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    Version 1.0.0


    RB-57APhoto reconnaissance version with cameras installed aft of the bomb bay; RB-57A avionics included an AN/APS-11A transponder and AN/APA-90 Indicator Group for command guidance (LEFT, RIGHT, CLIMB, DESCEND, BOMB, etc.) and was tested for "MSQ-1 controlled pinpoint photography" in 1954. WHAT'S IN: - a new plane - 13 skins (USAF, ANG, RoCAF) - decals, screen, sound, seat, weapons CREDITS: - Tk/TW model - Wrench original mod - Ludo original Canberra Templates - Paulopanz skins, decals, screens etc. INSTALL: - you must have Exp 2 to work - put all in mod folder Enjoy @paulopanz (Made after a Starfighter2 kind request)
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    It's released now. Written in german language about the combat airplanes of the East German Air Force, by a man, who served out his time there.
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    Philippine OV-10D encounters ground resupply moving toward a heavily guarded area but is run off before the reconnaissance mission is complete. Bad weather hampers the recon effort as well. A week later on a clear day an MQ-9 takes off from an undisclosed location in the southern Philippines My oh my,,,what is that below
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    Thank you for the info. - have been testing further and I've discarded my average of kias and ktas - found a better way of capping the ktas to within reasonable limits, using the MachLimit value under the FlightControl section of the data ini...was testing with the Spit 14 and now I can't push beyond about the 720s or 730s kph (when converted from the ktas value) at an alt. of about 7100 meters - the key is to "peg" the machlimit value appropriately. Limiting it to the historical top speed at alt. seems to "buffer" top speeds into somewhat low, unrealistic values...but capping the machlimit at a value that converts to about 100 kph higher than top speed at alt. works fine to keep the aircraft to within about 20-30 kph of historical top speed at alt. - so I'm happy with the results. I will still however leave the SL top speed uncommented since I'm getting better performance that way. For those who are following this thread, I recommend capping the machlimit value at about 100kph higher than historical top speed at alt. - seems to work well (this advice is for late prop aircraft in SF2...not related to FE2). The other good thing is that even with this cap in place, it doesn't limit dive speeds...some of the types like the Spits can approach Mach 0.9 in dives at full throttle anyway. In terms of the constantspeed "true" value, I agree that it's realistic in terms of post-WW2 and WW2 aircraft props. This I recommend tweaking as per taste or leaving it on for those who don't like fiddling with the values and want to have true auto prop behavior. Technically, on those constant speed props, you had a separate lever that you could use to chop down the rpms to taste - I don't know if this is possible in SF2 so I've resorted to turning the constantspeed off since otherwise I get constant, max rpms at all throttle settings, even at idle. Turning it off is a crude approximation of being able to control the rpms/prop pitch manually I suppose - at any rate it gives me a nice rpm of about 2300-2500 at full military throttle and rpms below 1000 at idle. I'm assuming that the automatic variable pitch then becomes "manual" variable pitch since the prop efficiency percentage changes across throttle settings...I usually get best prop efficiency (around 90 to 95%) somewhere in the 40 to 80% throttle range with constantspeed set to off - this seems historical...jet engines from what I've read are more efficient in the 80+ % throttle range. Once I start pushing towards full throttle I drop to about 70% efficiency at lower alts., but the efficiency improves slightly at max throttle (wep) at higher alts., etc. I suppose it's a tradeoff of sorts but seems to work well enough in SF2. Happy flying, Von S
