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    LOL looks like an artist's impression from the 1960's.
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    Thanks for the link, love to learn this curious facts about aviation history. Maybe the drawing I posted is a bit colorized in order to be more attractive? On the drawing you can see the VA-34 markings on the tail not completely covered, so the blue is still visible, same for black numbers in the nose, and even the canopy is painted blue! Also the grey used is much darker so it gives the impression of being painted more crudely lol. Mandatory screen: Refugee extraction mission...
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    Onestly? Onestly? Why? I've almost finished the Caporetto campaign and now this! Will have to include this one and start working again on the beloved ini files ....LOL Seriously..thank you for your hard work and Italian stuff is always appreciated
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    Lockheed F-113C Starflash - 119 Squadron, Israeli Air Force, 1973 Credits 3D Model: Cocas Skin: Nyghtfall And, yes, those are the pilot's size 12's poking out of the fuselage!
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    CR-32 Package attached. The model looks quite complete. I think the skin is Spanish and unfinished. The FM is almost done but I never found good engine data so the engine table is a bit generic. I don't think I ever found a good speed at altitude table either so any info on those subjects would be appreciated. CR32.7z
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    Some more Air-Defense Skyhawks from ASW-Carriers 2 of the 4 shady Girls of H&MS-15 on USS Hornet in 1965/66 Fanny Hill... and Polly Adler.
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    It's great to have Geezer back! Geezer is mostly interested in First Eagles projects but he has done quite a few preliminary mid thirties/early WW2 models that can be made to work in SF2. Geezer has given me the OK to post them as open beta testers so I'm going to upload a few of the more finished ones here and take a closer look at some of the others. This thread is aimed at "do it your self" types and the uploads will be incomplete in some respects. That means things like unfinished skins, [make your own] no bomb racks, [add your own] and unfinished FM's. These aircraft may or may not get finished at some point but at least the "12 people" [Wrench Quote ] who have an interest in SF2-WW2 will be able to add some new and interesting aircraft. I think the thread will be good for exchanging information and files as well. Any new skins can be posted here, as well as edits for nation specific types etc. Some rules: 1. None of Geezers models or skins can be used in a formal upload without his consent. They are beta. 2. None of his models or skins can be posted to another website. 3. Preferably, keep any exchange of files confined to this thread, so everyone stays in the loop. Here are a couple of links to get 2 "finished" Geezer models: https://combatace.com/files/file/16169-geezer-sea-gladiator-for-sf-2-mto-and-eto/?tab=comments https://combatace.com/files/file/16173-geezer-cr-42-sf-2-mto/?tab=comments I will be uploading a CR-32 beta tester very soon.
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    Flying a sortie in the RAF campaign This is my second mission report from my new (or at least, new-found) toy - A2A's Battle of Britain II - Wings of Victory. In case anyone's wondering, I didn't set out for them all to be called 'A bad day for...' - that's just how it's working out, so far. A bit of a give-away, or spoiler if you like, but I trust it won't last, and that future mission report titles will be a tad more cheerful. Anyhow now that I've made a start with a BoB2 campaign, I'm wondering why I didn't take to it years ago, when I first got Rowan's original, or A2A's remake. Especially since both are so much better with the BDG updates. Now, you can even play a more conventional campaign, as described in the comprehensive BoB2/BDG manual, which enables you to have a log book-carrying, squadron-based pilot persona. This uses the underlying dynamic campaign 'wargame' to generate your missions. But for now I'm doing a conventional BoB2 'commander' (not 'pilot') campaign. The main difference is that the commander version allows you to act as any and all of the Air Vice-Marshals commanding 10, 11 and 12 Groups, Fighter Command, plus jump in and fly any squadron scrambled or tasked to patrol, either on takeoff or on meeting the enemy. Also at other points but the latter is the most interesting, and enables the player to jump in just before the start of any air fight, in any of the aircraft in the squadron about to engage. I opted to start at the beginning of the first phase into which the Battle is conventionally divided - the channel convoy phase, starting 10 July 1940, just after the fall of France. Among the many options, you can set things so that the AI Luftwaffe you will be facing