger capacity and the snorkel, which allowed the diesel engines to be used while submerged. The Type XXI and XXIII U-boats revolutionized post-war submarine design. Nearly a thousand Type XXIII boats were projected towards the close of World War II, but most of these were either cancelled, scrapped incomplete or only projected wikipedia.org Operators: Kriegsmarine German Navy Volksmarine Royal Navy French Navy Soviet Navy Royal Norwegian Navy 18/02/2019 ====================================================================================================== for Strike Fighters 2 v1.0 SF2:NA Installation (SF2): unzip the file and put it in to strike fighters/........../ objects.... file directory.... Simply extract each folder into the matching folders in your mod directory. .......C:\Users\ pc name.....\Saved Games\ThirdWire\StrikeFighters2 NorthAtlantic\Objects\GroundObject.... Is nice as a Ground Object,and as a Target. Date's 1943-1970 !!! Don't be expect to see it ...straight in the Game..!! Make/use .... a campaighn editor..add on object... ======================================================================================================= Special thanks: combatace MODDER'S, MEMBER'S TW Game ======================================================================================================= 3D MODEL= AceSfakia TEXTURES= AceSfakia DATA.INI = AceSfakia This is tested in full merg install SF2 / NA 18/02/2019 p.s. Legal stuff: This mod is freeware. Commercial use is not allowed. Stay only in Combatace....!!! Have a good hunt ======================================================================================================= Sources: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Internet.....photo's...etc....
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    go to your mod folder, for example c:\Users\YOURUSERNAME\Saved Games\ThirdWire\YOURMOD\Flight\ and delete 2 files HUDDATA.INI and MAPENEMYICON.TGA restart game and game will use not modifed build in files. Do the same in all your modfoulders where you want to see all aircrafts on the map. NOT IN GAME FOLDER! Only in mod folders. This question appears regulary, i think it have to be pinned somewhere.
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    Everything still on the works.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Yakarov79's MT-LB APC Hello Everyone, Yarkarov79 came up with a Soviet MT-LB APC with no Data ini with it so I created one for his great piece of work. This APC comes with three skins Camo, Green, and Tan. "Only for FREEWARE CombatAce use" I created the Data ini for Yakarov79's MT-LB APC using information from Wikipedia. This is a good all-rounder to have in all the SF2 series and mods. This unit has been tested in SF2E latest version with all games merged. /// Credits ----Special Thanks to: --Yakarov79 for the lod and skins. --Gun creater for the 12MM_NSVT --Mue's tool box, a must have tool. --Especially for the rest of the community for the inspiration and hard work everyone does. Please Enjoy! Cheers Richo
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    Version 1.0.0


    Yakarov79 9P149 Tank Destroyer 9P149 Shturm-S Hello Everyone, Yarkarov79 came up with 9P149 Tank Destroyer with no INI with it so I created one for his great piece of work. I did some research on the 9P149 and based all my ini work on this. Of course all the secrets are not revealed so I made some guesses on this little devil. "9P149 will live up to its name if added to the game." I have tested this in SF2E latest version with all games merged. Works just like the Soviet's intended it to work. Do not fly low and slow or you will for sure be flaming burnt toast with this little Storm hanging around on the Battle field. The 9P149 launches the 9M114 Kokon Missile and made this one from someone’s 9K114 lod. I do not know who owns this one or who it belongs too, so thank you for your great work as well. Please let me know who owns it so I can give credit. /// ----------------Install Instructions------------------ /// Take the 9P149 from the Ground Objects folder and copy and paste it in to your Ground Objects folder. Then take the 9M114 missile from the Weapons folder and copy and paste it into your Weapons folder. /// Credits --------------/// Yakarov79 for the lod and skins. Mue's tool box ??? for the 9K114 missile lod. Special thanks for the rest of the Combat Ace Strike Fighters community for the inspiration and hard work everyone does. Me Richo for the research and ini file for Yakarov79's 9P149 Please Enjoy! Cheers Richo


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