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    English Electric Canberra B(I)8 - No.148 Squadron, RAF Bomber Command, 1965 In 1963, with the Mark 2 versions of the Vulcan and Victor becoming the spearhead of Bomber Command, four Valiant squadrons (49, 148, 207 and 214) were assigned to SACEUR forming a powerful strike wing based at Marham in Norfolk. But during the summer of 1964 fatigue cracks were discovered in the front and rear wing spars of several aircraft and whilst serious consideration was given to a rebuild programme the estimated unit cost of this was close to the original price of a Valiant so the rebuild programme was ruled out. However, when further cracks were discovered the RAF reluctantly grounded the Valiant in December 1964. In January 1965, this lead to Denis Healey (Minister of Defence) declaring that the Valiant situation was "causing considerable embarrassment for us with our NATO allies" and that an interim solution was urgently being sought "to restore our missing strike power and commitment to SACEUR". The interim solution announced by Denis Healey on January 23rd, 1965 was that the Valiant squadrons would re-equip with new English Electric Canberra B(I).8's. A new batch of 60 Canberra B(I).8's was ordered and, fortunately, the Samlesbury production line had only been inactive (except for conversions) since February 1964 when the final Canberra B(I).12 for South Africa was rolled out so reactivation was quick and relatively inexpensive. The grounded Valiant squadrons were hastily issued with Canberra T.4's, Canberra B.6's and a handful of B(I).8's so that aircrew could convert to the type and remain current until their new aircraft arrived. Finished in anti-flash white and powered by Rolls-Royce Avon RA.7 engines, the Canberra's of the Marham strike wing were initially armed with American Mk28 (B-61) free-fall tactical nuclear bombs before switching to the UK WE.177B in late 1966. The Canberra B(I).8's remained in service until 1974 when they were replaced by Buccaneer GR.3's.
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    Sabre with teeth...of the Turkish Air Force, circa 1974.
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    Eagle FGR.5 of XIII Sqn with a full Brimstone loadout.
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    Nice. It is the widely used version BTR-60PB. The basic version BTR-60P had had no turret. Here a part of an east german military movie, which shows BTR-60PB in normal military use. Its from 1976, the soundtrack is typical 70th annoyingly.
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    I am playing an SF2V Mig-21PFV campaign. I try to play it "realistically", that is to say with a pair of Mig-21 ambushing the Yankee Air Pirates. No gun, 1 Fuel Tank and 2 AA-2A, fly low: Given the limits of the AA-2A, only surprise bounces are possible and most of my missions are unsuccessfull. In the below case, I tried to ambush a RA5C, he spotted me and flew away: I did not even bother trying to puruse them and went back home, to avoid the escort
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    Version 1.0.0


    Hello and thank you for downloading my work. https://gkabs.net What's included: VBTP-MR-Guarani model GK-VBTP-MR-Guarani.001.LOD GK-VBTP-MR-Guarani.002.LOD GK-VBTP-MR-Guarani.003.LOD GK-VBTP-MR-Guarani.Destroyed.LOD 6 Skin for the model all my file should include the Strike Fighters 2 Series game file (.old) and the texture required. Installation: Copy the folder to Objects/GroundObject and the falowing to _TYPES.ini file [TargetTypeXXX]<-------- Change to the next number at the bottom of you types listing Name=VBTP-MR-Guarani FullName=GK-VBTP-MR-Guarani TargetType=MISC ActiveYear=0 TargetValue=50 UseGroundObject=TRUE GroundObjectType=GK-VBTP-MR-Guarani RepairRate=0.555 StartDetectChance=0 StartIdentifiedChance=0 IncreaseDetectChanceKey=0 MaxVisibleDist=8000.0 DestroyedEffect=SmallRocketGroundExplosion DestroyedModel=GK-VBTP-MR-Guarani.Destroyed.LOD SecondaryEffect=VehicleFireEffect SecondaryChance=100 f you need to change the skin please just rename the one you want to use to VBTP-MR Guarani-2.jpg If you need any further help please read the Knowledge Base at: https://combatace.com/forums/forum/268-thirdwire-strike-fighters-2-series-knowledge-base/ LICENSE: You are allowed to use this model and everything included with it for personal non-profit use for Strike fighters 1 and 2. For use outside of this scope, you need to contact me for permission. gkabs@gkabs.net Credit goes to the following: GKABS for creating the model and skins the soldier model is free from the net with the skin. Credit goes to https://www.textures.com as a use a lot of their photos to create the skins. And finally not to forget the wonderful site of https://combatace.com and all the nice member's and their dedicated support for this game. If you need any assistance please contact me at gkabs@gkabs.net
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    Version 1.0.0


    This aircraft mod represents Dassault's probable initial Mirage 4000A fighter and its trainer B variant in the French Air Force service. Since the company always created several variants of each type based on costumer requirement and evolution of technology, other national oriented types and variants will be uploaded as separate packages. This package comes with 3 skin sets for each variant, 3 squadron specific for A (18 planes), and 3 squadron sets for B (8 planes) and special Tiger Meet skin for a single AC. This model is meant for SF2 games only, SF1 variants will be uploaded at the SF1 section. Install is the regular dropping the contents in their respective places. In case you have the prototype variant you can skip the overwrite prompt of weapons as those 4 items are identical. Please note: The model can be quite heavy on FPS in large formations on weaker machines, so if required, either resize skin files or use lower lods(_nd,001,002,003) as lod1. The model uses the general french weapons, either as part of weapon packs or the Mirage 2000 family. Important: The B variant comes with 2 types of cockpit, the basic setup will use a simple pit that has only the pilots cabin instrumented. The other is a fully modeled front and rear compartment, in which you want to fly you should activate the proper line in the AC's.ini file. CockpitDataFile=Mirage4000B_Cockpit.ini <---- basic setup ;CockpitDataFile=Mirage4000B_Cockpit_full1.ini <------ front seat ;CockpitDataFile=Mirage4000B_Cockpit_full2.ini <------ rear seat Be aware - the piloting seat position can not be changed during/in game, so chose wisely! Make sure to read the manual included with the package. ---------------------- Creators of these Aircraft mods as members of CombatAce site: Original 3D work: Cocas Aircraft 3d update and additional changes: Logan4 Cockpit 3d work: Logan4 Aircraft FM: Cliff7600 Aircraft avionics: Loborojo, Cliff7600, logan4 Skin files and decals: Flogger23, Cliff7600, logan4, loborojo Cockpit files: Logan4, Cliff7600 Thanks to Crusader for additional brochure files Big thanks to members of CombatAce for helping and answering our questions and in sorting out some of the issues we got while creating this mod. Modding and distribution of files are allowed and limited according to the CombatAce Freeware Licensing agreement.
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    Great job!!! Amazing!
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    Hi!! I was tanking a look at some of CombatAce's screenshots, and found these two. I understand the first one (the one the Skyraider is flying over) was created by Old Diego and is included in the WSF2 Vietnam Air and Ground Expansion. The second one, I don't know who the author is, and where can I find the layout, as I would like to include both of them in a modification of my Coastal Range terrain. Any Ideas? Thanks!!!
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    I've been away for about a year, not playing any games at all. Anyway, I've finally got fed up with reading about Brexit so have reinstalled WOFF UE and the patch up to version 4.21. I'm a bit out of practice and never was a good pilot anyway but will have another go.
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    The last one is made by me for the updated Kuril Islands terrain. This terrain is work in progress. I hope that i can finish it this year.