starts the battle mainly by attacking British coastal convoys ('historical' tactics), or using 'optimal' ones - which likely involves going for more beneficial targets earlier, like your airfields or aircraft factories. I opted for 'historical' and as expected, ended up with the RAF campaign AI flying standing patrols to protect convoys, plus scrambling squadrons to intercept raids as they come in. This campaign AI presents you with 'directives' which set rules your deployed forces will follow, and allows you both to vary these or create your own. It also takes decisions on what and when to scramble, abiding by these directives. The BDG manual gives excellent, detailed and illustrated advice on how to do all this, but the AI is quite good for the RAF anyway. I opted to accept all the defaults and let the AI fight the Battle, so that all I had to do was wait for something to happen and then dive in to any action that developed. As each campaign day accelerates and decelerates time as needed, you are not kept waiting staring at the map for long. And even while you are, it's a not uninteresting experience; you can watch convoys moving, patrols orbiting, raids developing and squadrons scrambling, while listening to reports as they come in. 'Hostile seven zero one is now a hundred plus' sounds positively sinister, even though spoken softly in the polite tones of an invisible but obviously efficient and very possibly pretty virtual 1940s WAAF at the plotting table. Above is my campaign map near the end of the first of three sections the campaign day is broken into - morning, afternoon and early evening. The aforementioned raid Hostile 701 is near bottom right, returning to base after attacking Convoy Jaunty (authentic convoy and squadron reporting names are a feature), which is the grey ship marker in the Channel between the headlands at Beachy Head to the west and Dungeness to the east. The blue and white markers are RAF fighter squadrons, either the convoy's standing patrols or those scrambled as the raid came in and now heading home. During this raid I jumped in with 79 Squadron as the leader (the top right blue/white marker) when it intercepted Hostile 701. Here I am contemplating the incoming raid, from a not-terribly favourable position... ...and here I am dealing with a Messerschmitt 110 which objected to our presence... But this mission report is about a sortie I flew the following day, 11th July. A convoy had left the dangers of the channel behind and sought safety off the North Sea port of Felixstowe. Not so safe, as it turned out, for Luftflotte 2 decided to have a go at them. Once again, we were up against a raid reported as 'a hundred plus'. Being keen, I accepted the first offer of combat that the campaign AI offered me, for the first squadron to sight the enemy in the air. This was no less than 242 (Canadian) Squadron, commanded by no less than Squadron Leader Douglas Bader. BoB2 being the stickler for unit-level historical detail that it is, it was no surprise when I therefore found myself in the cockpit not only of a Hurricane, and not only of one bearing authentic squadron codes ('LE') with each aircraft in the squadron with its own unique individual aircraft letter; but my mount was no less than the boss's own machine, LE-D, with my blue and red leader's flash below my starboard cockpit and the unofficial unit emblem, Adolph getting a kicking, adorning the nose. My Corgi diecast 1/72 has the leader's flash on the opposite side, the mirror image A (camouflage) Scheme, and is serial V7467 not P1966, but such minor details apart, BoB2's version is a pretty good replica. Would I do the illustrious pilot justice, whose flying boots this sortie had found me filling? Well, yes and no... ...to be continued!
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    One can uncover funny things while modding the game. Probably it was discovered already, but I've never seen threads about it. Basically, in my upcoming GUI mod I have re-introduced the Briefing screen which was present in SF1 games. It's more of an eye-candy screen, not useful to something. When playing CAS missions where the FAC would usually spawn in SF1/WOX games, at the Briefing screen we get that the FAC has the G002 callsign instead of Snoopy. Obviously, Snoopy was cut in SF2, we all know that. What's funny is that G002 actually is the Friendly ground force we have to support during that mission. Another interesting fact: TACC is always Red Crown, even when in SF2NA we are playing for the Navy, where TACC is Hawkeye. But we know how poorly Hawkeye has been implemented.
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    Today I uploaded the Polmilio PE - another Italian two seater to fly in Gterl's Caporetto terrain. The Pomilio PE was introduced in 1917 and was used for recon and light bombing missions. My plane features a fully functional cockpit, two skins with decals, and a small bomb loadout. My skinning templates are included. My thanks to Ojcar for making yet another great FM for this plane.
