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    I feel really sorry about this person that does not appreciate the really hard work that you did on this. Be assured that I am fully aware that the amount of work that you did is amazing...and I really hope that you won't abandon this forever! You did all the difficult part.... It's a pity.
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    Is it a virus?? A Mirage virus?? All those Mirages these days, so many Mirages, all my skies full of Mirages!!!
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    An amazing addition to our stable, wish we could use it over North Canada, maybe one day...
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    Sound fix [Sound] EngineSoundName=JetEngine AfterburnerSoundName=JetBurner WindSoundName=WindSound DamagedEngineSoundName=TankEngine StallSoundName=PropStallSound FlapsSoundName=Flaps AirbrakesSoundName=Airbrakes GearsSoundName=Gear
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    Thanks :) I'm glad, that there are still people out there, that like new skins for the old scooter. :) Stay tuned for new skins soon.
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    Merry Christmas!!! Indeed it is my present ) I wanted to release a day earlier but many stuff to debug... One sleepless night, but it is ready)
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    It's a tribute to the original Top Gear . ;-)
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    Great work,a huge thank you to all those involved .
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    I'm doing the VNAF ones first , hopefully, then I have the French and foreign ones to do after that, I also want to look at the A-1E as well, not the Razbam ones as I dont have those, but the Crapun one, but I need to deconstruct it all and make a template for it, The Korean war ones will then hopefully happen, along with RN AEWS...........So many skins , so little time or hours in the day hahahahaha.
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    Beauties. Hope you do some for the Korean War.
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    This is so great, incredible I should say. Thanks so much for this! I can only hope that in the future we 'll receive even more Harriers.
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    Thank you all. Makes me want to go with A and C also. Long live century series. !
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    Thanks, Michael. A most welcome Christmas present.
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    Beautiful! Thank you much for your work.............love this era of air combat!
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    Very Nice. Merry Xmas.
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    What a wonderful surprise! - will work great with gTerl's Caporetto terrain. I look forward to tweaking the FM for this one, and I have a sound file tweaked already that should work well for the high-hp Fiat engine. Thank you for this lovely model Stephen. Von S
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    By Staff Sgt. Lee F. Corkran (DF-ST-92-07749) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons The Qatari Mirage F1EDA would be a great addition to the existing series. It adds "diversity" especially to the ODS simmers. Thank you ludo.m54, I 've always enjoy your team's work. .. In memory of BPAO.
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    @crisisloaner thank you for your review. I think the F-35B is going to be next, I'm collecting reference material right now.
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    Thank you for these, Gterl. It's always nice to have new quality skins.
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    Thanks, Stephen. Beautiful work. Very appreciated.
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    UD?!!!!!!! ......its its Great.thanks for this fantastic work.I love All and i am ready to use blinder in iran-iraq campagin because I feel thismurder in real life.......i am from iran.and remember those bloody days :(......
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    What a pleasant surprise, thank you Stephen! With the HF30, 40, also the earlier Farman 7 and 11 located in the downloads section, we now have a complete "family" of Farmans for early war scenarios. Happy flying, Von S
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    Thanks FM...This one has the blue camo only due to the way the canards are called by the data file. I may re-release this pack without the canards as the Su-27? Thinking about it... Also working on a upgrade pack of the Su-37 Terminator Flanker. That pack has it's set of issues a limitations, but its pretty nice too. Least the canards actually works... Will upload that one soon.... :)
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    You're right Paulo the A-37B Vietnamese versions will have their own pack uploaded soon
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    Thanks FM! I've not looked too much into the F-8s, I will have to now! :)
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    Soon PAulo very soon, but you wrote them in the invert order of planned release ;)
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    Thanks guys, please feel free to comment, suggest, report, send me files...etc...to make this pack better!
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    BIG FAN of the individual packs! Very happy to download the super pack! Testing it out now!!! Thanks a BUNCH!!!
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    You probably realize one of my Clancy's fan dream ! :) Thank you so much.
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    Hello Monty, Thank you for this great plane ! I rate it 6 stars. There is one small problem though. The the fuel gauge is not working. But fortunately I found the problem. In the cockpit ini the following statement is wrong: [internalFuelGauge] Type=INETERNAL_FUEL_QUANTITY_INDICATOR It should be [internalFuelGauge] Type=INTERNAL_FUEL_QUANTITY_INDICATOR
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    that is my wish also my friend..one big community :)
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    There is a reason I keep a copy of SF1 installed on my WinXP partition :) Nice work, folks!
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    The Aircraft is very good .. thanks alot , Can be improved the cockpit , the A-G radar work whit display mobile map , and TFR on left display , can you take the ADV cockpit and modified whit IDS GR ?
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    Thanks very much!! Its just beautiful) How about some Old Dog scenarios, anyone? ))
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    FIRST real MiG-19 pit in ANY game, Agggggggghhhhhh GREAT!
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    Thank you Cocas , thank you Spinners...AWESOME
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    Why it deserves only one star ?! Just the volunteering and the time that Stary spent in this achievement deserves the three stars rating !
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    me rompí el bocho pero era muy fasil ..... 1 bajan el avion F/A-18F link.... http://combatace.com...le/7043-fa-18f/ 2 intalan el avion. 3 crean una copia del avion 4 bajar SAIA90 Mirlo (Public Preview) 5 adentro de la copia del F/A-18F le pegan todo el contenido de la carpeta "ACA90_BETA2" 6cambian el conmbre de la carpeta "F/A-18F" a "ACA90_BETA" 7 ACA90_BETA tiene que estar en la carpeta aicraft listo. me parece muy feo subir algo que no funcione o que no se explique bien que hacer. mucha gente esta pidiendo ayuda y nadie dice o hace nada. hace 3 años que se esta pidiendo ayuda. a los que ayude agradezcan chee....
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    The lighting is hysterically correct?? What if you're not hysterical?? What if you're perfectly CALM???? WHAT THEN?!?!!? WHAT??!?!
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    A little error in the seat name. The seat in the aircraft data file is called KV1 but in the pilots folder it's called KV-1 Because of that the seat does not show. So you have to edit the name of the seat in the aircraft data file,or the name of the pilot folder. Just a little thingie, but maybe someone is wondering why no seat for the pilot. My best regards, Kodiak.
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    Excellent terrain! I was surprised as hell when my target on one mission was Walmart !
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    i have a problem flying it level as it tends to roll to the left, also the one that came with nato fighters has the same problem, the payload is symetrical !!!
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    Wow ! A pure Russian beast, rustic & not easy to ride ! Superb job !!!


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