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    View File AV-8B Harrier II Plus - SF2. ver.2019 AV-8B Harrier II Plus / Radar This is my humble rework of old AV-8B. Basic modding skills are required to run this mod. (copy/paste, mod folder structure etc.) A fake pilot is needed to run this mod. It is designed for and works only in SF2 series. Around 3 years ago - January 2016 - KillerBee approach me with the possibility of updating bobrock's harrier, and preparing Night Attack version. After some time, we had file ready for upload. Small changes here and there corrected a few things. And great skins by Killerbee. And then KillerBee disappeared from CA forum. Honestly, up to now, I have no contact with him. last - 4th May 2016. So harrier stayed on drive waiting for his comeback. But .... I couldn't resist...And iI started to mod this again. Since I had no KB skin templates I had to do all new skins...and more. So now I am here...My standard AV-8B Harrier is already available for download same as Night Attack model. Both models recently updated, New cockpit and a whole set of new skins and decals on whole remodeled 'old' Harrier. - there is no single part of an original model that hasn't be touched/remodeled etc. First of all...If you want to count rivets...Do not. Many things could be done other way....but I did it my way. So you have to bear with it. All skins are in 4096x4096 format. So you can easily resize down. Generally, it is just a few skins. If you have problems running this in game. Resize skins to lower resolutions Skins and decals are made to match most of the skins from Night Attack model pack. All VMA squadrons are equipped with a mix of both NA and radar model. Decals are based on my and KillerBee research. All serials are correct for the Night Attack version of Harrier II. Not always (but mostly) correct for a unit/year of service etc. But as always aircraft are rotating between units so its hard to track them down really. Big Thanks to Ravenclaw - He send me file with new ALQ-164 pod. Now it is part of the upload. For some reason, I have added weapons that are present in Loadout.ini. AIM-120 is specific for AV-8B via specific station code. To have proper year of apearance. Animations: 1= canopy open - close 4= refueling probe - beware of a speed limit 3= night vision mode - not really helping but it is there - inside and outside animation. ************************************************************************************ You can exlplore ini files for some additional features like in cockpit "FLIR" feed on HUD . AAQ-28 can be loaded only on station number 5 and centerline - in real - centerline come to use later and some units (VMAT) also moded wiring for use on other pylons. Nut in this mod only station 5 and 4 can carry AAQ-28. AIM-120 can be loaded only on stations 2 and 6. There are two stations for Intrepid Tiger II pod. In future. ECM also activates RWR on digital display indicator - even if ECM pod is not loaded. If you have my AV-8B Harrier already - some files are same so simply overwrite. for proper sound work you should add these lines into soundlist.ini SoundFileXXX=USMComm_1 SoundFileXXX=Equalizer [Equalizer] Priority=NORMAL Looped=TRUE NumBuffers=2 3DSound=TRUE DopplerEffect=FALSE MaxDist=1000.000000 MinDist=100.000000 InsideConeAngle=360 OutsideConeAngle=360 ConeOutsideVolume=100 SoundFileXXX=USMComm_1 [USMComm_1] Priority=NORMAL 3DSound=FALSE NumBuffers=1 Looped=TRUE FrequencyControl=FALSE ************************************************************************************ Credits. Me - whole sort of strange things - model-re-model, new cockpit, skins, decals, ini files etc. Ravenclaw - BRU-42 ITER models. ALQ-164 model, weapons. AAQ-28 Pod- I don't remember who made this model - all credits to him and thank you. 331Killerbee - ideas, good words, research primary work on skins and decals, work on ini files, loadouts, effects etc. Crusaders - help with avionics ini. Sounds taken from sources offering free sound samples. bobrock- the original first version of the standard model - Thank you and thanks to KillerBee. Thanks to a lot of people who helped me with this mod...Stratos, Crusader, Geary, gurru, Soulfreak,76.IAP-Blackbird, and others. Thank you all CA users. Yes, I know its huge - but I couldn't make it smaller. Be sure to download all parts. Enjoy. I enjoyed it much when making this pack. Expect unexpected. Report bugs. Suggest changes. Reference: AV-8 TACTICAL MANUAL NWP 3-22.5-AV8B vol.I AV-8 TACTICAL MANUAL NWP 3-22.5-AV8B vol.II NATOPS FLIGHT MANUAL NAVY MODEL