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    For safe and easy use thats correct. But it's not really needed, as the length actually _can_ differ. You just have to watch carefully, how the characters etc. are coded. The pattern in the picture is character, followed by "00" (the dots in the right column). Add those "dots" on the left side by typing 00....if you hit the "dot-key", you will get the hex-value of the actual dot, which is not "00". Follow this pattern and don't overwrite stuff other than "00" and it will work with longer or shorter names too.
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    Hello, I like the current FM... very good rolling maneuvers ! CR.32 vs Sea Gladiator
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    Worked on the skin somewhat
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    Nicely done, Stephen 1918 (again!). Your models always work "right out of the box" and this FE2 flyer appreciates that!
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    Cool picture! I have done a VA-34 A-4B skin with the marking removed based on the only photo I can find of VA-34 in Cuba in 1961. If you google Bay of Pigs and VA-34 or Skyhawk etc the story about the botched Escort mission comes up in a few placed eg https://www.history.com/news/5-things-you-might-not-know-about-the-bay-of-pigs-invasion scroll down to #3. Hard to see in the screenshot but the over sprayed markings are a darker fresher grey
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    Forging ahead My first flight in SF2 since 2017!
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    VSF Squadron/ VA Squadron detachment A-4B and A-4C Skyhawks. VSF Squadrons and VA Squadron detachments were assigned to small ASW carriers for air defense but with the escalation of the Vietnam war they returned to the attack role. VA-34 from the USS Essex actually flew a CAP/ escort mission during the Bay of Pigs invasion with the intention of protecting the Rebal A-26 Invaders but due to a timing cock up were an hour late and missed engaging the Cuban T-33A fighters. VA-93 painted fake black radar-domes and tail RWR receivers during one of their detachments. I modified some of Wrench's decals along with Nyghtfall's latest templates.
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    View File Berguet Siroco M by CAF (What If) Late 1950´s Breguet's project for a jack of all trades for the upcoming French Carriers, in the end, the project was scrapped wend the Aeronaval decide to use to buy two single role fighter instead of one multi-role fighter the rest is History! FM his just copy paste as usual all weapons are on Gunny weapons pack model ini edits skins and decals by CAF team Cockpit by TW To install just drop the file to your on you savegames etc StrikeFighters folder enjoy Cocas CAF team PS readme has lots of typos! LOL Submitter cocas Submitted 09/24/2017 Category What If Hangar  
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    I present to you officially these models already finished and that will soon be for download it is the models FW-190A4, A6R11 (night fighter), these short nose FW-190A8, A8R2 (armored canopy) FW-190G8 long-distance attack FW-190F8 ground attack and support (late) Models with Jumo 213 engines FW-190D9 and FW-190D13 and the last model of the family that went into combat TA-152H (high altitude)
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    View File HiRes Templates for Stock SF2 A-4 Skyhawks (B, C, E, F, H, L) These are layered .PSD templates for Thirdwires A-4 Skyhawks (Stock planes) in higher resolution (2048x2048). Different parts and UVMaps for many variants are included, so they work at least for all A-4B, C, E, F, H-Ahit and L-models. Included are several different camos aswell. A readme.txt is included and you should read it for further information. If you got problems with it or have advices for improvements, just let me know. If you improve things by yourself, I would be glad to receive a copy of your work. I release this under the Combat Ace Fair Use Agreement. Credits and Thanks ================== - Thirdwire and TK for a great game, nice models and skins these templates derived from - all people, that helped me along the way with tips, opinions and their work, like Wrench, Soulfreak, dtmdragon, Eole2, Sundowner and many more! Have fun Rene/Nyghtfall Submitter Nyghtfall Submitted 03/04/2015 Category Skin Templates  
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    As I said before, your models are all trouble free and solid. Same for the cockpits. Congats and keep on working!!
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    I like a good surprise ending!
