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    Work in progress. Some "near completed" skins for FE1/FE2. The first one is WIP skin for Avia B-534 as Hawker Fury of SCW time. I hope there will be official release of B-534 soon.
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    Like a Timex......takes a whole pile of 50 cal and still landed in mostly one piece...out of gas.
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    More realistic views...more sense of depth in shots
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    my old original banana before the make over...forgot still had this
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    Trumps decision was wrong. Never let an ally alone. It remembers me on spring 1990. An soviet officer said to me: "Who will trust Russia in future, if we now let you alone!" It was the first time, that i have heard the word "Russia" from a soviet military man. But the guy was right. You never abandon an ally. No way.
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    Raptors of the 199th Fighter Squadron "Mytai Fighters" from Honolulu, visiting the peaceful Midway Atoll...
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    Hi folks,anyone able to knock up a skin or decals for this beauty ??? I Would try but can't find decent images of the logos anywhere.This image came from an AceCombat mod...
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    "You know a "Bolt only got 2 seats, just enough room for a Player & a Freak"...
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    I found a decal sheet online which was good enough for the WK but if you're getting a decal sheet then a high res image of the shield will be great.
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    Yes GPL means General Public License. Only if you want your aircraft included in the official FlightGear hangar "FGAddon", then the GPLv2 is obligatory. Otherwise you can license your model as you like (assumed the whole model is your own creation and don't contain or uses GPL content) and use it in FlightGear.
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    This is a link to two entries in the knowledge base on adding carriers to campaigns. It should get you started. https://combatace.com/forums/forum/190-adding-carriers-to-campaigns/
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    Hello, I don't if this link can help you !
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    Yes, and they are great skins 😀. I was talking about line birds, not special full colour schemes. If you did want to take on the missing squadrons and you need to me to spring for some decals to help just let me know.
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    Glad to hear that.
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    You can scratch off -225 as I've done two skins for that squadron, the Viking heads are -225
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    Nice video! I did a quick audit of the available skins, and it looks like we would need line skins for VMFA (AW)-224, 225 and 332 to complete the USMC F/A-18D fleet.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is just a simple What If skin if the Marines used the Super Hornet for it's replacement of the F/A-18 Legacy Hornet. Drop in the FA-18E_BlkII folder and go fly, can be found under VMFA-232 CO
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    Fixed the VMFA-232 and now ready for upload.
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    Lol I'd have to do an F-35C skin first, as the Marines are going for that, but interesting video nonetheless...
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    keep it up and you'll be able to make a modern SF2 version of this
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    Still Tuesday in the partition line I think... Returning aboard after a succesful strike on Damascus, 1983.
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    Erdogan rejects US ceasefire call: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-50064546 This can't be good, the situation is getting pricky. If Trump hadn't opened Pandora's Box by ordering the withdrawal of troops, now that madman wouldn't be so keen on genocide. I have heard reports of Russian troops putting themselves between the Turkish military and the Syrians, in order to avoid any confrontation between the two. I think Turkey is in for a big mistake, as Russia, the US and Syria are all on the same page.
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    Thank you. File uploaded, pending approval. And something completely different: USAS S.E.5a The 25th AS was the only American fighter squadron equipped with the S.E.5a. They did not see much combat, as the squadron flew only two uneventful patrol missions before the hostilities ended.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Soviet Green I-15 This skin is for the Polikarpov I-15 made by Stephen1918. I took the original texture that came with the plane and added a few details, some weathering, as well as the Soviet red stars. Installation: Drop the 'SovietGreen1' folder in the 'PolikarpovI15' folder. It can be used both in FE & FE2. Credits go to Stephen1918 for the I-15 and the original green skin. Freeware use only. Thank you.
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    Red lightning bolts and grey parrots.
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    I understand. I have also had issues with frame rate. I know a lot of people don't agree with this, but in my installs, I have run most of the skins down to 512 x 512. It took some time, but I got a huge increase in frame rate. When I create a plane, I make the skins at 1024 x 1024, but all of my skins are designed to work well at 512 x 512. Bigger is always better, but when the game slows down too much, one needs to make sacrifices. The long line to the ground is caused by a problem in the LOD and can only be fixed in 3DS. (For modders - the problem is caused when 2 vertices in same mesh are exactly superimposed, or when 2 faces in a mesh occupy are overlapping in the same plane. The problem doesn't show up in 3DS renders, it only shows up in the game.)
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    Nice action shots. I notice that you have shadows turned off, is there a reason for that?
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    Thank you Jackson. Fully modded, FE2 is an amazing flight sim and the visuals are great too. I'm flying it again more and more after a small break to do some tweaks for WOFFue. Latest pics. from the Eastern front, an afternoon mission against the rare Pfalz and Fokker Eindecker, and then a lone-wolf mission early in the morning (using the modified mission control and formation ini files from my FM update pack to give lonely and often empty skies, as historical for these obscure theaters). Lone-wolf missions are particularly challenging. I'm thinking of flying a bunch of missions, this time for the Eastern front, using my DiD Rules that I came up with a while back, for even more immersion (https://combatace.com/forums/topic/92423-did-style-single-missions-for-fe2/). Happy flying, Von S
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    Vickers test Project circa 1954 Vickers 553 Attack version 19 Squadron (plans and details about the project are stored at Brooklands museum Weybridge ,Surrey ,UK) (even have a flyable Vickers Vimy replica..) https://www.brooklandsmuseum.com/
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    Salve a tutti, utenti italiani di CombatACE! Riguardo un terreno dei Balcani, c'era questo vecchio thread https://combatace.com/forums/topic/60560-parlando-di-bagatelle-e-facezie/ Anziché "resuscitarlo" ho preferito crearne uno nuovo. Chissà quanti utenti italiani sono ancora attivi su CombatACE... Il terreno è ancora in alto mare in fase WIP. Chi ha già giocato con alcuni scenari che ho rilasciato per SF2, sa che ci tengo alla qualità e alla precisione. Con un po' di tempo e pazienza, arriverà. La passione per il terrain modding non mi manca di certo. Enough chit-chat, ecco giusto due immagini per incominciare: Mancano ancora tanti aeroporti, etc. etc., lo so! Perché ho tagliato fuori la Sicilia? Scelte di design e gameplay; la Sicilia è già rappresentata nell'altro terreno che ho rilasciato, sulla Libia; inoltre, così do' priorità a combattimenti al Nord e sull'Adriatico. Niente aerei Jugoslavi sulla Sicilia! Ah, dimenticavo: ci saranno due versioni del terreno, una che coprirà gli anni 1963-1991 (prima dello scioglimento della Jugoslavia) e uno dal 1992 fino ad oggi, con i nuovi Stati dell'area Balcanica. Che ne dite?
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    back to Battle Creek after a visit amongst the Vaarks..
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    Heading out to the range getting some practice in.
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    hi! is it possible to have aircraft carriers in WOE and or the WOE ODS mod? i see there are carriers i can add, but how to do i actually use them, i cant ever select the location i take off from can i? i do also hav WOV and i know it has carriers in it.


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