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    Version 1.0.0


    Skin for excellent oefD3_ba253 by Jan Tuma. I tried to add some "photorealistic" textures for more impressive image of this aircraft. Add to oefD3_ba253.ini : [TextureSetXXX] Name=GreenPhR Nation=AUSTRIA Squadron= Specular=0.400000 Glossiness=0.400000 Reflection=0.400000 Eugene
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    here are the B61 bombs , includet are B61-1 , USAF , 10 kt and 340 kt B61-2 , USN , 10 kt and 150 kt B61-3 , USAF / NATO , 0,3 kt , 1,5 kt , 60 kt and 170 kt B61-4 , USAF / NATO , 0,3 kt , 1,5 kt , 10 kt and 45 kt B61-5 , USAF , 10 kt and 150 kt B61-7 , USAF , 10 kt , 170 kt and 340 kt B61-10 , USAF , 0,3 kt , 5 kt , 10 kt and 80 kt B61-11 , USAF , 0,3 kt , 340 kt and 400 kt ( Earth Penetrading Weapon ) B61 Nuclear Bombs.7z all bombs are Retarded exept for B61-1 , B61-2 and B61-11, before you install this weapons please delete any other B61 bomb from your mod folder the B61-12 is still in work but it will take some time to finish it because my 3ds max computer is not working
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    Never thought, that Englands coasts are so much populated.
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    Pity the guy didn't get to use tusk ... would have been an "interesting" experience for the terrorist.
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    Aerate the fuckers brains, or what passes for supposed brains, deal with it harshly and without compromise, dont give a shit if the liberal , namby pamby asshats dont like it, if someone steps on to our land, and threatens unarmed and defenceless civilians, then the deserve to be slotted, period, no questions, no repercussions, no inquiries , its that simple. Terrorism is not acceptable, when it targets innocents, no more than military actions that disregard civilians and non combatants, this is why they get away with it, because they know, the powers that be are frightened of goody goody back lash , well enough, time to draw the line in the sand, asphalt , concrete, whatever, and kill the fuckers dead, no prisoners, no compromse, just off the twats.......End of Dit.
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    "Bucc`n ell,hes low" Buccs from Ministry of Defence (Procurement Executive), RAF Lyneham, 30 June 1990,they only aqquired 3 ,XW986 987 and 988 until Late 1990 when A\AEE took them over at Farnborough..game keeps adding 4th even with dec count at 3...so "invented" 995
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    View File Albatros Oeffag ba.253 skin Skin for excellent oefD3_ba253 by Jan Tuma. I tried to add some "photorealistic" textures for more impressive image of this aircraft. Add to oefD3_ba253.ini : [TextureSetXXX] Name=GreenPhR Nation=AUSTRIA Squadron= Specular=0.400000 Glossiness=0.400000 Reflection=0.400000 Eugene Submitter Eugene2 Submitted 11/30/2019 Category Albatros Skins  
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    Got the red stars on and the bort number (done in USN font, from what I can tell from real world birds).
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    Frankly I am glad they wrestled the maniac to the ground and put a bullet in him. Horrible thing to say, but I certainly don't agree with armed terrorists knifing and killing defenceless, innocent civilians who are simply going about their daily business. !!!!
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    Yeah thnx got the book with the pics...even contacted Mikoyan....and they sent me a few bits...didnt think they would..
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    British Poles don’t always need Spitfires. Sometimes a narwhal tusk is enough* 😉 *forgive bias. When I went to RAFC Cranwell in 1976, Deputy Commandant Air Cdre Maisner was from Warsaw 🇬🇧🇵🇱🇵🇱🇬🇧. We had 16 Polish sqns during WW2, last RAF Polish veterans didn’t finally wash out until 1980s. **tragic though that 2 died. When will the bad guys learn that it doesn’t work, esp in Britain? cf Glasgow airport attack 2007, defeated by a baggage handler.
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    actually there is nothing horrible about wanting to see these evil bastards dead.
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    Seems to be a video going around of them bringing the knife guy down - one guy had a fire extinguisher. May have to scroll down there are others: https://10daily.com.au/news/crime/a191130pinok/hero-citizens-used-narwhal-tusk-fire-extinguisher-to-stop-london-attack-20191130?taid=5de34c84ee0d2300017c783c&utm_campaign=trueAnthem%3A+Trending+Content&utm_medium=trueAnthem&utm_source=twitter Better maybe
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    A little adversary training between a Dhmari Gripen and a F/A-18C of VFC-12...
