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    pero nunca voy a estar conforme si no logro un mapa mas realista, podría tardar mucho tiempo crear todos los azulejos y no seria algo para tarjetas de vídeo medias.
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    The Hot Dog Stand is over a decade old; time for the new 2020 “Swambast” overhaul edition! This version is based on an actual hot dog stand known as “The Dog House.” It was owned by Dick Portillo who spent his family’s life savings to open up a hot dog stand in 1963. The hot dog stand was originally inside a cramped trailer located 18 miles west of Chicago, Illinois (USA). In my opinion, my version does a good (not great) job of replicating the original considering the FPS/performance balance I wanted to maintain. Also, I took it off the trailer and made it more of a solid fixture. As always, I get suckered by details, so I added in the working "grill smoke" and a delicious “hot dog combo meal.” Also, thought it would be fun to create a custom destroyed model that has burnt hot dogs scattered everywhere (). Working on a few final tweaks including hit boxes/collision mesh but should be ready soon. P.S. @Wrench: time for your “Wrench’s Weiners” hot dog stand to be updated. PM me with some details and I’d be happy to make it for you. Also, might have a surprise for you regarding the early genre firetruck you were looking for at one point.
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    I just completed the new pilot for SF2, I have made 2 pilots one is right-handed and the other is left-handed. I have used two software to model the pilot FaceGen and Fuse. The skin is a collection of photos and textures from google search. In-game screenshots flaying the F-18-B
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    Night? Famous ? or GR.4 .. your choice ;-)
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    (not actually WW2, but post-war) Buzzing the railyard at Tourane, FIC Hmm... looks like The Legion's armored train is in town!
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    oh my f-king g*d!!!! the one I've been using all these years is from Major Lee, and I believe HE got it from the 3W sim "First Flight" (flying the Wright 03 FLyer). Of course, I'll still use the old one for various countries (Falafal King in the Mid-East, or on the Vietnam 48 map -see below) OUTSTANDING!! DA, are you sure it was bombed from above, or destroyed via an "internal" explosion of escaping gasses???
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    The antenna which is formed like the tip of an hunting arrow is the so called SAU antenna. SAU is a automatically landing approach system, which enables the plane to perfom an autonomous landing approach or on more modern systems an autonomous landing of the plane. SAU is part of the RSBN navigation system. RSBN is comparable with the american TACAN, but is much more precise. Normally you has two such antennas on the plane. One under the nose, the other on the tailfin. Here the SAU antenna on the tailfin of the MiG-21bisSAU
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    The head and the helmet are completed with my friend from work as a pilot.
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    At least it works and my works hasn't been wasted. Will try to see what's going on.
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    The terrain is made with 500x500m tiles to get a better look in FE. For SF2 tiles with 2000x2000m are needed. So it is not usable for SF2. To make it work in SF2 a complete new retiling of the terrain is neccessary. I download your files in this moment. I will check them out. Edit: I have installed your files and on my computer the terrain runs fine. Perhaps the tileset neeeds to much ressources for your computer. You could try to replace it with a more simple tileset or the stock tileset from FE.
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    Excellent! How about some FE2 and WWII pilots?
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    Congrats! Very very good work. The most convincent modern pilot so far.
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    buhbuhbuh.... blown up before i could get a tamale. you bastard!
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    Aircraft add-on + extra skin pack coming soon...
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    Port side top to bottom... (looking at Sukhoi Cutaways in PDF seems they all concur ILS ECM (different frequencies Port and Stbd) Port nav\coll light Static discharge rods. Starboard Radar Warning Reciever ECM (different frequencies Port and Stbd) Static discharge rods. Double sided on stbd is I think UHF
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    I think he was talking about the RHAWS areal, the light is the one on next on the right of it and only the left side fin/tail has the anti-collision light.
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    SA-14 Gremlin MANPADS will be available within the next few days... Happy new year!
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    With a bit of tidying up...seems to be ok....tails wre rather lumpy...few cuts etc and seem better...looks pretty good to me.
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    yeah...tails a bit ,did try them but they stab needs redoing...as they needed to be bent and looked weird
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    Retaliator. Nice idea.
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    Any way you want to release these is fine with me. Just release them and thanks. (P.S. Don't forget the MTO P-38's also need some TLC.)