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    Tally Ho! Here we are, on a vector to the bandits. When I say 'we', I realise that I mean both 242 Squadron which I'm leading in LE-D, but also the chaps down below and to our right. The eagle-eyed will have noticed that these Hurricanes carry larger fin flashes and fuselage roundels - and different squadron codes: GN, indicating they are from 249 Squadron. I had thought from the campaign map when I took over 242 that we were on our own, ahead of the pack of three or so squadrons scrambled to intercept the raid on the convoy off Folkestone. Must pay a bit more attention to that map in future, I told myself, like pausing and zooming in (to uncover markers hidden beneath other markers). Before I jump into the hot seat. The BDG manual does recommend that when taking over a flight about to hit contact, you pause the game once in the 3d to re-orient yourself. In fact there's a setting that does that by default. As with any new sim, I have a lot to learn, perhaps more than most as, like Steel Armour - Blaze of War, BoB2's sim-within-a-wargame approach repays taking time to learn the greater number of ropes. Not jumping straight in, like me. My first inkling that this very lesson was going to be mercilessly drummed into me came when I got my first clear view of the raid, coming up from the south. Gave me a right good sense of what Dowding's boys felt like, that did; scrambled in individual squadrons to intercept raids of a hundred or more. Yes there were almost certainly others on their way but the sense of being outnumbered was brought home with a bit of a shock, when I saw that little lot up there. OK I've got a fully functional rear view mirror, but do I miss the dynamic shadows or higher-res cockpit textures of more modern sims? They're nice to have, but no, not really. As in IL2 '46, you have much more pressing things to be aware of and indeed, appreciate. Not least the 'Now, THAT'S what I call a raid!' moments, coupled with the sense that you are not fighting in the Minor Skirmish of Britain. Much more important. For a while, I flew dumbly on. There was Jerry, and there was I, wondering what the Hell to do about it. For a while, I couldn't think of anything better to do, than take some more screenshots. So that's what I did. While I climbed hard and watched this armada go sailing past on a reciprocal course, up above us. Wisely, 249 seemed to have decided to do something different, for they were gone. Straight home, if they had any sense. I was fearful of being bounced of course, but I recalled enough of my WW2 air combat tactics to know that turning in under a higher enemy to force him to make a head on-steeply diving pass was a defence in this situation. Here, I didn't even need to turn. But no attack came. Perhaps wisely, Jerry resisted the temptation and ploughed on. Feeling a bit less scared, and still climbing, I began to lead 242 around and after them. Soon, we were coming up behind the beggars, still with a bit of catching up to do. The Huns looked like single seaters, possibly Stukas, but likely also with 109s for escort. Very likely, since I could see some contrails peeling off to the left of the main formation. Probably snappers (fighters) turning to come in on us from abeam or astern. It was at this point that I finally had to admit to myself that I had not practiced nearly enough squadron-leading using the BoB2 radio command system. This is different but quite sophisticated, coupled as it is with what they call an 'auto vectoring' AI which aids control - after giving certain combat orders, you can actually hear yourself on the R/T translating that into some sort of drill or tactical response, which might be 'Pick your own targets - there's dozens of them!' Or something a bit more sophisticated. But of course I had read and dabbled, but not practiced sufficiently. So I basically ordered a free for all, and that's what I got. ...to be continued!
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    It should be possible to change texture filenames inside a LOD file with a HEX editor, but I haven't done it myself yet. If you send me the lod file and tell me what texture file name should be changed, I can try it.
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    It was very fun and immersive, I really miss Snoopy and as you guys, will love to see him back... BTW, specially useful and fun for COIN missions like in Vietnam!
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    Yeah, I miss it too! That's why I made this post. Me thinks that TK cut Snoopy abruptly somewhere. The Briefing screen clearly shows that G002 is being assigned as the FAC; that means that the FAC logic, in theory, is assigned to a ground object which can't make use of it, by not being an aircraft. If the logic of Snoopy is in the .exe, I highly doubt there's something we can do. If it's in the DLLs, maybe something can be done. But I'm not the one with such knowledge, I'm afraid.
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    If only there was a way to bring Snoopy back. Yeah he never fired the smoke rockets and all too often was shot down, but I can't be the only one who missed seeing that little O-1 orbiting a tank battle.
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    Yes. If you can export LODs to SF2, then you can use the same module to export LODs to FE2.
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    The Greek skins are something I started long ago but never finished. The aircraft is MontyCZ's excellent Avia B-534:
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    Nice boats torno :)
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    well dammit add another item to teh list? there will be a bare metal skin hopefully (as well as a T-43) workin on it boss!!! that new F-4G mentioned will be eagerly awaited too. question, do you have Excel? thats what my aircraft list is in right now JSF_Aggie, you know i released a pretty comprehensive F-4N set for both the DLC and Storm's version? it would be a good jump off point, though it could use some touch up on BuNos and CAG birds within the run of skins (but I included all users from BEELINE completion to retirement in mid 80s as set skins, as well as Eagle Claw skins).