AV-8B/TAV-8B 161573 AND UP AIRCRAFT NATOPS FLIGHT MANUAL A1-AV8BB-NFM-000 (June 1983) a whole bunch of marines dedicated websites - that I can't remember now. seaforces.org gonavy.jp navysite.de tailspintopics.blogspot.com Squadron Signal: 1058 Harrier in Action. Squadron Signal: No.209 AV-8 Harrier in action SAM Publications: US Marines AV-8B Harrier II Aircraft Ilustrated.Special: Harrier Harrier Inside and Out by Mark Attril ************************************************************* This is freeware; it CANNOT be distributed unless permissions are granted by myself. The original readmes, if any, and all other pieces of the package MUST remain intact. The names of all contributors, modders, suppliers, etc =MUST= be listed in any new readmes. This package and any part of it may NOT in any way, shape or form be used in any payware additions. See the original readme documentation, if any, for further allowances and restrictions Any persons wishing to make further modifications, contact me first. Any persons wishing to make further modifications, MUST remember to put everyone's name in it. Bribes and donations are accepted; ************************************************************* ************************************************************* THIS AIRCRAFT MOD OR ANY PART OF IT MUST NOT BE HOSTED OR POSTED FOR DOWNLOAD ON ANY OTHER WEB SITE WITHOUT MY EXPRESS PERMISSION, OR USED FOR ANY OTHER PURPOSE THAN THIRDWIRE FLIGHT SIMULATORS, AND MUST NOT BE SOLD OR OFFERED FOR SALE BY ITSELF OR WITH ANY OTHER FILES OR MODS. ************************************************************* Kind regards. Jarek Hereda. Submitter yakarov79 Submitted 03/31/2019 Category AV-8  
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    Congratulations Gepard I've always appreciated your knowledge on East German Air Force
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    Congrats on the book, I should know how much time is required to put one together... Will patiently wait for the English version!
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    View File Martin RB-57A reskinned & repacked RB-57APhoto reconnaissance version with cameras installed aft of the bomb bay; RB-57A avionics included an AN/APS-11A transponder and AN/APA-90 Indicator Group for command guidance (LEFT, RIGHT, CLIMB, DESCEND, BOMB, etc.) and was tested for "MSQ-1 controlled pinpoint photography" in 1954. WHAT'S IN: - a new plane - 13 skins (USAF, ANG, RoCAF) - decals, screen, sound, seat, weapons CREDITS: - Tk/TW model - Wrench original mod - Ludo original Canberra Templates - Paulopanz skins, decals, screens etc. INSTALL: - you must have Exp 2 to work - put all in mod folder Enjoy @paulopanz (Made after a Starfighter2 kind request) Submitter paulopanz Submitted 04/01/2019 Category B-57  
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    Congratulations! and I hope to see an english edition one day. All the best.
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    Some of the CAG decals were not showing up on the tails. Also the Gun pods and gear were blacked out. But it seemed to be the CAG birds only. However, re-downloaded and it doesn't appear to be an issue any longer. Also, when I re-downloaded the error message no longer exists. And....again, fantastic product! Wow!!!
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    When I look at the nose I would say Pinocchio or a close relative.
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    Falke is in the paint barn
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    great work guys! like it said in the read me, I did what I could to get it out to all of you, to make whatever adjustments are/were needed. However, it there's anything that can't be fixed by ini work (model flaws, incorrect animations), we're stuck with those! All I ask is that when all is said and done, and you have a final version(s) you upload the changed items, and then I can update the entire package! I like Otto's suggestion of the _87 model! Didn't think of that! thanks again guys!!
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    I'm glad, that you enjoyed my "Tyko". The book "Kampfflugzeuge der NVA" is more detailed. You will find some new, up today tot published photos in it. For example the interception of a helicopter by a MiG-29. Such trainings were standard for east german fighter pilots from begin of MiG-21 use, till the end in 1989. You will also find a lot of informations about the development of the single types of fighter and fighterbomber planes. Hope you enjoy my book too.