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    con una buena tarjeta de vídeo y una buena configuración en el ini de las texturas se logran buenos reflejos como los simuladores mas modernos del mercado
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    Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all! Thinking about releasing these. Do you prefer a single package containing both ETO and PTO versions or a single pack?
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    Yes, the F-14 Tomcat can also drop bombs...
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    Got on my Patreon page the B-1B Podcast Episode of Fighter Pilot Podcast playing... Why? Because I felt... BAD TO THE BONE: I dropped way too low. Doesn't help when I lack a decent bomb sight.
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    My PC is low-end so I rarely use Unlimited graphics options, unless I am testing a mod I am going to release. As you guys may know, specular maps are used in all their detail only when Effects are set to Unlimited. Some of you Raptor lovers may know that the paint of the F-22A Raptor is very particular; it helps with stealth properties and, together with the radar-absorbent material, it produces a metallic sheen effect, to the point that the coating may appear translucent under certain light conditions. This is rather difficult to portray on old, limited game engines. With the great opportunity for specular maps in the SF2 engine, I was able to reproduce this effect to an extent. Here below a few images showing it.
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    ¡El mejor! ¡Todos tendrían que ser así!
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    Version 1.0.0


    After World War I, Spain purchased several surplus Airco DH.9's from Britain. In the 1920's a Spanish version was built, under license, by the Hispano-Suiza Company. The Spanish DH.9 was fitted with a 300hp Hispano-Suiza 8 cylinder engine. About 500 were produced during the 20's and at least 25 were still in service when the civil war started in 1936. The Hispano-Suiza DH.9 was used by both sides during the war and some remained in service until the end of the war in 1939. I have made two versions, one for each side, with appropriate skins, decals, and loadouts. My skinning templates are included. Each version has two bomb loadouts, one with eight 25kg bombs mounted under the wings, and one with two 100kg bombs carried under the fuselage. One of the bombs was included with the Polikarpov I-15. Two of them were included in Geezer's 1930's bomb pack. I have included all the necessary bombs with this download, but you may not need to install all of them. I have included instructions for installing the bombs in a separate text file. Credits Thanks to Ojcar for making the original data file for the DH.9. I have made slight modifications for the Spanish Civil War versions. Thanks to Geezer for making the two Italian bombs as part of his 1930's Bomb Pack for First Eagles. I have included them in this download in case you don't already have them. Installation Instructions For FE1 - Unzip the file. Move the folders named "NatDH9" and "RepDH9" into your FirstEagles/Objects/Aircraft folder. You will need to install some or all of the bombs. See the Instructions For Installing Bombs, included with this download. For FE2 - Unzip the file. Move the folders named "NatDH9" and "RepDH9" into your FirstEagles/Objects/Aircraft folder. Then in the FirstEagles/Objects/Decals folder, create two new folders named "NatDH9" and "RepDH9". Move the folder named "D" from your Aircraft/DH9 folders into the appropriate Decals/DH9 folders you just made. You will need to install some or all of the bombs. See the Instructions For Installing Bombs, included with this download.
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    A great package this! Thanks to everyone involved and keep up the good work!
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    Pretty nice mod and nice addition for my mod file
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    Excellent A dream plane, very well modelled
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    Very good job on this superbe aircraft, beautiful cockpit. Thank you.
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    Its a really nice bird. Excellent work.
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    Thanks Dave. Its Marcelo & starfighter2 who did most of the work . Marcelo made these excellent models and its really beautiful Indian,Finnish & Yugoslav skins. starfighter2 made superb and accurate FMs. The aircraft's performance against its opponents is exactly as desired, specially against its good old friend, the PAF F-86 I just made a few decals . Cockpit is by Mago & Marcelo. Marcelo has modelled Gnat's unique speedbrake and landing gear system accurately. The Gnat's landing gear would deploy in a semi-retracted position to work as its speedbrake. Though there were some problems faced with this, thanks to RussoUk2002, USAFMTL and Sony Tuckson's help, it was resolved Any mention of the Gnat would be incomplete without this. An IAF Gnat punishing a PAF F-86F Its a real blast to see F-86s disintegrating in front of you . I would like to thank Mr. P.V.S Jagan Mohan for his answers to my questions and his Bharat-Rakshak website, from where I found most of the information on the Gnat and Ajeet. His book "Indo- Pak Air War of 1965" is an excellent source as well.


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