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    finish the weaponspack-3 and finish my F-4G and the cockpit for it and there is still a lot of work i should finish for other people , Kevin is waiting for a aircraft and the F-5a recon nose needs to be finished to so let´s start working
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    Thank you all. Makes me want to go with A and C also. Long live century series. !
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    Gloster Armageddon - seriously I was bored....I'm not much What if guy...
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    Just getting started on some bump & spec maps, de-icer props now spin, rocket pods are part of the aircraft model , in RL they were automatically jettisioned after use, I couldnt find a way to do it through the weapons editor, only the caps would dissapear, at least this way the whole lot goes but only works well if you fire all the rockets in one hit as the whole lot dissapears as you fire the first rocket. I would ideally like to make the caps and body as parts that could be damaged on firing and drop away as part of the damage model.........I dont even know if it could be done.......way above my head that stuff. Been putting off doing any serial numbers yet..........I hate decals, I have no problem making them, just a boring job for something 99% of folks would never know if they're real or not ( or care probably ) Pit has had another re-vamp...... The work continues.....
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    I am still tweaking colours, trying to find better balances. They are something in between Cellinsky's widesky and the stock SF2 colours. Fog colours are a real PITA to get right. My huge thanks to Cellinsky, Stary, PanamaRed, Fubar512, Brain32, ShrikeHawk, BearGryllis, Orsin, luk1978, for their respective mod works! Following screenshots are just a work in progress, not the final quality; for some reason the new night colour seems very dark on screenshot, but in-game the environment is reasonably visible. Day Sunset Dusk Night Overcast Inclement
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    Still plodding on with this....... It took just over 2 seconds to unload 58 rockets...... Yes I know the pylons were never used operationally.........but IT'S A GAME and you dont have to use them..... Pit.....probably about as good as I'm going to do...
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    I just love a Fulcrum flaming down to the sea...
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    Actually, the Br.19 is by Stephen1918 and is available on the FE downloads. As the Belgian Br.19s were mainly built as recon (A) or bombers (B) I'm still tossing up whether to paint in bomb bay doors, an aiming portal for the pilot and changing the loadout to include 50kg of small bombs carried vertically.
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    that included template is a flat, single layered bitmap. That makes it somewhat useless for creating new skins, as there are no seperate layers for panels, rivets, control surfaces, staining, and all the other required details. When you can find the time, the full, LAYERED PSD template would be QUITE welcome, as Sokol said. --- Also, is this a "final release" or a beta? Now, mind you what I"m going to say may seem critical, but I've been around the block with building new aircraft more than a few time (150+) (skinning, inis, unfortunately NOT MAX work), and I sort of know what might need to be done. There are major issues with components being mis-named, lack of correct hit boxes, meshes that should be "cut" from the main (see image below, which shows the "hit boxes" as released): inner and outer wing sections need creating & proper naming (just cut between flap an aileron the rest is simple text editing in the data ini) Vert fin part of fuselage, should be it's own mesh, child of "Tail" should have a "tail" mesh, r/l stabs reassigned to that mesh. canopy animation seem awfully weird -as in not working. Simple text edit switches back to manual, player controled: [Canopy] SystemType=ANIMATION InputName=ANIMATION_10 DeploymentMethod=MANUAL AnimationTime=2.60 AnimationID=2 Again, I'm not complaining; new replacements for the FW-190 series is desperately needed! Wolf's is 15+ years old, and the DAT's aren't available to the General Populace (and only their Dora-9 and Ta-152 are their's; the others are based off Wolf's MAX files, which he game them). It just needs some care and fine tuning. Other than my comments above, it's a fine example!!! I CAN'T wait for the rest of them!!
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is one of the first versions of this German fighter, who believes for the sfp2 series. the file contains the model of the plane plus 4 skin, a template of high resolution, the armament plus the new sounds and how to install them, only the pilot is not my author and I do not know who created it, but he is grateful for his work. Sorry my bad english Torno & Banidos team
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