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    The speed in the bottom left corner and the KIAS number in the debug screen show the same airspeed: indicated airspeed (IAS). Only the unit in the bottom left can be different (km/h or mph instead of knots). True airspeed (KTAS) at a given altitude translates to an indicated airspeed (KIAS) and vice versa. (In the game TK uses equivalent airspeed (EAS) for indicate airspeed) An online converter for airspeeds you can find here: http://www.hochwarth.com/misc/AviationCalculator.html Therefore IMHO it's not correct to average both types of velocities and compare it with real life data. Depending on what real life velocity is measured (indicated airspeed or true airspeed) the according numbers (KIAS or TIAS) should be compared. I think with ConstantSpeed=TRUE a constant speed propeller is simulated in the game. (AFAIK most WW-2 and post WW-2 prop aircraft have constant speed propellers.) The corresponding automatic variable pitch is simulated with the high prop efficiency over a broad range of the advance ratio. From TK: and HTH
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    Speaking as a self-confessed bookaholic, I can only hope someday it's published in English. Regardless of which, I hope your publication becomes a successful one. Sidenote: Must start learning German....
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    I got stripes, stripes around my shoulders
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    I will be more than happy to make the model, but I have to make these first: BTR-60 BTR-70 as I have completed the BTR-50, and I would like to make them in order.
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    BAC Canberra B(I)8A - No.213 Squadron, RAF Germany, 1974 Skin Credit: Charles
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    The World's Fastest Tricycle (I've not previously heard that nickname for the Thunderjet - the wiki page has several more)
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    Hispano Aviación Ha-1112 'Buchon' - Grupo 6, Fuerza Aérea Argentina, 1951
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    Outstanding pic! One of your best!! Mandatory pic, a MQ-9 departing an unknow airfiled in Ukraine to check Russian activities in the Donbass...
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    Japanese Air Self Defense Force F-86F Sabre....
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    F-86F Sabre - Fuerza Aérea del Perú
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    Gepard, Those markings actually look good on it...
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    B-52 BUFF over Baghdad ALCM launch ALCM missile is right on the target AGM-154 and SA-8 Gecko
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    But it's not blackjack...it is a vintage thing... sorry, my reply was not clear... This is more complicated. But there are ways to add some 'extra' useless things on mfd...Although those are mostly eye candies rather than useful functions. Still, the game engine is the limit.
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    The word is that the Su-30's are fully operational and they still have 12 on order from Russia. It's hard to say about the F-16s, but from all I've read I get the impression that the Venezuela government dumps a lot of money into their military. Whether the Falcons can still fly & fight, is probably dependent on whether a foreign nation on friendly terms with Venezuela has active F-16 squadrons and enough parts to trade. I personally can't think of who that nation might me - Pakistan or Turkey perhaps?
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    Well yes, if the US Navy were to get involved IMO it will quickly be game over for Venezuela. If however it was an air superiority war involving say the Brazilian or Columbian Air Forces, that could be a different story. Something else to consider, is whether an air operation involving the US would have to be solely undertaken by the Navy? Both Columbia and Brazil are on friendly enough terms -& more importantly unfriendly enough terms with Venezuela- that air bases there could be made available for the USAF. Not to mention, Panama is within operational range of Venezuela for a number of USAF aircraft and can be flown to from the US without the need to fly over a foreign countries air space. In the event of a conflict, Panamá Pacífico International Airport (formerly Howards Air Force Base), could possibly be leveraged to support USAF aircraft. The latter is no doubt highly unlikely due to the late 90's treaties. And what about the Marines - wouldn't they want to get in on the action?
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    RNZAF Canberra's go on the offensive at Guadacanal during the third Soloman Islands campaign
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    Heading into the Mach loop, North Wales.... Turning hard... Out the other side.. Having worked on the original Tornado model created by ArmourDave way back in 2007 and trying to keep it up to date over the years I think I'm in a pretty good position to pass comment on this latest addition to the Strike Fighters stable. What guuruu has achieved here can only be described as OUTSTANDING work ! He and his team have put together the most complete and accurate representation of the mighty Tonka I have ever seen in any sim. The old Tornado models have served us well over the years, they were in their time as good as it gets but time has moved on and now we have a worthy replacement, if you don't already have these excellent new "guuruu" Tonka models you are definately missing out. As the "Mighty Fin" as we know it bowed out of RAF service just last week it's great to know I just have to fire up my pc and go fly a mission in one to be able to see one in the ( virtual )air again. I say again, a huge thanks to guuruu and his team.


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