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    Uploaded and awaiting approval
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    Short status update of the 104S rework project: F-104S CB - done F-104S ASA CB - done F-104S CI - done F-104S ASA CI - to be done F-104A ASA M - to be done
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    always wondered, when they were scrapped did they make banana bread? mandatory screenie, in which the situation is normal
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    View File SF2 CF-100 MK-4B NORAD This package represents the CF-100 MK-4B version as used by the RCAF in North America. The squadrons/skins were based in Canada so this pack isn't a good fit for a typical install and should only be used in a North American centered installation. The date range runs from March, 1955, until December, 1962. NOTE: Due to the large size of this upload 3 additional skins will be uploaded as a separate package. Additional skins here: https://combatace.com/forums/topic/94108-cf-100-mk-4b-norad-skins/ I'm using the NORAD suffix to avoid any confusion with the European versions although the CF-100 MK4 service introduction pre-dates NORAD by about 3 years. The skin jpeg's are quite large and I've noticed some frame rate issues when flying over Hi Res terrains but no issues over the stock terrains. The model does use distance lods. INSTALLATION: Normal installation, just copy and past the files into the appropriate mod folders. If you already have the MK-4A installed you can skip the sounds, decals, pilots [seat] and weapons except the CF-100_RP which has had a not required jpeg removed, or just remove the jpeg from the rocket pod that was included in the MK4A upload. Additional information in the ReadMe. CREDITS: Sundowner: Aircraft model, cockpit model, various ini work, some skin work, research. 1977Frenchie: Skins, decals, hangar and loading screens, research. Baffmeister: Flight model, some ini work, some research, package compilation and readme. Wilches: Beta testing and research. Crusader: Research Paulopanz: Loadout TGA [Thanks!] The Canberra_2 engine sound and Mk3 ejection seat are included but not sure who made them. There is also a CF-100windsound which I might have made but don't remember for certain. This package is subject to the CombatAce Modders Licensing Agreement Submitter baffmeister Submitted 11/29/2019 Category Other Origin
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    little bump to let you all know this is still going found lindr2's model for the Mk17 15 mt weapon. only able to be carried by the B-36. got it into game, fitted out the B-36 to carry it the SHAPE is actually fairly good. the SIZE needs work, as two of four bomb bays had to be merged together IRL to carry it
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    Found the pictures, but not the file. But hmmm... I might have some spare time the last two weeks of December so after Nihon Hitori 2020 is polished off... maybe some Lancer 2025 quick strike game is a good idea?
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    More work. Unfortunately it won't be an exact replica but it will be close enough to be a decent version.
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    View File CF-100 MK-4B NORAD SKINS Three additional skins that didn't fit in the CF-100 MK-4B NORAD upload. INSTALLATION: Add the skin folders to the CF-100_Mk4B[NORAD] aircraft folder. CREDITS: 1977Frenchie This package is subject to the CombatAce Modders Licensing Agreement Submitter baffmeister Submitted 11/29/2019 Category Other Origin  
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    gracias 3-A-305, el terreno es el de siempre (el original del mod) así que funciona en todos los episodios de sfp1 con algunas modificaciones del ini y toda ayuda es bien recibida. acá algunas de las nuevas cosas que estoy creando
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    View File EA-18G VAQ-139 CAG This is a skin depicting one of the various CAG schemes for VAQ-139. Simply drop in your EA-18G folder and go fly, and can be found under VAQ-139 CAG Submitter EricJ Submitted 11/29/2019 Category F-18  
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    Bears are out of hibernation
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    Arriving over Khe Sahn Wingo gunning troops in contact. I'm sitting on the ground by now with the rudder gone and lots of holes in the bird just off the opposite end of the runway. Forgot what key was mapped to shut the engine off. Last pass over the target area, NVA gunner got me good. You can see the smoke in the distance.
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    I appreciate the randomness of the mission generator too. One word of advice - if using the various formation.ini files included with my FM update pack, be aware that the one for lowest congestion/scarcity of aircraft, that often creates lone-wolf single missions, may sometimes crash FE2 (perhaps FE1/FEgold too) depending on the mission type selected. While not a big problem, it's worth being aware of. I particularly like lone-wolf missions for the early war, with hardly any aircraft in the sky for miles and miles, as historical. I will see if I can somehow combine commands included in the missioncontrol.ini and formation.ini files, for a future ver. of the FM pack - although I will be somewhat busy with my early WW2 install for SF2, for a while. Happy flying, Von S
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    Thanks for the info don246. Sorry for the late reply, but I've only just got a Saitek Evo Joystick - four years after posting my previous post. Unfortunately I didn't know they made two visually identical but different versions of it, and I've ended up with a no force-feedback one, for now. Anyway, I'm not sure I'll bother with ROF as I don't like paying for extras bits for a game, as far as I'm concerned it should all be on the disc, and I only play offline. I recently played FE and have WOFF/OFF3 installed. I found FE to be rather limiting with only 3 flyable planes but it was easy to use. WOFF is is much bigger, but more complicated and not quite as intuitive to set up. I was surprised to find that FE's SE5A cockpit seems a tad more realistic than the one in WOFF, eg. FE's has the "tube" gunsight thing, whereas WOFF's only has a crude cross in a circle. I'll be looking to to D/L more planes etc. for FE.
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    Thanks EricJ! Honestly, I'm not as interested in the Super Hornet as EricJ is. However, he has done great work on the F-5F skins, so I'm going to make sure he gets a good product from me. Which means doing the research and getting it right to the best of my limited abilities. Yes, there is another FA-18F out there. However, nothing says there can't be more than one with the corrections the current model needs plus it's stablemates. That's the way it works...Klavs81 has me do some work on the F-35, and in return, he's getting some awesome stuff done for me...you will see it soon. Eric, I hope to have all 3 models to you by Monday night to start skinning. The F and G are basically done, just awaiting to finish the E model...then I'll map all 3 at once. FC


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